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Today was just one of those days I want to do nothing but go back to bed. Like whatever I do it's just going to be worse and repetitive. One of those day's when nothing can go right.

Kind of like that movie Groundhog Day.

I'm not even supposed to be working today. Of Course, I can't really use that as an excuse since most of my days off I find myself in the shop anyways. Said shop is Eclipse, the tattoo shop I opened with a couple of my best guy friends, Jasper and Emmett, a few years back. It consists of a decent space filled with a couple tattooing stations, a back room used for piercing, an office space. There is a bathroom in the back, with a door that leads out into the alleyway. When you walk into the store you're greeted with a long glass counter full of different jewelry and a small sitting area we filled with an old couch and chair. All the walls around the main space are covered in samples of our past work. It wasn't a high class shop but we called it home.

I usually found myself here even when I wasn't working and had free time. So when Jasper called to ask me to cover his morning shift I wasn't exactly hard to convince. Something about his brother coming to town, I didn't really bother to hear much more than that. At least I have the shop to myself, until Emmett comes in to relieve me at six. Most shops don't even open until then but I guess that's one of the many things that keeps our little establishment apart from the others. We tend to run things a bit more differently here. We care about our art above all else. We care about what we put permanently into your skin. We're going to tell you if the idea you have totally blows and if you're going to live to regret doing it. But on the same side were also going to tell you how it can be improved until were both happy with the piece. And were damn good at it too, if I say so myself.

I take great pride in the work I do. I've never had any formal training, though both Jasper and Em have. I just sort of have this natural talent I've been told. It helps that I just really enjoy doing it. Over the years I have found myself specializing in black and grey pieces. I have nothing against doing color work. In fact I have quite a bit of it on my own body. It's just some skins don't transfer color well so in the end, the result isn't what the customer came in looking for. Which means in the end my anal ass isn't happy. But I digress…. Where was I?

Oh yeah, having the shop to myself. Don't get me wrong I love my boys. If I didn't I sure as hell wouldn't have went into business with them all those years ago. There's just simply some pluses to having the shop to myself every once in a while, like the distinct lack of burps and farts floating around the shop. The music too. Ahh the music. None of that death metal or rap thumping so hard you can't even hear the lyrics. Nope not when I'm alone. When I'm alone I got my Britney Spears going loud and proud. Yes I said Britney. I'm not afraid to say I love her. The way I've always seen it, she's just a lost and confused girl who's had to grow up too fast. Which I can totally relate to, my mom died of cancer when I was 10. So I lived with my father Charlie for most my life. He wasn't exactly the daddy type you imagine. So I've just always been able to relate one of her songs to any mood I'm in. It kills the boys, which usually ends in me doing all my work with my ear buds in.

This morning had been pretty slow. A few piercings and one of my regulars coming in to make an appointment to start a new back piece we had designed. So I now found myself sitting at the front counter working in my sketchbook. I was coming up with a new piece for my foot that I wanted Jasper to do for me next. The boys were the only ones I ever trusted to do the work on my body. Between my tattoos and piercings I didn't trust anyone else. I was up to seven piercings currently: my eyebrow, side of bottom lip, both nipples, my tongue, industrial, and my clit. I was pretty subtle in my tattoos: stars behind my ear, Bella was scripted on my wrist, a swan on my breast, Renee and the date of my mom's death on my ankle, stars on each of my hip bones, SWAN scripted down my side intertwined with vines was my biggest one.

I was proud of everything on me. It all had deep meaning to me. They each represented all things that meant the entire world to me.

I was still sketching out the design for my foot but it wasn't coming out how I wanted. So after erasing for the millionth time I eventually scrapped it and shut the book. I looked up at the sound of the door chimes. Alice. If I played for the other team we had always joked that Alice would be the love of my life. As it was I didn't and she had been dating Jasper for as long as I could remember and been my best friend just as long.

"How's it hanging slut?" I greeted her.

"Short, shriveled, and a little to the left hoe bag. How's you?"

Yeah we had that kind of friendship.

"Boring as ever. Three piercings and a regular. Why I agreed to take this shift I will never know." I fake complained knowing very well why I had taken it.

"Well I know Jazz appreciates it, with his bro coming into town and all, he really wanted to be there." Alice handed me one of the coffee cups in her hand before making herself comfortable on the stool next to me at the counter.

"Yeah what's up with all that? I only half listened to him on the phone this morning. If it's a whole fam-bam thing why aren't you there? Aren't you like legally adopted into that family yet or some shit?" I snorted.

"Har. Har. Har. You got jokes now Swan? Besides he hasn't seen his bro for a long time so I wanted to give space for him to get settled. Plus if I had went with him I wouldn't have been able to bring you coffee and bug the shit out of you now would I?"

I raised an eyebrow in her direction. I knew Alice and I knew there was something she was leaving out.

"Anddd….maybe I'm totes aching for a new piercing." She rushed out in a haggard breath.

"AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!" I mocked her in my best preacher voice.

Now even though Alice's brother was part owner in Eclipse with Jasper and I, and also had ink and metal of his own, he was vehemently against baby sis getting any of her own. Seeing as how Alice was my best friend I always took it upon myself to help her out. I figured at least it was me doing it and not some random. We had started off small, doing her belly button, something that could be easily hidden around the big bear. Then we moved on to her tongue and a nipple, before she convinced me to do her clit for her. Lately she had been bugging me for her eyebrow or lip like I had, but had been able to talk her out of it so far.

"Come on Bella pwweeaassee."

"Put the lip away shorty. I've told you before I'm not doing anything big bro can see and kill me for."

After a few minutes of back and forth I was convinced enough to agree to do an upper ear hoop for her. She already had a few along the shell of her ear that Em didn't seem to mind so I figured it was safe.

As I was cleaning up the tools I had used, Alice's phone buzzed with Jasper's ring tone and the damn sprout giggled. I appreciated the affection those two had for one another but promised myself, for the millionth time in our existence, I would never let another guy have that affect on me. I roused myself from my inner thoughts, "How's Jas?"

Alice's head shot up with a look of shock like she was actually surprised I knew who the message was from. I just looked at her dubiously.

"He's good. Wanted me to make sure you were still on for your guys set tonight."

Jasper and I had a standing once a week musical set at a local coffee shop's open mic night. His guitar and my voice, with his accompanying every so often, always an all acoustical set. Usually someone else's songs but every once in a while we would perform an original work. It usually just came down to me singing a song that represented my mood from the earlier week. Neither of us had big aspirations of being discovered or what not. It was simply a nice way for the whole gang to get together each week and unwind in a calm environment. We would usually let loose at a dance club after to finish the night off.

"I didn't think he would want to with this family thing going on."

"He said its fine, in fact he's trying to convince his brother to come along anyways. Wants to know what songs you want to do?"

"Umm well ok then. Jake's wanted to come for a while so this will be good." Sprout giggled and clapped at Jake's name. Yes everyone just loves Jake. "Not sure about songs. Tell him I'll text him when I get off with whatever I decide." She nodded as her fingers flew over the keypad of her phone before tucking it into her purse.

"Well I'm off. Apparently I'm being beckoned to meet big brother." I raised my eyebrows at her in surprise. "Yeah Yeah I know wish me luck." With a hug and kiss to the cheek the pixie had vanished out the door.

I was just cueing up my IPod and about to put in my ear buds, to figure out what songs I wanted to do tonight, when my phone began dancing across the counter. I picked it up and checked the caller ID to see who it was. I groaned as I read the name. After taking a deep breath I steeled myself for a conversation I was bound to regret. But I knew if I didn't pick it up they would just continue to call until I did.

"Mike, what do you want?"

"Hey there sexy. Just wanted to see what you were up to?" He tried to coo.

"I'm at the shop." I was trying to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

"I thought it was your day off?"

"Yeah well shit happens and I'm here covering." Even though he couldn't see it, I still rolled my eyes trying to hide the annoyance in my voice as best as I could.

"You know they just run all over you there right? You need t-"

I had to cut him off before he made me lose my top and really blow up. "Mike is there something you needed?"

"Yeah I wanted to see if you wanted to hook up today. So what time are you getting off?" His voiced dropped down, at the double entendre, in what was supposed to be sexy but what really just made me want to swallow the bile that threatened to rise in my throat. I internally groaned. I really needed to kill this cycle I seemed to have been stuck in. It had been fun in the beginning but now was just the cause of all my headaches it seemed.

"Mike seriously. Are you gonna do this? It's over Mike I told you."

"Aww come on baby. You don't mean that." He tried to coo at me. The bile was rising higher. "Are you still married Mike?"

I rolled my eyes awaiting his response. "BBeelllaa" He was trying to coo while avoiding the answer in the mean time.

"Exactly Mike. You haven't changed so I haven't changed. I did mean it. GOODBYE MIKE!"

I hung up on him swiftly. As my phone clanked down on the counter I had sudden inspiration as to the song for tonight's set. I clicked out a quick message to Jasper letting him know what I wanted to start tonight off with. Just as I finished the door chimes alerted me to a customer.

"Welcome to Eclipse, What can I help you with?"

I looked up to find a good looking younger couple staring back at me. Each had visible piercings and tattoos.

Oh thank god not newbies.

Over the next thirty minutes I helped the guy with a labret and the girl with a nose piercing. I was just finishing up with their payments as Em and Rose entered the shop.

"And they come to release me from my prison!" I exaggeratingly mocked after saying good bye to my customers.

"Oh shush lil Swan."

I narrowed my eyes at Em, he knew I hated when they called me that.

"Hey are you guys gonna be able to come to the set tonight?" I suddenly remembered to ask.

"Yeah I have a regular coming in shortly, should be quick. Planning on closing early like most set nights. Wanna be out of here by 8:30 hopefully. Do you really think my lil sis would ever forgive me if I missed it?" We all chuckled at that. Alice may only be a quarter of Em's size but he was still definitely scared of her when she turned on the sprout stare.

"So how was it in here today?" Rose questioned as she watched Em set up his station. Rose and Emmett had been married for 3 years now. They were the perfect couple in my eyes. Em was pretty large with bulging muscles. If you looked at him walking down the street you would definitely be scared of him but in reality he was just a big teddy bear. Rose was legs, legs, and more legs topped off with a gorgeous body and long flowing blonde hair. Rose had gone to school for accounting and since become the shop bookkeeper. She was just as common around the shop as anyone of us.

"Ehh slow. Few piercings, Alice came by, Mike called, reg made an appointment. Nothing too much." I rushed it all out in one breath hoping neither would fully catch it. Of course I always seem to be wrong it would appear.

"Alice came by?"

"Mike called?"

I decided to avoid Rose's more dangerous question and bite the bullet on Em's instead. "Yes she did" I tried to be as nonchalant as possible about it.

"What did she pierce?" Em had full blown big brother voice going.

I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid it since he would see her in a few hours as it was.

"Just a hoop industrial I promise." Em seemed to be ok with that. Em knew very much about his little sisters want for all things metal and as far as he knew, other than ears, she was still clean of all things pierced. Definite case of what brother didn't know didn't hurt him. Rose was still staring at me like she knew I was purposefully avoiding her question.

"Ok well I brought Rosie with me so you guys can go get ready together or do whatever it is girls do." Em waved us off.

Great alone time with Rose. I wouldn't be avoiding her questions for long apparently.

"Well let me text Jake real fast about going tonight, grab my bag and we can be on our way."

Much sooner than I would have preferred I found myself stuck next to Rose in the seats of my Audi headed towards my condo. She was only silent long enough for me to pull out of the parking lot.

"Ok, spill Swan."

"There's nothing to spill. He called. I told him if he hasn't changed then my decision hasn't. Then hung up on him. That's all."

"That's all?"

"Yes Rose that is all."

"Ok then if you say that's all then I'm proud of you"

"I told you Rose I was done with all the drama and I meant it."

"Sooo does that mean you're looking for something new maybe?" I had to roll my eyes and groan at her question.

"I don't know Rose. I just want something normal. No drama."

"I hate to tell you this Bell's. But this normal you speak of? It doesn't exist."

We had pulled into my parking space outside of my building. I shut off the engine but neither of us made a move to exit the car.

"I don't want to be fixed up" I said as straight forward as possible. Rose just stared at me. "If something crosses my path and happens then so be it, but I'm not going out looking for the time being ok?"


I knew she was caving too soon but with that we each exited my car and made our way up the stairs to my place.

"And you never know maybe tonight something may just cross your path when you least expect it."

I could only groan at whatever that cryptic comment was supposed to mean as I unlocked the door to my home and let us in. I could only hope tonight ran smoothly. But of course when did I ever get it right?

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