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"Someone please explain to me why we're moving this heavy ass couch again?" Emmett complained for what felt like the hundredth time since we had left my condo.

"Because it was the Chief's and Bella wants it here. Do you really want her to hear you complain again?" Rose answered.

I could clearly hear them from my spot in the living room of mine and Edward's new house. I had already told Emmett once that if he kept complaining, all the pizza and beer I had stocked up on was going to be going to Edward and Jasper instead. That shut him up quick. But Emmett being Emmett, it didn't last long. It was all good natured playing around. He was more then happy to be helping move. He always hated me living alone.

I eyed him as he and Jasper maneuvered the couch through the front door to take it down into the basement area. He put on his dimple inducing grin as they passed. "I love you my little Belly Bean."

I tried to hold my stern looking face but couldn't. I broke a smile and patted his shoulder as he passed. "Almost done there Emmy. Just a few more boxes."

He leaned back to lay a kiss on my cheek and they continued on their way down the stairs and I returned to arranging the living room.


"Come here. Sit. Rest. Relax." Edward was tugging on the back of my shirt. He pulled me over to the sectional couch in our new living room and made me sit by him.

I was covered in sweat and feeling quite grimy from moving stuff all day. It was now nearly 10 o'clock. Nessa was in bed. After filling them with beer and pizza all our friends had left and now it was just him and I. I was trying to open up a box of picture frames to set out on the fireplace mantel. My OCD tendencies were making me want to completely unpack the house the first night here. Edward was begging me to stop.

"Just stop. It will all happen. It doesn't have to happen tonight. Just take a moment to sit and enjoy our new home."

I huffed a breath as I looked at him but I couldn't be mad. I looked around at all the boxes and containers of stuff, belonging to each of us. Now here melding together as one. Behind it all were the walls to our home. I had truly moved in with this man and we were going to build a home together. Even though it had been in the works for a while it all seemed to be hitting me at once. Even still it was a really good thought. Nothing had ever felt so right in my life.

Edward nuzzled my neck leaving little chaste kisses. Suddenly the last thing on my mind was unpacking boxes.

"Edward." I whispered in my low voice that said everything I wanted to without words.

He hummed against my neck, his lips never leaving it.

"Take me to bed Edward."

He paused in his movements. "OK but can I make a request?"

I pulled back and looked at him. "A request?"

"Yeah a request." I nodded my head for him to continue. "Can we hit the shower first? Cause good lord do you smell woman."

I fish mouthed it for a moment before smacking him across his chest. His hand grabbed mine holding it to him. His nose nuzzled back in behind my ear.

"That and I wanna get you squeaky clean before I do dirty"...kiss.…"dirty"...kiss.…"dirty things to you woman."

He left me in a stunned state as he jumped up and headed upstairs to our new bathroom.

I still beat him to the shower.


"Irina it's so good to see you." I hugged Irina and kissed her on the cheek as I led her to my station. We had been emailing ideas for her new piece back and forth for a few weeks now and she was finally coming in to get it put on. It was an intricate floral and vine design with her initials in the middle. She said it represented the soft and hard sides to her.

I set the template on her arm, finished prepping and got started on the outline.

"So I heard about you and Edward moving into the house. How's that going?" Irina struck up the conversation while I worked.

"Oh you mean other than the dirty dishes in the sink, dirty laundry trail in the bedroom, and how he always seems to leave his shoes in the middle of the floor?" I prattled off keeping my eyes on my work.

"Well yeah other then that."

I looked up to her with a wide grin. "I love every second of it."

We both had a laugh.

"I mean really, I used to always think I was meant to live alone and have space and all that other bullshit. But I love every second of it. I love Nessa crawling into our bed in the morning. Sitting down for dinner as a...well you know."

She tilted her head down to look at me. "As a family?"

Anyone saying that word around me made me wanna giggle. "Yeah a family."

Irina gave me a pearly white smile. "I'm glad for you guys. You just seem to...I don't know."

"Fit?" I offered.

"Yeah, fit."

We continued on with our conversation. Just as I finished up I was telling her about the housewarming party we would be having at the house next week. She promised she would come. We said goodbye and I went to clean up my station before Edward brought Nessa by to go to dinner.


"Geez Bella, think you made enough food? You're gonna have leftovers for days woman."

Alice was surveying the spread of finger food's I had displayed on the dinning room table for our housewarming get together. On top of all the stuff in here, Edward was currently in the backyard manning the BBQ.

"Alice I'm feeding Em plus about 15 others." I tilted my head to the small group already out back, showing my point.

"Ahhhh yeah. Your right this should be just enough."

We laughed just as the door bell rang. I walked over and opened it to reveal my Dad, Seth's mom Sue, his sister Leah and her boy friend Sam, all standing behind Billy's wheel chair.

"What no handicap accessible ramps in this place?" I knew Billy was joking as I opened the door. My dad popped his wheels up to get Billy in and everyone followed behind them.

"Come in, come in guys. There's food on the table and drinks in the kitchen. Help yourselves."

Sue and Leah both came up to hug me before dropping plates on the table of whatever they had brought. The guys immediately migrated to the back yard.

Typical boys.

"Ok Bells lets see this place." Sue called out from the dining room. I immediately showed them around the house pointing out little details we had done and little things we had talked about changing as only woman can talk about.

Eventually Edward found us in the basement and let us know the food was cooked. We all fixed our plates and landed on the back patio. All the older adults were on the patio set chairs while us more "agile kids" as Charlie said, collected on the little half wall that separated the patio and yard.

We joked. We laughed. We talked. I just sat and watched all these different parts of my life blending seamlessly together, and felt the warm fuzzies growing inside of my chest.

Nessa brought me out of my day dream as she barreled into lap.

"Swimming mommy Bella. Swimming."

That was another thing that had developed in the past month. Nessa had been watching some movie with Alice that apparently had a 'mommy' and a 'daddy' and has since taken to calling me Mommy Bella.

Edward and I had sat down that night and talked about it. I told him as long as he was ok with it, I had no problem with Nessa calling me that. It made me feel special, like I really did fit with them. I had grown used to it. I think it still made Esme tear up every time she heard it.

Yup there's the gasp.

"Let's go get changed and we'll go swimming kay?" I went forehead to forehead with the little girl I hadn't quite called my daughter, but was in every sense of the word.


We swam for a few hours before we all got out and I brought out the fixings for smores I had gotten for us to do around the fire pit in our backyard. We sat around till well after dark, just talking and laughing with one another. By the time we got Nessa to bed, after she passed out in Edward's arms, said goodnight to everyone it was nearly midnight and I was exhausted.

Edward and I began our nighttime routine in our bedroom. He stopped me just as I was tugging off the tank I had thrown over my bathing suit when the sun went down.

"Do you have any idea the things I have been imagining doing to you since you put this bathing suit on?" His nose was nuzzling into my ear and his hot breath washed over me warming me immediately.

"Why no Mr. Cullen. I had no idea. Were you having naughty thoughts?" I figured I could stand to play a bit. It had been awhile for us in the playing around department with everything else going on.

"Well Miss Swan." His voice was low and his breath was heavy as he thought. "Instead of just telling you, I would like to show you also. You know? Help you out."

He roughly yanked the tank over my head sliding my hair to the side as he trailed a line of slow kisses to the tie around my neck. I felt as his fingers slowly undid it before trailing down my spine and releasing me there also. He took each side of my top in his hands and trailed his fingers to my front before roughly teasing each of my breasts. Plucking, twisting at my rings.

His knee bumped into my legs urging me forward until I was standing in front of one of the posts of our four post bed.

"Raise your arms." He whispered against my neck. His hands followed along with mine as I grabbed around the pole above me and held on. I looked up to see him using the top of my bathing suit to fix my hands to the pole. We had never tried anything like this really, and just the idea of it turned me on more than I ever thought I could be.

"Your gonna wanna hold on tight." He whispered with his ghostly chuckle that I knew meant I was in for it.

His finger tips made a pathway down my back till it felt like he was kneeling behind me. He dipped the tips of his fingers into my bottoms and pulled them down my legs quickly. He helped me step out of them. His fingers trailed back up my calves to my thighs tugging my legs apart as he went. His fingers didn't stop till he was brushing them back and forth through my wetness.

Eyes began rolling back and a mixture of a squeak and moan erupted out of my throat. Edward continued with that damn chuckle, but before I could even come up with some type of snarky response his tongue had poked out.

"Ohhhhhhhhh that's good."

He flicked, he wiggled, he tasted, he numbed me from head to toe. All from that damn tongue of his. I must have blacked out or something because next thing I knew he was standing flush behind me and the head of his cock was pushing into me.

"Fuuucccc-" I apparently was too loud, because suddenly a scrap of material was in my mouth and I was biting the shit out of it.

I do believe those would be my bikini bottoms.

"You"...out.…"have"...in.…"to"...out.…"be"...in..…"quiet..." Edward growled in my ear.

One hand grasped my hip while the other found it's space on my shoulder. I was at his will. And it was magnificent. He pounded into me like there was no tomorrow, and I was suddenly completely grateful for the material in my mouth, as I screamed and groaned around it. I believe at some point in time he lifted my hips so high and hard my feet weren't even on the ground anymore.

We worked so well together in our give and take, that just as I felt him start to stutter in his movements I tightened up those damn muscles around him. In turn sending us each into our releases. Apparently Edward could have used his own scrap of material as he sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of my shoulder as he came. At first I thought of smacking him but then something about the whole act just turned me on more. I think I came twice, one right on top of another, for the first time in my life.

When we came down Edward reached up to release me from the post. I had just enough energy to crawl up the length of the bed and collapse. Edward kissed up my body, from foot to head, as he crawled in next to me. We laid for a few moments, him wrapped completely around me. I patted him on his arm to get his attention.

"It will always be like that right?"

Edward chuckled that damn ever lovin chuckle as he kissed the back of my neck and nosed into my hair. "Yes until the day you put me in the old folks home it will always be like that."

I nodded my head in agreement. "Good."

"We should probably clean up and get dressed." Edward offered.

"Well let's go."

It took a few more minutes before Edward finally shuffled off the bed and picked me up. We went in the bathroom, cleaned each other up before returning to the bedroom and grabbing sleep clothes. I had just shut off the light and crawled under the covers when the door opened and a little shadow entered the room rubbing her eyes with her little fists.

"Mommy, daddy, mah bewy hurts."

And such is the life of a family. I picked Nessa up and snuggled her between Edward and I. As I brushed the curls away from her face and kissed her forehead my eyes caught Edward's. We shared a smile as our hands clasped across Nessa's body.

No matter where we had been or what we had done we were now finding our way along on how to balance out our family.

This was a new beginning for each of us.

This was our Second Chance At Life.

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