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Chapter 1 – The Cemetery

The breeze blew passed him, but felt as if it were going straight through him, freezing him to the core. His body shook despite his attempts to still himself. His arms were pulled behind him, wrists bound tightly together. The dark clothed figures were gathered around him, holding him tight at the entrance. Leo's eyes glanced around wearily. Headstones lined the ground in front of the group for miles, or so it seemed. In his weakened state, it could've been only a few feet for all he knew. He was almost too weary to care.

The ninjas in front of him cut through the chain of the gate, the metal falling to the ground with a loud clank.

He was shoved forward, his feet shuffling underneath him. Leo's thoughts returned briefly to his time with his brothers just hours ago. Mikey's over enthusiasm at their present game of ninja stealth and heightened senses, Raph's gruff annoyance at their younger brother, and finally Don's calculated babble describing all the places they had hid in the last game just a week ago. Being captured by the Foot was the last thing he had thought he would have to deal with tonight. It was a simple run, a simple game, one played many times before. Mikey was it and for once, he was actually doing well. He had found Don and Raph much faster than last time. Leo was left, and little did his younger brothers know, he was watching them go right by him. He stayed there for one hour, two, three, unmoving from his spot. They had agreed that if four hours had passed, those still hidden would check in via shell cell just to be sure nothing was wrong. The Foot was a bit more active after all. It was a precaution Splinter requested and Leo enforced. This was to assure that nothing would go wrong, or at least would slow down whatever was going on.

But it didn't work. Or not fully as it was supposed to…

Leo limped down the dirt pathway, past the large and uncared for headstones. He was sure his right foot was broken, but could no longer feel the pain he had felt not too long ago. He was sure he had been missing for hours now, maybe all night. He wasn't sure anymore. His brothers weren't near, he couldn't call them. His cell was taken and smashed at who knows where, but knew it certainly wasn't right here. Could this night get any worse?

They stopped him in front of a large hole in the ground, a gleaming metal casket resting nearby. Apparently it could get worse.

The Shredder stood next to the casket, red eyes gleaming brightly. "And so it ends," he muttered, most likely hiding a broad smirk under that helmet of his. "You will be buried alive six feet under so you no longer are a thorn in my side." He came closer to Leo, lifting the turtle's chin until Leo finally looked at him. "But, I will grant you one thing."

Leo tried to not glance away from the Shredder, knowing full well that if he did, something could happen that he wasn't prepared for. Though he also didn't want to look down at the casket either. He didn't have the strength to put up a good enough fight anymore. They had worn him down, tortured him for hours straight, and finally brought him here for the final deed.

"Do you not wish to know what it is I will mercifully do for you Leonardo?" Shredder prodded.

Leo sighed. "I know you will tell me anyways." He didn't believe his enemy would do anything for him. Why should he stoop to his level so he could be tricked in his last hour?

"I will provide you will an old cell phone so that you may say your goodbyes to your brothers. It is a prepaid, but a first of its kind. Donatello will not easily track it, especially with the signal suppressor that has been attached. You are granted ten minutes for your pitiful goodbyes."

Leo allowed himself a little bit of hope. Just being able to talk to his brothers before he died would make it easier, but he also tried not to hope. The Shredder was known for his lies and trickery.

"Now, drop him in the casket," Shredder ordered.

He grit his teeth, bracing himself for them to close in on him even closer to lift him up. If he didn't act now, there would be no hope. His brothers wouldn't be able to find him. Even if he did get that cell phone, he wouldn't know where to tell his brothers to go either.

As soon as they tried for a tight grip on him, Leo lurched to the left, away from the tightly packed ninjas on the right. He would not be thrown down into the casket if he could help it. He had never given up to his enemies before and he wasn't about to start now. He made it only a few feet before hitting something hard. A headstone he had not taken into account blocked his path. Panicked, but momentarily freed from their grasp, he spun around the headstone and bolted, hoping against hope he would be able to make it out of the cemetery.

Those hopes were dashed when more ninjas flooded in from the entrance, blocking his way out of the enclosed cemetery. Quickly changing course, he aimed for a quick jump over the steel fence. It wouldn't be a hard jump at full strength, but with being tied and only having half strength… well he only hoped he'd make it over and not hurt himself on the spear tips at the top. Two feet away from the fence and getting closer, he bent and jumped as high as he could push his battered body.

He screamed as pain travel through his body, not from the fence's spear-like tips, but from the sudden feeling of his broken foot being yanked backwards. It felt like his foot was being ripped from the rest of his leg. Leo groaned as he landed on his side, the ninjas descending upon him like vultures. He closed his eyes as the beating started, making his already large bruises larger, making his burns come alive in hot pain, making more gashes into his skin to add to his collection of cuts he had already received throughout the night.

Leo couldn't tell when the beating ended, it was just over after what seemed like agonizing hours. Eyes slowly turning upward, he saw the Shredder standing over him, arms crossed and shaking his head.

"You thought you could even stand a fraction of a chance on making it out of the cemetery in your condition?" he asked incredulously. He let out a long suffering sigh. "Of course you would try." He seemed to think something over, then gave his head a shake. "Put him in the casket," he demanded finally.

The Foot ninjas immediately grabbed him, roughly carrying him over to the metal box. It loomed underneath him as he hovered over it for a few precious seconds before they dropped him in unmercifully. A grunt made it out between his lips upon his landing. He wouldn't let out another groan, not wanting to show anymore weakness. Though truth be told, he couldn't move anymore, didn't have the strength.

An object was placed in his hands, the ropes left tight around his wrists.

"I'm sure there's a speaker button on there somewhere," Shredder snickered. "I'll still leave the cell, but you must figure out some way of using it while the ropes remain." His voice faded off for a moment, before echoing loudly. "Close the lid!"

The lid seemed to shut slowly at first and then sped up with a loud bang. Leo flinched at the noise, felt the rocking of the casket as it was picked up and shifted over to where he knew the large hole lay in the ground. He tried once more to move, to break through his bonds so he could shove the lid open before they shoveled the dirt over him. His efforts sadly were in vain, pain racing through him as soon as he budged so much as an inch. A tear rolled down his cheek as he heard the thumps of the dirt coming down on the casket, the fading of the voices, and the finality of it all. He didn't know how long he would be able to last, but he had almost no hope of his brothers finding him. He just didn't know how they would be able to do so in time.

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