Chapter 34: the epilogue

Harry's pregnancy was far easier this time, than either of his past two. Having been tricked into leaving Draco, the stressful pregnancy, and the bad birth of the twins, the first was a nightmare. There were few health issues with Adriana, but the loss of her Papa, and the struggles with Albus, clouded it for him. This time his life was peaceful, he had his husband by his side, and three healthy beautiful kids, and his family. Being father to seven year old twins and a toddler though sapped some of his energy, and was teaching. He had plenty of help, all four grandparents were hands on in helping, as well as the Tonks of course. They were all happy for the couple, and doing their best, to make it easier.

Harry was happy for his dad and father in law as well. Remus was Harry's honorary dad, but his role looked to be becoming more official, as he and Lucius officially began dating in February. Draco laughed, to think his honorary father in law, may be his stepfather one day.

Harry looked at Teddy as they were waiting for Remus to come down on Valentine's. "Are you okay with this?"

Teddy turned to look at his brother. "I like Uncle Luc a lot, and he makes Dad smile so much."

Harry kissed his brother. "I know, but you have had Dad all to yourself. I mean this is different than me and the twins."

Teddy nodded a bit and looked at the photo of him and his mum on the mantle. "Would my mum have liked Lucius?"

Harry sat with his brother. "Lucius was her Uncle as odd as it seems, she never knew him, because of Draco's mother."

Teddy knew Draco's mother had been a bad woman. "She'd want Daddy to date though right?"

Harry nodded. "She would. Your mum had one of the biggest hearts I knew. She'd want you and your daddy to be happy."

Teddy hugged him. "Thanks Harry. I want him to be happy, but I am scared a bit. I don't want to lose him."

Harry kissed his head. "You won't. Even if they married one day, you would always be our Dad's top priority, always."

Teddy didn't look up. "Really?"

Harry held him tighter. "As much as I love Draco, my children are always my first priority, and it is the same for him. I promise."

Remus had appeared in the door. "Teddy it is time to go to your grandparents'. Is everything okay? I can stay home if you…."

Teddy stood up and went to hug his dad. "I just need to grab my bag, I'll be back."

Harry saw his dad's worried look and assured him. "Just some big brother too little brother talk. I promise."

Remus was taking not only his son, but his three grandchildren, on the bus. Andromeda and Ted were happy to take them, they had promised the dads they had no plans, and were happy for it. They were old, for the twins they were the only ones as old as Grandpa Luc, and didn't need a date. Harry and Draco had plans, well Draco made plans for them, Harry had no idea what his husband was up to. Either did Remus, it seemed both Malfoy men had done the planning, for both dates, and hadn't revealed any plans.

Harry hugged his boys and Adriana goodbye for the night. He and Draco were reminded a lot, being the fathers of three and soon to be four kids, didn't always allow for romantic alone time. Draco had promised Harry tonight would be different.

Draco appeared not long after the kids were gone and had a bouquet of Harry's favorite flowers for him. "For you my love."

Harry kissed him. "What do you have up your sleeve? I haven't seen you like this in a long time."

Draco smiled. "I wanted to make tonight special as possible. We only have a few months left, before these moments will be even more rare."

Harry agreed, even though his belly had yet to show. "Well me and the little Princelet are ready to go."

Draco smiled when he heard the term. "Princelet?"

Harry shrugged. "We can't find out if it is a boy or girl for a few more weeks, and Prince will be one of his or her titles."

Draco agreed. "I thought they were my little snake."

Harry elbowed his husband in the ribs. "I recall telling you to stop converting our children in the womb. This little one is half lion."

Draco smirked. "But he or she will be the Malfoy-Prince heir and that has Slytherin all over it, as does Caelum and Adriana."

Harry shook his head as his husband took him to whisk him away. "I guess I should be grateful you left me Jamie."

Draco would have liked them all to be snakes, but he'd be happy whatever they were, just proud when they began school. Harry had told him, that that hat would once to put him in Slytherin, so there was a good chance. He put his mind on today, and whisked his husband off to a romantic spot in the highlands Harry had to laugh, they had left Scotland for the weekend, but his husband brought him back. Draco had considered something abroad, but even though he had no morning sickness, travel had been making Harry ill. He hadn't wanted to add to that. He had chosen a beautiful inn in the highlands, which was almost empty at this time of year, which was perfect.

Harry was in tears as he found a small row boat waiting to take them out on the lake. It was cool, but Harry found out they were on a remote part of Loch Ness, which didn't freeze. There was a warming spell, and a self-rowing spell, which took them around the loch.

A beautiful candle light picnic was waiting for them when the boat ran ashore after about an hour. "Draco this is amazing."

Draco kissed him. "I hope you enjoy the food. It is the food we had both times I proposed. Well but with nonalcoholic cider for you."

Harry was reminded he of course couldn't drink. "Cider is perfect."

Draco handed Harry a gift as they were eating. "I thought it was time for this."

Harry opened and found a beautiful pendant. "Draco?"

Draco showed him the beautiful circle, cut into pieces like a pie, with a symbol and stone on each piece. "A family ring of sorts."

Harry had a chain, but he didn't really have anything special on it, other than the marauders charm. Draco knew he had more than enough rings, and had it made for him. It was a hoop, with a snake and a lion hanging in the center. There were the birthstones for the entire family, a peridot for the new baby, though it might need a change to sapphire Draco knew. Harry kissed his husband and gave him his gift, as they shared dessert. They took the boat back, to an old inn, where they were booked in the honeymoon suite.

Harry looked at the stone later after making love and smiled at the new one. "Soon he or she will be in our arms."

It seems the stone wouldn't need changing after all. Harry was early like always, but like Adriana, not too early. Harry had hit the last week of his pregnancy, which had been ushered in with back pains, like last time. They were at school, as Harry knew the baby could not floo or portkey for a month after birth, and he hated the bus. He wouldn't return to work until at least November, but his husband would, and the boys had school. The three kids were so excited, Adriana who was now twenty six months old, was starting to understand too. The couple had been kind of hoping for a second daughter, to even them out, but weren't too heart-broken to learn it was a boy. Draco would have a son to raise from the start, and it cemented Adriana's place, as the princess of the family. Even with a son to raise from day one, and Adriana not being his blood, Harry had a feeling Draco would always have the same favorite. Draco couldn't deny it, he loved all his kids, but his princess had a very special place.

The boys and Adriana spent the past two weeks with their grandparents, both Lucius and the Puceys. The Tonks and Remus of course helped too. Harry was just tired and the baby could come at any time, and even now the tins were eight, he didn't want to worry them either.

Harry was waiting for his dad and Lucius to bring the kids for a visit when he felt it. "Draco?"

His husband came in from the lab which he attached with a spell. "Harry, is the baby coming?"

Harry nodded. "My water broke a minute ago."

Draco went to scoop his husband off of the couch. "How long have you been in labor?"

Harry knew his husband too well. "Last night, but the contractions were so minor."

Draco told the elf to tell their dads where they were, and then went to floo. "Hospital wing."

Poppy was waiting for them with a smile. "I had a sneaking feeling I would be seeing the two of you this morning."

Draco put his husband down on the bed. "He has been in labor all night and refused to tell me till his water broke."

Harry smirked when Poppy put him into a gown. "I am in the room, you don't have to talk to me like I'm not."

Poppy shook her head and motioned to the office. "I believe your Aunt was going to act as my nurse. Would you mind calling her?"

Harry liked Poppy, like Andromeda he was comfortable with her, but still. He definitely didn't like being treated as a child, especially when he was about to give birth. He told his husband when it was needed, the contractions had been minor, besides they were in the school. Adriana had been hours of labor, and he doubted this baby would come quick, he didn't see the need to rush this time.

Poppy had news for Harry, he was definitely wrong, the canal was fully formed and dilated. It was already eleven, the kids had been coming for lunch, and their new little brother might be on time as well.

Poppy smiled when Draco came back to his husband's side. "It looks like your son may be having his first nurse when the others have lunch."

Draco was shocked when he realized his husband was that close. "You're lucky."

Harry who was breathing through his first real intense contraction felt like smacking his husband. "I'll show you lucky when I have my wand."

Andromeda had come into the room and smiled when she heard the news. "It seems I'm just in time. Ted is with the others down stairs."

Harry was grateful she had come to be there for him. "Thanks for being here Aunt Annie."

She smiled as she took her place. "I was here for the other three. Besides you are like a grandson and Draco is my nephew after all."

Draco shared his husband's sentiments. "We both appreciate it."

Poppy smiled only about a half hour later. "Okay Harry I am already starting to see the head. It is time to push."

Harry gripped his husband's hand but he shook his head. "I need my dad, please."

Draco was reminded he had been there for Harry's other. "I am sure he is just in the waiting room."

Ted and the Puceys had the kids eating lunch, but the two grandfathers were in the waiting room. Lucius was not too jealous, when his boyfriend was allowed in, but not him. He knew Harry was the one giving birth, and if he wanted his dad, he understood. Remus held his son's other hand, while Harry pushed, and was one of the first to see his third grandson enter the world.

Draco was in tears when he was allowed to cut his son's cord. Unlike the twins, there was no doubt he was a Malfoy, he was a mini Draco, Draco hoped he would have Harry's eyes though, all three of their older children did, and he loved them.

Harry had tears in his eyes too when his husband handed him the baby. "He is so beautiful, he looks just like you Draco."

Draco kissed him tenderly. "I hope he has your eyes, but it does seem fitting, since he is my heir."

Remus thought so too, as the twins looked like Harry and were his heirs. "I'll go tell the boys, and give you guys some time."

Poppy motioned when his son was fussing. "It seems someone is ready for his first lunch."

Harry may have nursed before, but it was still amazing every time. Draco felt the same way, watching his husband, with their son. As much as he loved Adriana, and he would never love her any less for not being his, this was so different. This was a life he had created with Harry, was his from the start, and they would truly share. As he took his son for a burp, he was reminded all he missed with the twins, he'd have now.

The grandfathers arrived with Teddy, the twins, Adriana, Ted and the Puceys. The twins arrived soon after, and their entire family was there. Molly was so happy, that though it had taken years, their bond was healed enough he would have her here.

Lucius claimed his grandson and smiled down on the little baby. "My fourth little grandchild is truly cute."

Remus smirked. "I think you are just blinded by the fact he looks just like you, but Harry's eyes."

Andromeda shook her head. "Like you don't think he is just as cute."

Adriana was in Papa's lap, the twins in bed with them and she clapped. "Babe?"

Harry nodded. "Yes that is your little brother."

Jamie smiled. "What did we name him Dad? You didn't tell us what name you chose."

Draco did the honors. "Well as he will one day be Lord Prince-Malfoy we named him our Lucan Valerian Potter-Malfoy."

Jamie was named for James and Caelum's middle name was Remus. Lucan was named for Lucius, and Valerian while also a Roman name, was the name of a herb used in medicine. Both the Roman name and the herb were in honor of Severus, Draco's godfather, and who he got Prince from. The name was met by approval, especially by Lucius, who was honored to have a grandson named for him.

Luna was there and took a photo of the family. "Little Luke is definitely a welcome addition to this bunch."

Luke was a happy sweet tempered baby. Harry had been reluctant, but he returned to class, in late November. Luke and Adriana spent the day at school, but Isobel or Andromeda were usually with them, not just elves. Lucius was hands on as always with his grandkids, and between them and Remus, he was almost always at school. Lucius had become extremely hands on with Teddy as well. Teddy was nine, but he was still a child, and the son of the man he loved. He had always spent time with him, because of the twins, but it was now for him. When he decided to propose to Remus on Valentine's, he had Teddy's blessing, as well as the Tonks' and Harry.

Harry had not been sure he would see the day, but Lucius and his dad married, the following summer. Teddy was nine, so too young to be best man, so Harry was and Draco for his dad. The two men married in a small ceremony, at the manor, with just family and friends.

Lucius smiled when Teddy became a Lupin-Malfoy with his dad. "You know I'm happy you'd allow me to adopt you."

Teddy smiled and shrugged. "Everyone else is a Malfoy, so I should be one as well."

Remus kissed his son on the head. "Whatever the reason, it means a lot to both of us, you're happy for us."

Teddy hugged his dad. "I am daddy. I know that you'll always love me, Harry promised me."

Remus wondered if that was the conversation he had walked in on a year and a half ago. "You know I will Teddy, always."

Lucius directed the two men in his family towards the tables. "I believe our lunch is about to start."

Andromeda had come over before they sat down. She kissed Remus on the cheek. "My daughter would be so happy to see you like this."

Remus returned the kiss. "You gave me your blessing before, but this means a lot still. You know I will always love your daughter."

Ted added as his wife nodded. "We know, and we know you will continue to tell her son about her."

Teddy had grown up on stories of his mom, about the auror and prankster, as well as the hero she was. He knew about her skills, he had them as well, though he didn't change his hair or face as much as she did, he had more control. But like Harry with his parents, he couldn't live in the past, and he had his family, and their daughter would be happy.

Remus and Lucius looked out on the family gathered. Lucius had been tested, and unfortunately he had too many scars, and he'd never carry a child. They were happy though, they had Teddy to raise, and four amazing grandchildren. Remus had already been a bit old when he had Teddy.

Lucius led his husband to the head table and smiled as they were having hamburgers and French fries for one course. "I can't believe this."

Harry shrugged. "You let the twins help plan our wedding, so we thought we would repay the favor for you two."

Remus laughed and shook his head. "I guess we should not be surprised."

Harry shrugged as he looked around. They were near the woods on the property. "The boys were considering a pig roast."

Teddy agreed. "Well you guys are not going to somewhere like Hawaii, because you're taking me, so I thought it would help."

Lucius was the one who responded. "We decided at our age we didn't need a traditional one. And we want to take you with us."

Jamie pouted. "It isn't fair, we should come with you."

Harry looked at his son. "We have a trip planned for you boys. Besides we go away sometimes, without Grandpa and Teddy too."

It had been a change, when Draco came back into their lives. Remus and Teddy were still a part of their family, always would be, but they divided up a bit. Remus and Teddy had their own apartments, and from time to time took their own vacations, and now this. It still seemed odd, that Harry and Draco's dads were now married, but they were happy for them. As were all the guests who were there to share it with them.

Lucius made a toast to them all over dinner. "To everyone here, but most of all our sons and grandkids, for sharing our love and day with us."

An: I thought that was a perfect ending, Lucius and Remus get a happy ending too. Only 13 people voted, out of 27 reviews, more proof the story was ready for an end, and no real name suggestions. A vote is less letters then 'good chapter' but still. Thank you for all your support, I love this story, but I want to end it on a high note. I hope you enjoyed.

As for names. Jamie Fabian- Jamie for James and Fabian for Fabian Prewett (the twins) future Lord Potter, Caelum Remus- a constellation for the Blacks as future lord Black and Remus for Grandpa, Adriana Amaryllis Ronnie – her father, a flower for Lily and Ron

Lucan Valerian- Lucan as a form of Lucius for Grandpa Luc as future Lord Malfoy, and Valerian as both a Roman emperor and a medicinal herb for Draco's potion masters godfather for whom Lucan will inherit the Prince estate. It was explained, the Prince estate was quite small, so was combined with Malfoy, as they only had four.