Missunderstood Fool

How...Could he?

Hermione ran down the corridors and large hallways of Hogwarts, Trying to avoid and ignore the oh-so evident and visible tears that we're running down her face. Everything had appeared as a blur, And she meant everything

After this, After what had happend, She really didn't care how much he apologized, Of how he tried to (fix) things, Or how many times he tried to escape from the fraud he was.

And that's exactly what he was in Hermione's eyes, Ron. Weasley. Was. Fraud. From now, She would hear none of it, Nothing from him. She had had enough of him, Ever since. And now. It really, Truly was over.

Hermione passed by and brushed passed so many people, Even a cruel word from Malfoy ceased to hit her ears. Because nothing had hurt more than this. The pain numbed her. There would never be another pain like it.

She came face to face with the Fat Lady, She forced her head down, So she would not meet the Fat Lady's worried gaze. "Balderdash." Hermione whispered, So the Fat lady would not hear her sobs.

"Very well.." The doors to the Common Room opened and Hermione zoomed by the reading students. She moved towards the stairs and headed to the girls dormitory without a word.

"Hermione?" Harry called, His face full with worry. "S-Seamus?"

His irish friend turned to him. "What?"

"Do you know what's bothering Hermione?" He asked.

"No..You should ask Ron. I'm sure he has something to do with it." Seamus rolled his eyes and returned to his book. Harry looked back at the stairs of the Girls dorms.

He had not known how right he was.

Lunch had began later that day, No one had seen Hermione any time before. Harry made his way there, He was determind to talk to her, He figured he'd have no chance getting through to Ron, Because he'd have to get through to the extremely annoying Lavender Brown first.

The tables of all houses were crowded with bored, Hungry, And talkative teenage witchs and wizards. However none of them grabbed Harry's attention other than the brown eyed girl sitting at the edge of the Griffindor table. He rushed over to her.

"Hermione? All you alright?" Pretty obvious question, It was evident that there was something terribly wrong . And Harry hated not knowing what.

"I-I'm fine Harry. Really, I've just got alot of work to do-" Hermione was cut off.

"And that's caused you to cry like this? That's not the Hermione i know, The one that takes pride and her work." Harry told her equably.

Hermione let out a soft sob. "Can-Can we talk elsewhere? I don't want people to see me like this." She got up and brought her lunch with her. Harry followed.

They left the Great hall and made a sharp turn to a hallway oytside it, No one was passing, It was perfect for what Hermione had planned to tell her friend.

Hermione let out a couple more sobs, And wiped her eyes with a napkin before speaking. "It started this morning, When Ron finally..Confessed about lik-Loving me..I went to go see him in his dorm, And greet him before breakfast."


Hermione smiled

Turning corridors as quick as she possible, She had never been so happy, So uplifted, Never. Because she had the man she loved.

At the end that was all she really wanted, And to know that he finally understood..And cared made it a million times better.

She burst through the doors of the Common Room, No one was there, She smiled and made her way up the staris of the boys dorms, It still made her laugh to know that girls could go up there stairs, And the boys couldn't, For obvious reasons.

She opened the door to Ron's room, And tilted her head in confusion, Two figures were under the sheets of Ron's bed, Making soft pleasuring so-

When she realized what was going on, Her eyes widened in horror, As she was forced to watch her boyfriend make love to Lavender brown.

They had not noticed her, Hermione felt the tears swell up in her eyes, Not daring to say a word, She ran out of the room with no hopes of talking to Ron ever again.


Harry's green eyes softened as he wrapped his arms around his friend. "Oh Merlin, Hermione i'm sorry.."

"It's okay Harry, It's over. If he wants to be with her, I have no right to stop him." Hermione replied, Sobbing abit more. "I think i'm going to go lay down." She stood and began to walk away from her friend.

Once she was out of sight, Harry let out a groan of frustration. What in bloody hell was wrong with that bloke? Harry knew very well that his friend wasn't the most in-deph person, And had trouble reading people from time to time. But for Merlin's sake! How could the man not see Hermione's love for him? It was as clear as day! And he could've sworn they we're on their way to a relationship after this Lavender Brown nonsense had worn off, And it had, So everyone thought. In the hospital Harry was so sure that things would be on track once more.

So what went so wrong?

Calm down Harry, Maybe he felt guilty about Lavender comming to the hospital only to find him whispering his best friends name in his sleep Harry assured himself,

However it was still unexcusable to have sex with the woman! No matter how guilty he felt. And possibly he felt no guilt, Harry belived that the only ones who could do this had to be sociopathic.

This was looking quite bad, Did he have the power to fix this? Harry thought it might be up to Hermione and Ron to decide things.

But they we're both such stubborn gits, Harry would be lucky if they talked to each other, By force! It didn't take long for the young hero wizard to understand he may have to go digging in places he didn't belong. He was determind to have his two friends live their happily ever after, Even if it meant there was no such thing for him.

He felt so sick...

Ron had no energy to get angry, Nor sad, Nor irriated. But he sure was damned if he was going to just take this. His friends were giving him dirty looks every now and then, He assumed they had heard of how much of a snake he was. He sat up in his dorm, Rubbing his temples, How could things have gone so wrong?

True, He knew Lavender was more upset with Hermione and him than anything. But he never expected her to go this low in the dirt just to be with him. He felt sick, So bloody sick. His insides we're burning to a crisp from a sudden fever he had run. And he had the most aggravated headace that he ever had in his life. He felt all of this at once, And still, He wasn't keeling over.

This wasn't his plan, It was never his plan, Never. One moment he was felt free, More free than he had ever felt in his life. The next, He was being trapped by the girl known as Lavender, Having a hex put on him, So no one would know of the suffering he was going through. And he was being forced to meet her demands.

All of her bloody demands.

He had a feeling this was partly to get back at Hermione for stealing his heart, And keeping it even once Lavender and him started a short lived relationship. But he...He never thought she'd go this far..

And he couldn't fix it...

It didn't take long for most of the hogwart students, Despite what house or age, To find out what happend to poor little Hermione.

And that was one of the most intresting thing about gossip, Even given the tiniest infomation it could spread like wild fire. And the fire only got bigger as people began twisting the stories to their own advantage.

From the people who didn't like Hermione, Were saying that Hermione had double crossed her friends and left alone. But that made the least bit of sense, For if Hermione had crossed her friends, Than she wouldn't be crying her eyes out like she was most of the time. Instead, If she really was the backstabber those acused her of being, She would've been prouder of herself.

For those who didn't like Ron, Said that he had betrayed his friends and was playing a two-faced game, And only pretending to be sad for short periods of time. Obviously, If not straight in a person's face, These we're Slytherin rumors.

It had been awhile since Hermione dared to speak, And she didn't, But her pain and suffering was visible. As she had to watch most of the time Lavender snogging Ron, Calling him "Won Won"

He couldn't fix the damage he had caused..And Probably never could...