Missunderstood Fool- Katherine Degroot

A hand swayed across his face aggressively, The redness and stinging in his face that followed went ignored.

"What in merlin were you thinking? About to tell her, Were you? Not on my watch." Lavender growled, Standing over him, Fully prepared to smack the daylights out of her forced-boyfriend if provoked.

"Lavender, I didn't say anything." Ron replied, Keeping his voice no higher than a whisper, If he made it any higher this would've turned into a screaming match.

"Bullocks- Look, I dont care what you and that loony freak discussed about our deal. Never talk to her again, Understood?" Lavender demanded in a impatient tone, A moment went by when Ron didn't give a response, But when she opened her mouth to repeat herself she was satisfied to hear a "yes" come from him.

"Good." She said cheerfully, As if she had never been angry in the first place. "Now lay down.."

Ron resisted the strong urge to roll his eyes and complied with her wish.

"Time to make love to my won-won.."


Neville stood in the middle of the Quidditch field, No one was there except for himself and his girlfriend, Luna Lovegood. It seemed almost to expected that they would begin going out, Xenophilius was more than thrilled to finally see his daughter with a "Insignifigant other" and even though it was hidden well, He was a tad sad that this meant she wouldn't always be comming home for Christmas break.

The biggest surprise was the fact that Neville's grandmother, Augusta actually seemed to like Luna very much. Neville had warned her that his gran may hex her from behind if she didn't watch herself. But when Luna met her the evening was nothing but pleasent, This left Neville shocked for acouple of days, He had been sure Luna meant "Dishonoring the Longbottom name" But, It appeared that Luna knew people she didn't even know better than someone who did know someone.

And now..Luna and Ron ? It was just sick beyond measurement, Something he never saw comming. He had conversed with Ron about Luna before, He seemed alright with her on terms but wasn't friendly enough not to call her off her rocker at times (Same went for Dumbledore). This bothered Neville, But he let it slide.

But how could he let this slide?

"Ron is in trouble-" Luna was interrupted mid-sentence.

Neville rolled his eyes. "So that gives you the right to start messing him around? Oh, Okay, Than i guess i'd be okay to find-Hermione o-Or Ginny and-"

"Dont you dare..Neville Longbottom." Luna warned, Frowning at him. Neville turned to her in shock, The serene sound in her voice had disappeared for a second. "Please..Ron is in trouble, I don't know how or why or with who..But he is, We must help him."

Neville didn't answer, He was stuck in his own thoughts as he stared at his beautiful girlfriend, Was Luna really the type to lie? "Okay...Let's help him.."

And there she was.

Moonlight shimmering on her flawless skin, She turned to Ron. Cigarette inbetween her fingers as she blew another puff of smoke out of her mouth. "Have you given up boy?" She asked.

Ron stood there, Bewildered that the woman was able to penetrate into Hogwarts without a soul (or Ghost) noticing. She was Katherine Sirlady Degroot, A friend of his mums. Of course he met her once when she was over for tea, But nothing special.

And now she stood there, Purerly glowing in the moonlights reflection, This Katherine was nothing like the Katherine he had met at the burrow once... Her short swirved black hair sat still on her scalp, And the puffs of smoke made her look like some illusion. "Well?" She pressed on.

"H-How did you get here?" Ron asked, Blinking acouple times to see if she'd just disappear, But everytime he opened his eyes she still stood there, Clear as day. "Hogwart's defenses-"

"Wont save anyone, But it doesn't matter son, They're not powerful enough for me." Katherine said with a soft smile. "What matters here is you and Hermione.."

Hermione...It'd been so long since he heard her name it almost sounded foreign, But even though he got a buzz of pleasure by hearing it he still was confused of how the woman knew her name. "What are you talking about?" He asked.

"You know.." She began to walk towards him, Her ocean blue eyes piercing no different than a dagger would. "Do you intend to hide with you're guilt and that nonsensical girlfriend of yours?"

His mouth fell open, Oh god..She knew! He could've denied, He could've screamed at her. But all he felt he could do was collaspe acouple of feet away from her. "Search me.."

"Don't give me that." She replied coldly, Kneeling beside him to look him with her now stern eyes. "Why are you with Lavender?"

Ron hesitantly looked up at her, Dying for her to understand without him having to tell him. Which at the time he refused to belive was impossible. "Lavender's dad is a good friend with Dragma Durmet."

"Dragma Durmet...Dragma Durmet.." Katherine repeated dreamily, As if she was trying to remember where she knew the name from. "Hes that bloke that works at the Ministry, Correct?"

"A real git to." Ron said, More clearly audible. "Good friends with the Malfoy's i bet. Likes pure families."

Katherine blinked. "And what does this have to do with Hermione?"

Ron turned to her, With a slight frown. "Well don't you know? Lavender's family knows him rather well, Can give Hermione alot of trouble if i dont watch out...And i've done enough to hurt her don't you think?"

Right than, Katherine hooked her fingers inbetween the "Sweetheart" necklace Lavender had gave him, And broke it to pieces. "Is that it? Honestly?" Her cold tone was back. "Come to you're senses Weasley, Don't you even know Hermione at all?"

"What-What are you on about?" He stuttered, Looking down at the shattered pieces of the necklace.

"I'm sure she realizes that throughout her life she'll have to deal with incredibly stupid people like Dragma Durmet and Lucius Malfoy that think that just becuase they were born in aristocrat families and carry the name 'Pureblood' their better than all. Hermione is smarter than that, And will walk her own path where she knows she wont be shunned because of who she is." Katherine finished, Her eyes boring into Ron's. "Go to her Ron..Make this right.."

As the last words faded, Ron could've sworn he saw Katherine fading along with them. And before he knew it there was nothing more to look at, As if she'd vanished in the lights moon...