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Chapter 2: Digidestined

Three months have passed since Ena stepped into the Digital World, once as a normal child now a puppet to Lilithmon. During those three long month's Ena became known by the digimon as the Digimon Empress, feared for her heartless behavior, her cruel ways and the eerie silence she left behind. It was once thought Digimon would be reborn if they died, but they quickly learned those defeated by the Digimon Empress never returned to the land. They didn't know Ena was a puppet to one of the six demon lords, they didn't know those they once called comrades had become data to bring the eternal cage that imprisoned Lilithmon down. There was one person who had the power to defeat the Empress and reseal Lilithmon his name was Gennai a being made of data like the digimon, but not like the digimon. He created a device called the Digivices that had the power to bring those chosen humans to the digital world to free it from the tyrant rule of the Empress.

In the human world a once normal routine lifestyle will be shattered for eight people. Entering into a school computer room would be two girls that appear at the age of 9, both wore the school's apparent standard school uniform one though had brown mid back straight hair style while the other had dirty blonde that was twirled into two pigtails on the side of her head with one strand hanging out in the middle appearing to be of curly hair. Both sat down in the back row closets to the window as they started to surf the neat.

A boy that appeared to be a 12 year old with dark green shaggy hair that seemed to hide his face, was walking home. Apparently absorbed in what appeared to be a textbook size book that had a computer on the cover of the book, turning the corner he appeared at a apartment and entering the apartment would ignore everything and anything and walked into the opening elevator.

Two boys that looked to be 11 and the exact same no matter where you looked, would be seen on the school's rooftop one holding a book the other peering over the shoulder. Both sporting a royal purple hair color with a slight wavy curl covering over there left eye. Another also appearing to be a 11 year old, sat against the metal bars that protected them from falling off the school bending knee's pulled to her chest as she watched the two with annoyance pink hair blowing in the slight wind.

Cheering would be heard as a boy with fire red hair noticeable that it was once spiked covered in sweat as he scored another point for his school's team playing basketball forcing the game to end the score reading 5 Class 5-A 0 for Class 5-C. Waving away the cheering fans and his teammates he would bolt to the locker room and quickly wipe away the sweat with a once clean towel as he attempted grab his duffel bag only to drop his id. Quickly snatching it all you could read was 11 year old as he quickly turned down the corridor towards the stairs to hurry up to meet his friends.

There once normal carefree style would suddenly come to a end though with a single text message. A ding would be heard from phones and computers as all of them would suddenly glance at a message that appeared on their screens. A unknown number but still a legit number that made them curious, clicking the view button on phones and computer they would gain a blank screen with only the words

"You have been chosen to save the world. Will you accept?"

Each child stared a bit curious to why they got such a random message, decided to accept the message thinking they could message back asking who it was. That would never happen though for as each clicked reply a flash of blinding light would engulf them and then slowly disappear to reveal the children's disappearance.

Author's Note: Yeah so it's pretty short sorry, the holidays are here and i'm pretty much working everyday in like the middle of the day so I have no time to write...Sorry.
So the digidestined will appear in the digital world next time and i'll give out their names more description and their digimon of course.

OK so I'm starting to work on the digimon for my digidestined the only problem is that I can't fully decide on some of my characters. Light, hope, kindness, reliability, and courage i've decide on so that leaves my love, sincerity, friendship and knowledge. So it would be awesome if you guys could give me some idea's, that would be awesome!