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This little ditty is unbeta'd, so all the mistakes are mine.

Chapter 1: Lie In the Sound


Sleep. A necessity of the human condition I had blindly taken for granted until my bar opened. While I'd worked my ass off to get Loki's off the ground, it had seriously fucked with my ability to crash at regular intervals. I'd made a lot of sacrifices to get where I was, but losing sleep was the one I was most bitter about. A lack of sleep made me a crabby bitch, which gave Pam fodder for teasing. Fuck, I just used the word 'fodder.' See? This whole lack of sleep thing was really starting to fuck with me.

I parked my Lime Green Monster, a 1970 Hemi-Cuda, around the side of my house. The house was way too big for just one person, but I tended to have plenty of visitors in the summer months. Living on the beach will do that to you, even if it's just Lake Michigan you're waking up to every day. The moisture in the air settled on my skin when I practically fell out of my car. I was fucking wiped.

I was seriously contemplating crawling all the way to the kitchen door, but figured it was actually less complicated to stand and walk. But I could sleep on the couch. Then I wouldn't have to climb all those stairs to my bedroom. My cell phone buzzed in my pocket. Had to be Pam. No one else would call me at almost four in the morning. Well, maybe one of my brothers would if they needed to be bailed out of jail, but they'd be shit out of luck. I was at least three hours away up in Michigan, while they were still in Chicago.

After the last time Luke got busted for drunk in public, I told him he was on his own in the drunk tank. If Jakob wasn't going to bail his ass out, I sure as shit wasn't going to drive all the way down to get him. Besides, those two knuckleheads would be heading up north soon enough. What little peace and quiet I got while in the privacy of my own home would be completely destroyed. Tourist season was looming large. Fuck, my life was about to become a serious shitstorm.

I ignored the ringing phone in my pocket. Whatever it was, Pam and I could discuss it later. I was too wiped to hear her shrill voice. She was probably just calling to remind me of the beer delivery anyway, as if I could forget something that important. As soon as the buzzing stopped, I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and turned the fucker off. Anyone with something to say could leave me a message.

I trudged up the steps that lead to the wrap around porch and paused to look to my left when something shiny caught my eye. Seriously, lack of sleep will do fucked up things to a perfectly normal adult brain. I don't recommend it. It took a moment for my eyes to focus, but then I realized what I was seeing. For the first time in God knows how long, I smiled at something that had nothing to do with successful negotiations for lower rates with my beer vendor, or all of my staff not only showing up, but being on time to boot. Believe me, either thing was rare.

Louisiana plates were screwed into place on a teal Sunfire convertible that was a few years past its prime. I'd only seen one person drive that car, so there was no mistaking who was next door. I could barely contain the smile on my face. If I hadn't been so fuck all tired, I would have gone over to say hello. Lord knew seeing her again was long overdue.

"Sookie Stackhouse." I muttered to myself as I searched for the right key to open the kitchen door.

Imagine my surprise when the door opened from the inside. I was greeted by a blinding smile, bright blue eyes and flowing blonde hair. Her tiny curvy body was posed seductively in my doorway and she was wearing nothing but a bikini top that tied around her neck and back with a very short denim skirt. Hello, hard-on.

I must have been staring at her like a four course meal, because she blushed slightly before pushing the screen door open for me since I seemed to have forgotten how to do it myself. "I wanted to surprise you." She continued to smile at me.

Mission accomplished. "I didn't know you were coming."

"That was the whole point. I hope you don't mind I let myself in." She stepped back so I could enter the house.

"I'd rather you be naked." I couldn't help but tease her right back, knowing that delicious blush of hers would only spread.

"If you play your cards right, I might end up that way." She winked at me. Minx.

"Why didn't you come by the bar? I would have welcomed you back properly." I kicked off my shoes and flipped the lock on the screen door. I left the doors open when I was home.

"Oh, I know you would." She said in a knowing tone. "I wasn't in the mood to be mounted and stuffed over your bar."

I groaned at the imagery that came to mind. She was way too good at teasing me. Way too good. I tried to rally my troops because I was definitely wanting to mount and stuff her, but my body just couldn't get on board. I was too exhausted.

"You look like shit." She said easily.

"Thanks." I muttered.

"Want me to go?" She wasn't offended by my muttering. She was being polite.

"Not yet." I braced my hands on her shoulders, spun her around and pushed her toward the stairs.

"Where do you think we're going?" She looked over her shoulder.

"You're going to come upstairs with me, get into bed and tell me about your drive up here. Then I'm going to fall asleep, have some really raunchy dreams about you and probably wake up with the worst case of morning wood I've had since last summer. That sound okay to you?" I asked as we climbed the stairs.

She giggled at my honesty, something I thoroughly enjoyed about her. She hadn't always been so open to it. In fact, it had downright rubbed her the wrong way last summer. But all of our bitching and sniping at each other had just been a thinly veiled mask for the insane sexual tension between us. Frankly, if it wasn't for one too many Patron shots last fourth of July, we probably never would have gotten over ourselves long enough to have the most amazing sexual encounter of our lives.

The chemistry between us was explosive, and we spent the remainder of the summer having mind bending hook ups that left us both somehow sated and wanting more. Letting her drive off at the end of summer had been a real bitch, but there wasn't much choice. She had to get back to Louisiana for school. Assuming all had gone according to plan, she was now a college graduate. She'd been studying criminal justice and psychology. The idea of Sookie with a pair of handcuffs was a little too much for my sleep deprived brain to take at the moment, so I pushed it away for later. No doubt it would be in the spank bank for another time.

As I asked, she got into bed next to me after I stripped down to my boxers. Sookie curled herself against my side and let her head fall into that perfect niche in my shoulder. Her slender fingers trailed up and down my abs, and the little moan that escaped her went straight to my cock, but quickly died. Too tired. This was a fucking tragedy. I'd repay her for it later, though.

"How's the bar?" She asked and pressed a series of kisses to my chest, trying to entice me into giving her the tumble she wanted. It killed me that I couldn't.

"Good. We've been busy. Pam wants to expand. We're thinking about converting the deck into a stage and having live bands play." I told her.

"That could be interesting. You've never seen me dance on an amplifier before." She licked my nipple.

Fuck, when was the last time she had sex? I could admit it had been a while for me, but the way she was going I was starting to think she hadn't had any since the last time we fucked. Which, coincidentally, had been the morning she left town. It had been hard and fast in my shower, and I'd nearly dropped her when I came. She looked sweet and innocent, but she was a tigress in the sack.

I groaned as another imagine made its way into the spank bank. "You're not making it easy for me to not maul you."

"So why aren't you?"

"Because I have about as much energy as a coma patient, and I want to make sure I give as good as I get." I told her. I was dead serious about it, too. I wouldn't leave her unsatisfied, and I wasn't sure I could give her what she was accustomed to. I would just as soon wait until I had a few uninterrupted hours of R.E.M. sleep under my belt. It would be worth it. "So, tell me about the drive."

She shrugged as much as she could for laying on her side. "It was okay. Amelia wanted to come up with me, but I convinced her to give me a head start. It was easy to do when I reminded her she would have the place to herself. Ever since she got serious with Tray..."

"Sucks being the third wheel, doesn't it?"

"Pretty much."

I didn't ask her why she wasn't dating anyone. It's not that I didn't want to know, so much as I was afraid it had something to do with me. We'd known that whatever it was we had going on the previous summer was going to end when she went back to Louisiana. Because we had never put strings on our relationship, and had been clear about the way it was going to go, there was no reason for either of us to remain faithful to each other once we went our separate ways.

I wasn't expecting her to sideline herself for me, and I knew she felt the same. I hadn't dated anyone, but then I never really had. I had fuck buddies, as Pam so eloquently called them, and I had random hook ups. I never invited any of them to my house, and definitely not into my bed. Sookie was a special case. The truth was, I liked her. And maybe if proximity wasn't such an issue, I might be okay with dating her. But it wasn't even worth going there since our lives were in two different places, and I wasn't about to ask her to give up anything I wouldn't be willing to give up myself.

"You should be dating someone, Sookie." I whispered to her before I could stop myself.

She giggled beside me and said, "Maybe, but then these little snuggle sessions would have to stop, to say nothing of the mutual exchange of orgasms."

That would be a damn shame. She was, hands down- or cock up- the best sex of my life. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why a girl like her wasn't clubbing guys to get them off of her. Yeah, okay, so she could put up a really bitchy outer shell that was hard to crack. I got that. Man, did I understand that. She'd certainly given me one hell of a time when we first met the previous summer, but I quickly realized that had more to do with insecurity than anything else.

The girl had serious trust issues. And as well as I knew Sookie in the present, I knew there was a shit ton of her past I was missing out on that would probably lay it all out for me. Until she was comfortable showing me all of her puzzle pieces, I was never going to see the complete picture. But again, I wouldn't ask her for anything I wouldn't give myself. I'd have to be willing to go quid pro quo with her, and I wasn't sure I wanted to do that with someone. Even if I did think the pieces of her I'd already seen were amazing.

"My brothers are coming up this week." I informed her once she finished telling me about her drive.

"Uh oh." She groaned quietly. "How long are they staying?"

"Until the summer ends, or I drown them in the lake- which ever comes first."

She giggled again, and I felt myself starting to stiffen up a little over the way her breasts pressed against my side. "Awww, but they're so cute."

I growled at that. My youngest brother, Luke, had tried many times to get in Sookie's pants the previous summer. It had been part of what forced my hand with her. It was either stake my claim on her- as much as she would let me- or let her move on to someone else. I would be damned if that someone else was going to be my baby brother. I couldn't handle him gloating all over the house all summer. After experiencing some of Sookie's more feral talents, I knew I would have definitely been one miserable son of a bitch if Luke had been the recipient of them.

While there was most definitely an uncanny resemblance between me and my brothers, hearing her call them 'cute' didn't sit well with me. In fact, it brought up all sorts of insecurities and jealousies that I had no business feeling. I didn't own her. She didn't own me. We were what we were.

"I should go. You're exhausted." Sookie started to sit up, but I pulled her back.

"Stay." I nuzzled her hair.

She tensed up in thought, trying to decide if it was a good idea to stay. "Just until you're asleep, and then I'm vapor."

"Fine." If it was the best she could offer, I could live with that.

She turned onto her side, fully aware of my penchant for spooning. I draped my arm over her and breathed in the scent of her hair. She told me to loosen my hold on her, knowing damn well I'd trap her in my bed if given the chance. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the smell of her hair. I'd missed it more than I should given our situation. She smelled like the lake, apples and something that was unique to her. It was in her skin. I tasted it when I kissed her shoulder.

She played with my fingers that were dangling over her flat stomach. Her ass was tucked against my crotch, heat trapping itself between us there. I felt my heartbeat bounce on her shoulder. Her breathing became deep and even like mine, and before either of us knew it, sleep pulled us under.

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