Byakuya knelt there next to his self proclaimed 'master', cleverly masking his pent up anger behind his beautiful features.

"You look lovely, Byakuya. Like a doll." I stroked his cheek with the back of my hand lovingly and smiled sweetly. Byakuya sharply turned his head in the other direction and glowered with anger.

"Say, Aizen-sama…." Gin murmured timidly from behind my throne.

"Hmm?" I mumbled while playing with Byakuya's hair. I wasn't really paying attention to Gin; I was too fixated on his Byakushi.

"Maybe ya would get a better reaction from him if ya pu' him in normal clothes? Just maybe…." Gin suggested. He felt sorry for the once proud and mighty Byakuya who was now reduced to no better than a cross dressing slave. But all that sympathy eroded away when he unfortunately caught site of Byakuya's glare and 'pfft' and look of disgust. Gin simply grinned and brought a finger up to face off Byakuya's disgust to which Byakuya, even from a kneeling position, still managed to look down on Gin.

"See, Gin? Nobody likes you; even when you attempt to be nice." Tousen interrupted.

"Thanks, next time I want ya opinion, I'll tell ya ta shove it, yeah?" Gin glared with closed eyes.

"Gin, Tousen?" I asked from his throne.

"What?" They asked in a slightly irritated manor.

"Shut up." I said and shooed them away to argue somewhere else while Byakuya and myself enjoyed some peace and quiet alone. Well, maybe just I was enjoying the site of an embarrassed Byakuya in a high ranking courtesan's kimono.

After a while of twizzling Byakuya's silky raven locks around my fingers I decided it was time to go to bed. I waved a finger and almost instantly Grimmjow begrudgingly appeared, his pets getting dragged cruelly behind him.

"Yes, Aizen-sama?" He growled.

"B-BYAKUYA!" Ichigo shouted, amazed at the site of my Byakuya "NO WAY! HE'S-!" He was cut off by Grimmjow yanking his chain harshly. Ichigo still wasn't very well trained.

"You laugh now. Wait till I get my hands on you. You'll be wishing you were wearing what he is." Grimmjow grinned savagely while Ichigo glared from his end of the chain.

Ulquiorra was standing behind them both wearing his usual empty stare. He looked like he was about to stab Grimmjow. He could tell if that was what Ichigo was going to get, he'd probably get worse. Yes, indeed, Grimmjow was a fan of threesomes; hence, the 2 pets. He insisted on Ulquiorra, who had no choice in the matter where as Ichigo was pretty new to it all and so didn't completely understand. Ah, ignorance is bliss. He hadn't yet been fucked into the ground. I felt sorry for Ichigo's poor arse. His first time and I doubt Grimmjow would hold back. But then again, I felt almost as sorry for Hitsugaya having Gin who was ultimately known to be unbelievably cruel in the bedroom.

YAAAY! I'm writing another this has loooads and loooooads of pairings like: aizenXbyakuya (if you didn't know that its not even worth taking the piss out of you) grimmjowXulquiorraXichigo, I MAY add some shirosakiXichigo and of course theres ginXhitsugaya and lots of sexy man lovin' ;D oh and also depending on how much I hate Tousen at the given moment, I may add TousenXwonderweiss (sp?) :D