Ichigo looked curiously towards the neatly wrapped boxes in Aizen's hands. He cocked his head cutely where as Byakuya tried not to look at them, struggling to hide the growing curiosity in his eyes.

"What's that?" Ichigo finally asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

Aizen smiled smugly and laid them on the desk near the bed. He sat on the side of the huge double king size bed next to Ichigo. "Nothing you need to concern yourself with." He stroked Ichigo's soft, smooth cheek as he purred seductively. Ichigo blushed and turned his head, his face glowing as bright as his beautiful orange hair.

Byakuya, at this point, couldn't help but feel left out as Ichigo caught the attention of his master. He whined involuntary and quickly covered his mouth with his hands. He glance up towards Aizen and Ichigo however Aizen had disappeared. Just as panic was settling into his thin frame he felt soft, plump lips gently brush against his own. He was about to pull back when Aizen, still kissing him, curled a long finger around the collar attached to Byakuya's neck, and pulled him forward, making their lips crush against each other roughly. Aizen tweaked his rosy nipple and Byakuya gasped. He took advantage of his open mouth and slid his tongue in, exploring the deep, warm, moist cavern of his lover.

Ichigo fidgeted in his spot on the bed. He was getting more and more aroused by Aizen molesting Byakuya. Ichigo longed to touch himself to get rid of the rising tension in his lower abdomen but… a part of him felt embarrassed to do such a thing in front of Byakuya….. Just the thought of doing such a thing in front of Byakuya made his member twitch. He blushed red and squished his legs together quickly and put his hands in his lap, trying to cover up his growing arousal "A-aahhn…" He moaned as his arm brushed over the tip. He immediately bit his lip and regretted making a noise.

Aizen turned his head while his hand continued to pull and tug roughly at the thin pink dress Byakuya was wearing. (Its like a baby pink dress that ties with a big, cute knot around his neck and it goes down like half way down between his knee and hip : D, Ichigo is wearing the same except his is yellow:3) He smirked and waved a finger at Ichigo. Byakuya shrank away slightly now that he wasn't the centre of attention.

"Come here." Aizen grinned excitedly.

Ichigo shook his head thoroughly; no way was Aizen going to see him like this!

"I see, if you don't come here right now," Ichigo looked up with a slightly scared expression on his face "I might just have to drag Byakuya over to you. I'm sure you wouldn't want him to see you so," He paused, his grin growing almost as wide as Gin's "Happy to see him."

Byakuya almost gagged as his collar was pulled by an insanely strong grip. He was dragged over to Ichigo who was still attempting to cover himself, he was flushed and flustered and tears were bubbling up in his eyes.

"I-Ichigo….MMFFT!" Byakuya started but was interrupted by Aizen cruelly shoving his head in Ichigo's lap. Ichigo whimpered and tried to pull back but Byakuya was nuzzling his upper thigh in a way that made Ichigo's legs go limp with want.

"B-Byaku….y-ya…" He moaned as Byakuya struggled to gain some control over his body. The chain attached to his collar were straining his neck as Aizen pressed his head further and further up Ichigo's groin. "A-aaahh! Nn….." He moaned and his body shook.

"Byakuya," Byakuya glared up at Aizen as he called his name "Oh, such a dirty look from a noble." He hissed but deep down felt sorry for Ichigo… he must be so embarrassed and scared…. He wanted to snuggle down with him somewhere, not molest him…. He was too young and innocent. "Suck him." Aizen ordered, bringing Byakuya out of his daze.

"W-wha-MMFFTT!" His head was shoved into Ichigo's lap once more.

"Now." Aizen ordered. As Byakuya needed some air to breathe he reluctantly opened his mouth to which Ichigo's cock somehow made its way into his mouth.

"Aaah… B-Byaku… nnn…." Ichigo moaned and grabbed Byakuya's long silky raven hair. Byakuya felt his shaking fingers and looked up with concern apparent in his dark smoldering eye. Ichigo nodded weakly for him to continue, he didn't want the pleasure to stop. "AAAHHH!" Ichigo groaned as Byakuya's muffled moan pleasured his length.

Aizen smirked at the chain reaction he set off with a mere finger, simply inserted into Byakuya's tight entrance "Would you like it if I added some more, Bya-kun?" He smirked and inserted a second and started to scissor and loosen his entrance in preparation for his much larger member.

Byakuya squirmed uncomfortably, making Ichigo whine for more "A-aahhn…." He groaned as Aizen stabbed his entrance with a third, unwanted finger.

"B-Byaku…..y-ya….I-I'm..c-cu…AAAAAHHHH!" Ichigo moaned and scraped his back as he came, the salty sweet liquid filling Byakuya's mouth. He licked up the remains off of Ichigo, forgetting for a moment that Aizen had taken his fingers out.

Ichigo hicced and big, glittering watery tears fell down his face.

"Ichigo," Aizen said softly, his voice caring and calm….. It made Ichigo's heart stop for a moment. He nodded and blushed quickly, not wanting to make Aizen wait. "Turn over for me, please." He asked.

Ichigo's heart stopped again but for a different reason. He looked worriedly at Byakuya who was still in his lap, for reassurance. Byakuya had already collected himself and looked like his usual self. Ichigo almost flinched at the cold look he was getting from his lap.

"Uh…" He gasped as Aizen slid two long, delicate fingers under his chin and lifted his angelic head.

"Are you going to turn over for me, or am I going to have to flip your forcibly?" He purred in such a seductive tone Ichigo couldn't help but blush. He shook his head shyly. "Pardon, I don't believe I heard you."

He shook his head again, more definite now. He defiantly did NOT want Aizen anywhere near him. Aizen grinned, somewhere deep down (very deep down, or then again, maybe not that deep) he wanted him to refuse, it made things….. interesting.

Ichigo groaned as he was thrown down roughly on his stomach and his head was squished against the soft pillows. He gasped as he felt a heavy weight on his back.

Before he could even blink he screamed as he was roughly and painfully thrust into by Byakuya "AAA-AAHHHH! Nnnnh! Ah….haa…haa..ha…" Ichigo moaned and mewed as Byakuya relentlessly pounded into him.

"Byakuya, you're so tight." Aizen smirked as he also pounded into Byakuya, creating an anal train.

"A-Aizen….mmh….haa…ha….." He moaned loudly, finally letting the moans he'd been keeping in all night. Aizen's firm hands were secured around his strong hips and Ichigo's hands were scrunched into fists against the silky sheets of the over sized bed.

After a few minutes of relentless pounding, moaning and groaning Ichigo, between whimpers, shuddered and whispered "I-I'm…..gonna…a-ah!" Ichigo moaned as he sprayed his stomach with his hot seed. Byakuya grunted as he came into Ichigo's tight hole

Aizen on the other hand, filled Byakuya with his hot seed. It dripped out slowly and thickly, like treacle, down his slime thighs. Byakuya shuddered at the feeling of the hot liquid running down. Byakuya fell down weakly beside Ichigo and pulled out at the same time.

Aizen kissed them both lightly on the forehead before standing up, turning the light off and locking the door behind him after he left. Meanwhile Ichigo fell asleep in Byakuya's arms, snuggling close to his chest. Byakuya nuzzled Ichigo's wild, orange hair and smiled softly to himself as he felt the strong arms of his seme wrap around him and their little uke.

"And there ya have it, Toshiro-Chan! Aren't cha lucky there's only one of me?" Gin chirped happily as he tapped the camera he had previously hidden in Aizen's room, off. Toshiro glared at the black screen and then up at the irritating man that had insisted he sat on his lap.

"If there was any more, the amount you go on for, I'd be in a wheelchair with my pelvic bone shattered." He frowned suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Gin asked, his fox like features turning into one of concern.

"How many times have you watched that? You're not hard at all!" He squirmed in his seat. For Toshiro, however, it was a different story.

"Too many to count!" Gin smiled happily and then continued to search through his uke's trousers for his aching member.

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