Third year of Camp Rock

Mitchie POV

Well, I´m Mitchie Torres and I´m 17 years old. Since the last time of camp I dyed my hair brown with kopper and it´s now on my shoulders. After the first 3 months Shane, Nate, Jason and Caitlyn still contact me, but after that I never heard of them again.

Now I´m on my way to Camp Star. Since they ignored me, I didn´t see sense going to Camp Rock. And I thought Luke was a nice guy and Axel isn´t so bad either.

My mom is still cook at Camp Rock. She thought I was ridiculous to do this. But I like it.

´´ Mitchie, it´s so good to see you here´´ Axel said. ´ Well, I´m glad to be here´´. Axel walked me to my cabin, which I shared with his daughter Dana. ´´ Come on everybody we must practice´´ we heard Axel yell.

I´m performing ´Walking in my shoes´ with Luke. It´s going good. First Tess was in this, but they didn´t performed it. So now we´re doing this for the Opening Jam. ´ Hee Axel, what if we invited Camp Rock overhere for toninght´. ´´ Great idea Mitchie, great idea´.

Shane POV

I´m so excited to see Mitchie again. I didn´t contact her for a while. Our manager said that was no contact allowed. I didn´t get the chance to tell Mitchie that. I hope she understands.

´ Shane´! I turned around to see Caitlyn running to me. Was she crying? 'Caitlyn. What's wrong?' ' Mitchie, her mom said that she isn't going to be here this year'. '' WHAT!''.

A few hours later we we're having dinner when we get a parachute with an card on it. '' We invite you for the Opening Jam tonight''. ' It's from Camp Star, again. Caitlyn, Nate, Jason and I all looked at each other and ran to Brown.

Mitchie POV

So here we are. Waiting behind stage to perform. I saw Camp Rock entering. All my friends were there. Nate, Jason, Caitlyn, Sander, Barron, Peggy, Ella, Tess and... Shane. Stupid boy. I cried for five months.

' Welcome to Camp Star, again' we heard Axel say. I could see the tears in Caitlyns eyes. So she found out I wasn't going to be there this year. ' We have an excellent performance for you guys. But first wants anybody of Camp Rock perform?

Shane POV

Axel asked if we wanted to perform. Since Mitchie wasn't here now, I should do it.

' Caitlyn, take you the part of Mitchie in 'What we came here for'. I just dragged her with me, without an answer. Nate and Jason understood and came with us. Axel was surprised that we wanted to perform, but let us.

Mitchie POV

WHAT! They already replaced me. How could they! Okay, maybe I wanted to forgive them, but now not anymore! Luke saw my face and said : 'Come on, we're going to blow them away. They don't know what's happening to them.

'And now.. My own Camp... CAMP STAR'!. We heard the tune of the music, wished each other luck and went to our places.

Shane POV.

Wait, they're singing this song. We alreadyheard it, only with Tess singing. And now Tess was here with us. I wonder who sings her part now.

Luke song the first part. But after that Mitchie came on stage and sung. ' MITCHIE'! We all said together. Wait, what? How could she do this? I came out of shock and looked at her outfit. A sexy hat, a black jacket, an black tank top, shorts who were very very short and black high heels. Wow, she looks hot in that.

Mitchie POV.

I saw Shane looking at me when I walked on stage. I smirked. Stupid Boy. How could I ever fall for this jerk? We fineshed the performance and walked of stage. I got compliments from a lot of people. When I was backstage, walking to my dressingroom I bumped into someone.


' Yeah, what do you want?' I said. I looked up to see who I was talking to. ' O, Shane, could you please go, I need to practice another song and this is the wrong outfit for it. Cool, that Camp Rock came. Bye'.

' Wait Mitch..'

' It's Mitchi for you and I don't need your excuses, now go to your Camp'. He didn't move. ' Axel!' I screamed. ' This jerk won't go!'

' Whatever you say, I'm already leaving. And I was excited to see you again. I never thought this would happen, you're really different'.

I just looked at him like he was crazy. He walked away.