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Cindy is my absolute favorite Brady Bunch character so I decided that I'm going to attempt to write something about her. Enjoy! ~markaleen

Cindy Brady was the youngest of the six Brady kids. Sometimes it was a good thing, sometimes not. It was hard to see her two older sisters, Jan and Marcia who were closer in age being able to go to the movies alone, go out on dates, go out with their friends, and everything else older girls can do. She did like being the youngest at times because she can use her cuteness as a weapon. One Christmas her mother had lost her voice and she wasn't going to be able to sing at church. She went to see Santa and she told him that all she wanted for Christmas was for her mother to get her voice back. She could tell Santa was going to tell her that it wasn't possible. She got herself to be as cute as possible until Santa said that her mother would be able to sing at church. Then came Christmas morning and just as she had expected, her mother got her voice back. Just in time to sing beautifully at church. Her family called her a tattletale at times because she would overhear something and tell it to everyone. She didn't consider it tattling though, she 'tells it like it is."

She saw her mother as the most beautiful woman she had ever seen, also the kindest. Cindy loved her mother dearly.

She saw her father as a strong, smart man. Even though he was her stepfather, she loved him just as much as a real father.

She saw Alice as the funniest person in the world. She was also a great cook. Alice helped her when she hurt herself or when she got a rip in her clothing. She knew whatever happened, Alice was there.

She saw Greg as a great musician. He played guitar very well. He also sang very well. Greg was kinder than most boys that she knew. Smarter too. She was glad to call him her older brother.

She saw Marcia as the prettiest girl in the world. She was so talented. She had many different trophies. Cindy hoped that one day, she'd be just like Marcia.

She saw Peter as a very goofy boy. He made her laugh all the time. He was always filled with great ideas.

She saw Jan as a very independent girl. She wasn't as popular as she would have liked to be and there were times that she grumbled but she seemed content with her life. Cindy got jealous of her at times but she loved her sister dearly.

She saw Bobby as her friend more than just her brother. They would fight at times but they were both the youngest of the family so they had more in common. They would both get their selves into trouble with some of the stunts they tried to pull. He was a lot of fun.

With her golden curls, her lisp, and her favorite doll Kitty Carry All by her side, she can charm her way into just about anyone's heart.