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"Living the Dream"

P.S.: It's Gau/Kyou. Odd huh? To hell with flames!!!!!

Chap. 1 The Battle Is Over



The battle cries echoed through the stadium as the audience looked in awe at the skill that Gau Ban and Screbb Lowereginn displayed to win the title of the 60th Cevar. Yes, the way had been long, but finally, both of them were qualified enough to participate in the annual tournament to determine the birth of a new Cevar.

"Damn…" Gau thought, "Low-san's really put some muscle since a week ago…" His thoughts were interrupted as he barely parried another Harken thrown at him by Low. He unleashed his own Harken at Low, with the added effect of the ground, thrown up in chunks of dirt at the intensity of his Harken.

"Wha…" Low had no time for bewilderment as the Harken came at him at record speed, "Where'd he learn that?!" He grunted as he sprang towards Gau, who expected another Harken but was soon proved wrong…

"Kuruda Ryu Kossapo, Meice!!!" Low yelled as he delivered a flurry of charged punches at Gau.

"Don't think so!" Gau said, "Kuruda Ryu Kossapo, one of the highest skills known to man…"

"Nani?!" gasped Low, "What does he mean?"

"Kamui!" shouted Gau, initiating the quick-transfer technique taught to him by Dias.

"Where could Gau-kun be?" Thought Low.

Suddenly, the arena caught a glimpse of metal somewhere high above, and when they saw what it was, they could not help but gasp in awe. For Gau had unsheathed the legendary weapon "Blackwing" from his back and was now hurling it at Low with great speed.

"Bad move Gau-kun," Low thought, "For I too, have come prepared!"

He then drew a gleaming sword given to him by the king, Iva Stolla, also the 55th Cevar. He uttered a battle cry as he too leaped in the air and charged at Gau.

"Diaz-sama…" Gau said aloud, "arigato…" The crowd was in bewilderment as he uttered those words. Low drew closer, closer, closer, until…

"Kuruda Ryu Kossapo," Gau began, but the crowd doubted he could parry the blow Low was about to deal him. Low then slashed at him with the gleaming blade, but suddenly…

"Kabuto!!!" Gau cried, then vanished, but was replaced with a dozen Blackwings heading towards the now-aghast Low. Luckily, Low parried most of them with his sword.

"Let's finish this," Gau said, suddenly reappearing behind him

"Hai" Low said with a smile on his face.


"I am invincible!"
"Yes, I am unbeatable!"

"No one can withstand my Shadow Skill"

"My assault is…White Lightning!"

"My one single blow will destroy the enemy, destroy the enemy completely!"

"My strike is the ultimate one!"

"Kuruda Ryu Kossapo…Shadow Skill!" Gau yelled.

"Kuruda Ryu Kossapo…Open Skill!" Low yelled simultaneously



The audience braced for the worse. The moves hit, and an aura of colors erupted from the site of collision as the moves cancelled each other out.

But Gau had more than Blackwing up his sleeve.

"Shadow Terminating Technique…Kannon!" Gau said, as his final burst of energy was swept away with that final move.

"M-Masaka?!" were the last words the crowd heard of Low even as the arena was enveloped in a burst of rainbow colors courtesy of the Shadow Terminating Technique, Kannon.

After the smoke and rubble cleared, the audience saw Gau Ban standing, barely conscious, and Screbb Lowreginn lying down, sapped of energy, after taking the full blow of the Kannon. The audience was momentarily quiet, after which they erupted into bursts of applause and cheers for the newest Cevar, Gau Ban "Black Howling".

"I…I won?" Gau sputtered, "YES! I WON! I WON! I'M THE NEWEST CEVAR!" was his answer. The next thing he knew, he was hoisted onto the crowd's shoulders and paraded across Kuruda.

"Sugoi, Gau!" Elle said "Congratulations, Mr.Cevar!" Faury added teasingly.

"You did well" praised Scarface. Even Low, who was badly injured, quickly sprang up as if zapped with a million volts of electricity and congratulated him.

"Wow," Gau remarked, "That's what I call rapid recuperation!" Yet even amidst the sea of faces and salutations, Gau searched for the one face he wanted so badly to see, so badly it hurt inside.

He wanted to see Kyou.