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~POV Switch/Passage of Time~

Sight Without Seeing

Chapter 1

~Ed's POV~


"My apartment. They're releasing you in thirty minutes and all the hotels are either full or destroyed from Isaac." Mustang said calmly. "Maybe if you'd stopped him sooner, you wouldn't have to stay at my place, pipsqueak."

"WHO'RE YOU CALLING AN ANT BETWEEN YOUR TOES?" I shouted. (That damn Colonel Bastard. Why's he always gotta be picking on me?)

"You have your stuff, right? Then I won't have to wait. They're going to check you over one more time." He stood up, smirking at my rant.

"Fine. Whatever." I said crossing my arms. "At least I won't have to be dealing with hospital food."

"Oh please, as if I'd feed you." Mustang said as he walked out the door.

"Thank you, Colonel." Al said from his spot on the floor. "We appreciate it."

"At least someone appreciates my hospitality." The Colonel said smirking at me. "We're having stew tonight, so don't eat anything. You'll upset my cook if you don't eat." He closed the door and his footsteps echoed down the hall as he walked away.

"You could be a little nicer. I know you didn't want to sleep outside tonight and your stomach has been growling for an hour." Al said to me, I could see him scowling in the armor.

"He's a jerk. Why should I?" I scowled back as I looked out the window. "I wonder if the stew will have milk in it, it always tastes better that way."

~Almeria's POV~

I heard the door open as I stirred the stew. "Ah, Roy. You're home. I still don't understand why you wanted me to make so much. It's just you, Riza, and I, right?"

"Actually, the Eric brothers are staying. Ed just got released from the hospital and their train doesn't leave for two days. I told them they could stay here." Roy said as he walked in the door, several pairs of footsteps followed.

"Ah, the one in armor and the one with auto mail, right? Okay, good thing I cleaned the bedrooms earlier. There are clean sheets on the beds, so you should be comfortable." I said turning towards the group and walking towards the door. "I'm Azmaria, Roy's younger sister. It's nice to meet you two." I held my hand out.

~Ed's POV~

"Umm, you too." I said. She'd stopped several paces away from me and held out her hand. (The heck?) She was a small, skinny girl with long black hair tied in a messy ponytail her bangs hung out the sides loosely. She had astonishing blue eyes that stared blankly forward in my direction.

"Well, isn't it polite to shake someone's hand when you first meet? It's rude to leave me hanging." She said with an eyebrow raised.

Roy pushed me forward roughly. "Don't be rude, you idiot."

I caught myself and shook her hand. As she stared forward, I noticed something. "Umm, any particular reason you're staring at my chest."

"Azmaria is blind, Edward. She can't see you." Riza cut in politely.

"Roy, it's embarrassing having to explain it to everyone I meet. God, Roy, I know you get a kick out of laughing at everyone's reactions, but seriously?" Azmaria said scowling in the direction of Roy's voice. I noticed the clear film flash over her eyes.

She put a hand on my head. "Roy, you said he was short, but come on, he's an inch taller than me and we're the same age. Ah well, there's milk in the stew, maybe it'll make us both taller." She smiled at me, this time at my face.

"Hi, I'm Alphonse. You can call me Al." He lightly touched her hand which was still holding my auto mail arm.

~Almeria's POV~

I felt metal against my hand. "Hi, I'm Alphonse. You can call me Al."

As I shook his hand, I noticed he was being extremely gentle. "Awl, come on. I'm not that weak, I can hold my own. Ask Roy about how I kicked his ass the other day using his own Alchemy." I grinned upward.

"Hey, hey! Just because I taught you how to use Flame Alchemy doesn't mean you can set things on fire and throw them at me!" He shook his hands wildly.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Quit bringing home people without warning me, then. Maybe I'll relax." I said. "The other day, you brought home all your subordinates for dinner and poor Fiery had to help me make more sandwiches because you didn't tell me!"

"Sure, sure. Riza, that's your job now. I don't want to." Roy patted Riza on the back and she rolled her eyes.

"Yes, sir." She said, obviously annoyed.

"Alright, well the stew's ready. So help yourselves." She said pointing behind her. She walked over and grabbed the ladle she'd been using and poured herself a bowl. "I'm not a maid, guys! Get it yourself!"

"Oh, Azmaria. It'd probably be best to show them now before they break something out of shock." Mustang said as he poured himself some as I walked to the table.

"Show us what?" Ed said walking to get himself some food.

~Ed's POV~

"Well, it's hard to explain, so it's better just to show you." She said, finding a chair and sitting down. I noticed the simple arrangement of all the furniture; she'd probably memorized the layout. "Come sit with me."

I walked over to join her after I got my stew. There were all kinds of vegetables in it as well as chicken and beef.

"Ah, another masterpiece, Az. You're almost as good as Gracia." Roy said smiling.

(So apparently that Colonel can do something other than smirk.)

I sat down next to as Al joined me on my other side. Roy sat across from Azmaria and Riza sat next to Roy. "Alright so what do you want to show me?"

"Give me your hand." She held out her own. "The flesh one."

(The hell?) I gave her my hand and our fingers intertwined on the table like lovers. She smiled lightly, "So you two are from Risembool, Roy tells me? What's it like?"

(Does Roy tell her everything? Did he tell her about our transmutation? About how we're looking for the Philosopher's Stone?)

"Umm, Ed…" Azmaria said. "You're making this hard."

"God, Ed. Think about Risembool." Mustang said. His fingers tapped impatiently on the table.

I thought about Risembool, the beautiful grassy plains. My mind wandered to Winry and her house and she, Al, and I growing up together. How we used to lay and look at the stars together. Then I wandered to my mom. She used to make stew just like this. Al and I had wanted her cooking again, to see her smiling face. That thing we brought back definitely couldn't have made it.

Azmaria ripped her hand from mind and I was brought back to the Mustangs' kitchen. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-! I-!" She held her hand close to her chest and stared at me with fearful eyes. "I… I didn't mean to pry. Forgive me…." Tears fell from her cheeks as she grabbed her bowl and walked off. I heard a door slam a few seconds later.

"What the hell?" I said. "First she wants to hold my hand, then she's screaming at me."

Roy stood up and followed Azmaria silently. He left his own food behind.

A few seconds later, Riza looked to Al and I. "Their parents died several years ago. Azmaria was born mostly blind. Her parents didn't like the pity they got for having a blind child. So while Roy was off learning Alchemy, her parents decided to try human transmutation to make her see."

Silence filled the room.

Al spoke up first. "So what happened?"

"Well, her mother lost all her limbs and died from blood loss. Her father lost his sanity and killed himself shortly afterward. And Azmaria, who was sitting in the middle of the circle, lost the rest of her sight. But she gained the ability to see people's memories with touch. Also, she can see from your perspective if you let her, but only as long as you and she are touching. She didn't read your thoughts, Ed. But I'm sure she saw all of the things you were thinking about."

"You were thinking about mom, weren't you?" Al said. "She probably saw the transmutation."

"I'm sure she didn't mean to see those memories, Edward. Roy only briefly told her about the two of you. Just that you had tried it and that you lost limbs and Al was now in an empty suit of armor."

"Why didn't she tell me?" I banged my hand on the table. "At least I could have prepared myself!"

Roy walked back in the room holding Azmaria's hand. He didn't say a word. He only glared at me.

"I'm…. really sorry."Azmaria said staring at the floor. "Roy told me Risembool was really pretty but he only got to see it that one night he met you. I wanted to see it. I can't see it myself, so I was curious."

"It's…. It's alright." I said, my hand still in a fist. "I understand."

"I suppose you guys would like to go to bed now, right?" The tiny girl said. I can show you to your room if you'd like. "There's a bed for you, Al, if you'd like." She held out her hand to me.

"I'll do the dishes." Roy said. "Riza, wanna help or do you need to go home?"

"Umm, of course, sir." She stood up and gathered the bowls together. "Did you want to finish yours?" She gestured to Mustang's bowl.

"I'll eat it later."

~Azmaria's POV~

I felt metal against my hand. "Okay, so where are we sleeping?" It was Al. I was a little disappointed. I had wanted to see where I was going, but I led them anyways.

My other hand was against the wall as I led them. It should be the first door on the left.

"Ah, this one then." I said as my fingers traced over the indents just above the doorknob. (Guest Room. Yes, that's it.) I opened the door and led them inside. "I just changed the sheets this morning, so the room should be clean. Umm, the bathroom is the second on the left and my door is across the hall."

"What's with the dots above the door?" Ed asked from the doorway.

"Oh, it's called Braille. Each sequence of dots symbolizes a letter. Roy transmuted the doors and all the books here so I can read them. And everything in the kitchen has it too, so I can cook without screwing up."

"That's…. strangely nice of him." Ed muttered.

"Alrighty. I'll leave you two then." I started walking toward the door until I bumped into Ed. "Oops, sorry. Forgot you were there." I dusted myself off as I heard Ed move to the hallway to let me though.

"Goodnight, Edward. Alphonse."I opened my door and walked in already attempting to strip my shirt off as I closed the door with my foot.

~Al's POV~

"She's cute, isn't she?" I said. My brother stared after her even though the door was already closed.

"Shut up, Al." Ed said crawling into bed as he stripped to his boxers.

It wasn't long before I heard my brother snoring. I laid down in the other bed and began my normal routine of staring at the ceiling as I waited for morning.