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Sight Without Seeing

Chapter IV

The full moon shone brightly in the night. It was 01:30 according to the bell tower not far from where the man walked. He was returning to his home after eating some wonderful food at his favorite restaurant, as was customary on a Friday night.

"You're Basque Gran, the "Iron Blood Alchemist", aren't you?" A voice cut through the peaceful sound of the light breeze.

"Who are you?" The soldier stopped.

The mysterious man ignored him, "Alchemists who go against God's path shall perish." The man assumed a deceptive battle stance.

Gran glared, "So you're the killer who only goes after State Alchemists. But you picked the wrong opponent." Assuming a battle stance as well, he prepared himself.

After a deep breath, Gran slammed his fist into the ground causing blue lightning to arc wildly around him. A series of cannons burst from the ground and fired upon the scarred man. However, his cannons were too slow and the man charged forward dodging each one.

"You're fast, but…" He ceased firing his guns and switched to a different method of taking down his target. Chains burst from the ground and as soon as they had engulfed the man, a metal box encased his target. "How foolish." He approached his handiwork casually. His prey was now caught. Or so he thought.

A flash of blue before smoke flooded Gran's vision and he found a fist blocking his vision. He had been caught. The man muttered, "Perish." Before blood burst from every aperture on Gran's body and he hit the ground, defeated.

The man crawled out of the box and continued down his path as though nothing had just occurred. His clothes were stained by no blood or soil. No one that passed him on his way suspected that his hands were invisibly stained.

(Azmaria's POV)

As we entered my brother's office, I heard numerous pens scratching away. (He must have forgotten to sign papers again. Forgotten. HA!) A low hum sounded before Fuery greeted the three of us. I'd missed his little nerdy voice.

Hawkeye patted my head and ruffled my hair, "Hey, guys. You look well. The Colonel has been waiting for you."

I heard a groan from Ed and grinned. "It's good to be home."

I walked toward the door to Roy's office and opened it after a soft knock. I knew my way because Roy had specifically placed the furniture so I could get to his office without bumping into the collective desks of his "chess pieces."

I was immediately greeted by a bear hug from Roy, "Oh it's been awful! Sandwiches every day! No one to clean! My laundry never done! I've missed you!"

"Nice…. It's good to be appreciated." I rolled my eyes as I heard Ed and Al approach.

"You wanted to see us?" Said Alphonse.

"Yes, come in you three." Roy said, putting me down and walking to his desk.

~(Roy's POV)~

"I'd like to express my gratitude. The matter in Lior is settled all thanks to you." I said putting my chin into my hands. I studied the three closely. (I wonder how it all went. I'll ask Az later. It's good to see she survived.)

"It wasn't for you or anything." Ed said in a bored voice. (Always so happy to see me…)

"And the Philosopher's Stone? Another failure?" I bore my eyes to his. Ed's eyes, as much as he tried not to, showed his emotions very well. He was easy to read, most of the time.

"A fake, yeah." Ed said disappointedly.

Az stretched her arms across the couch she was sitting on. Ed and Al on the other. "But even though it was a fake, it still did some pretty amazing stuff. He used it to make a chimera! Lion and a reptile. Looked like alligator."

"I wonder how you could use the stone to make something like that?" Al said, chiming in. "I'm not really familiar with the field of Biological Alchemy, so I wouldn't know, but…."

"Yeah, I'm a little curious." Ed pondered. "If we put our effort into researching it, we may find something useful in getting our bodies back.

(That's an idea. Shou Tucker would be an excellent person for them to meet. And I'm sure Nina and Azmaria would get along well. I owe Ed anyways. I can use them to keep an eye on Tucker, it's his last chance to keep his license. He might try something drastic.)

"The Sewing-Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker. You should meet him. He's the authority on biological Alchemy. I hate owing you, so I'll take you to meet him." I said pulling his file from my desk.

"It's a trap! There's definitely more than meets the eye!" Ed pointed at me. (True, but…)

"I hate having to owe you; we'll be even after this for Liore." I put my hands on my desk.

"You might want to teach Ed Braille then, Roy. If I'm going to help him on research." Azmaria pointed to where Ed was.

I pulled a chart from my desk and handed it to Ed. "She's got a point. All you have to do is convert each letter and stack the ink during your transmutation so that it makes an imprint in the paper. Once you become familiar with it, you'll both be able to read it since the ink will still show up. All the books at my place are like that already. It's not too hard. Even someone of your stature should be able to do it."


Azmaria shoved her fingers in her ears so hard I was surprised the tips didn't touch. "Can you BE any LOUDER?" She stomped to my desk, ripped open a drawer on my desk and grabbed my bottle of pain pills. She swallowed two before stuffing it in her pocket. "You better be nice or I'm dumping a gallon of milk down your throat while you sleep."

I sighed and called for one of the military drivers to bring a car around. (Getting along well already.)

~Ed's POV)~

The car we were riding in sped along noisily on the way to Tucker's home. Al and I were shoved on one side while Roy and Azmaria were on the other. She looked quite bored as she "stared" out the window.

"Tucker became a State Alchemist two years ago after transmuting a chimera that understood human language." Roy read from Tucker's profile.

"Understood human language?" I repeated. (That's amazing!) "It could speak? The chimera?"

"Yes, only one sentence. 'I want to die.' Not long after, it stopped eating and died." Roy said.

"What a downer." Azmaria said looking at the three of us. (Moody, isn't she? She was fine earlier. Now she's all depressed. Women.)

The car rolled to a stop and we all climbed out. Roy held out a hand for Azmaria and kept it as we approached the house. It was quite pretty. Maybe after we got our body's back we could have one like this….. Nah. Traveling was too fun.

Suddenly, my vision was blocked by white fluff and a huge weight dropped me to kiss the cement. I heard Al call me, but the sound was blocked by the huge dog that sat on me.

"Wow, we've got a lot of visitors!" I heard as the door opened. A little girl with a long, brown braid and pretty blue eyes stood in front of a man I recognized as Shou Tucker.

"Nina, we have to keep the dog tied down." Tucker reminded the girl.

After introductions, we were led into the house. It was a huge mess. There were books everywhere and the dished looked, and smelled, like no one had done them in forever.

"I'm terribly sorry. I've been really busy lately with my research and haven't been able to clean up much around here. This house has been this way since my wife left." Tucker apologized as he served us some tea.

I saw Azmaria tentatively find it with her fingers, trying to hide her disability. She was no longer holding anyone's hand, but I had taken off one glove and set my hand near hers in case she needed it. I could tell she was trying to be independent, especially in front of Roy, but the guesswork was proving difficult.

In Liore, she had met a girl who used vibrations to sense where things were around her. By a simple step, she had been able to tell where things were. It wasn't very strong, but it had helped the girl to not have a parent home all the time. Azmaria had been trying it out the past few days but had a slow success. She had slowly found the teacup, but had also nearly tripped up the steps.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Edward." Tucker said sitting down.

"We're here because Edward is interested in the transmutation of living organisms. He said he would love to have to honor of seeing your work." Roy said politely. Right to business, as always.

"Sure, that's fine with me. However…. If you want me to show you my hand, I would like to see yours." Tucker proposed. "Equivalent Exchange, after all. Why are you interested in the transmutation of living organisms, exactly?"

I told my story to Tucker. It's always a little embarrassing, but in order for us to see the research, it was necessary. Although Tucker thought it'd be useless, he offered his research to our aid.

"It's rather embarrassing, people call me the authority on chimeras, but in reality, it's not going very well." Tucker said as we inspected the lab.

I occasionally tapped my hand against Azmaria's so she could tell where she was. Roy noticed this and nodded his approval. As she "inspected", we both traded off tapping her hands. We didn't know whether or not it was alright for Tucker to know about Azmaria's blindness yet. Some people would take advantage of it. I may have told him my story, but I could defend myself. Azmaria was still working on that.

For her fighting, we had been working on her blocking. The way the air split around a strike was a sound she was already used to. Her exceptional hearing almost made of for her sight. Almost.

We had now traveled to the library. It was amazing! As Tucker gave permission, I dove into the first shelf I reached. I hardly noticed that Azmaria was still standing in the doorway looking like an oddball.

"I'll be returning to work now." Roy ruffled Azmaria's hair and lingered a little longer so she could eye the place quickly. "Behave, you three. I'll send someone to pick you up this evening, alright?"

"Okay, we will." Azmaria grinned before walking over to my shoulder and trying to look like she was reading. I heard the door close and Azmaria dropped to the ground against a bookshelf. "You gonna give me something to read?" She looked expectantly at me.

"Oh, sorry." I quickly transmuted a few books on a shelf the way Roy had told me and Azmaria stared at a wall as she opened a book and began reading. "Thanks, Ed." Her fingers danced across the page as she began reading the strange language.

An hour or so later, I was brought out of my thoughts by laughter. Upon inspection, I saw Al and the little girl from earlier; whom we figured out was named Nina.

"Al, what the heck are you doing?" I yelled. (We're supposed to be working!)

"But she looked like she wanted someone to play with her." Al stopped and looked at me.

"What do you think we're here for-?" A large white shadow flew over my head before I was crushed.

~(Azmaria's POV)~

I heard a loud thud and peeked around the bookcase. "The hell?"

"Alexander wants to play, too, he says." Nina's voice said.

Ed declared loudly and, rather obnoxiously, that he would play with the dog. "You've got guts, dog. It is said that even when hunting rabbits, lions put forth their best effort. I, Edward Elric, shall deal with you with all of my physical and spiritual might!" He ran off after the dog and around the library.

"Oh, brother." I rolled my eyes. "Does he have an off button?"

We soon found ourselves outside and the sun warmed my skin. Al politely led me to a tree and I stretched out under it.

"Are you sure you don't want to play, Azmaria?" Al said with Nina still hung around his shoulders.

"It's fine, Al. Go have fun." I closed my eyes and pretended to take a nap. (Not like I can play anyways, dumbass.)

I listened to the other four playing around the yard and remembered my days when I went to public school.


"Mrs. Perez, can I go play too? It's such a pretty day outside." I looked out the window. The sun was warming my skin just standing by the window. (I wonder how warm it is outside. It must be beautiful out there. Everyone's laughing so loud.)

"No, Azmaria, you have to stay inside. You can't see and I don't want you to get hurt out there." She said with fake concern. "Besides, who will you play with and what will you do?"

"It won't matter." I grinned. "We'll be together. That's what friends do, right?"

"Normal kids, Miss Mustang. You can't play with them. Now please sit down at your desk and wait for everyone else to come back." She said coldly and I knew there was no arguing with her.

(Normal kids can't play with me….)

(End Flashback)

I felt tears coming and rubbed my eyes. (I've got to get out of here before I start crying in front of them. They are NOT going to see me cry.) I stood up and walked towards the house.

I felt someone lightly grap my wrist. "Where are you going?" It was Ed.

"The restroom. Let go." I said coldly. If I could tell where he was, I'd be glaring daggers at him, instead I stared straight ahead.

"Do you want help? I don't mind." Ed said kindly. He took his glove off and took my hand this time.

"No!" I said. "I don't want your damn help. Let me go." I ripped my hand from his and stomped up the steps and slammed the door. (Good thing he showed me where everything was earlier.) I went to the bathroom and closed the door before I slid down the wall and burst into tears. (I didn't ask for this. Why did I have to be fucking blind?) I barely noticed when I cried myself to sleep.

Hours later I felt myself being lifted up and carried out the door. I slightly opened up my eyes so see Ed carrying me to the car. (I don't care, just take me home. I wanna go home.) I buried my face in his shoulder as I felt more tears coming. (Damn headache…. He smells nice…. Zzz….)

~(Ed's POV)~

I carefully set her in the car and climbed in as well. I took her hand as was customary between us. I felt her breathing even as rolled towards Mustang's place where we were staying. Now that Azmaria was traveling with us, Roy said we could stay at his place when we needed to.

Suddenly, I couldn't see the car anymore, I saw myself looking outside a playground. I want to go so badly. The sun was so warm. So…. Black. I couldn't see…. I watched the scene play out and Azmaria's voice echoed in my head ("I can't play with them? I can't play with anyone….")The car returned to my vision and I stared at Azmaria.

"She-She can broadcast her thoughts as well?" I stammered.

"What are you talking about, brother?" Al said looking at me from the front seat.

"Nothing, Al. Nothing." I said just before we pulled up to Azmaria's apartment. "You mind carrying Azmaria? I gotta ask the Colonel something." I opened the door and crawled out.

"Sure, Ed." He climbed out and took Azmaria into his arms and we started up the steps, me going a little faster than usual.

"I'll pick you guys up tomorrow at 0800, ok?" Havoc called from the car before driving off.

I walked into the Colonel's home office alone and shut the door quietly. "She can show her thoughts too?"

His pen froze and spoke without looking up. "What did you see?"

"A playground. Some bitch told her she couldn't have any friends." I crossed my arms. (He think I see something else?)

Mustang sighed. "Dad kept her in public school. Stupid idea. She didn't learn anything. They didn't know how to teach her. They just kept her inside and isolated her. They never even cared that my father abused her." The pen snapped and ink splattered his sleeve and the desk. "Dammit."

I cleaned it up with alchemy and repaired the pen. "Idiot. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I was hoping you'd never know. It happens when she's asleep, mostly. She never showed me anything willingly although she knows how. It's… The only way I know what dad did to her. I had my suspicions, but she wouldn't tell me. I still don't think she ever told me everything. If he wasn't already dead when I got there, I'd have killed him myself. Most of those scars never healed." He sighed sadly.

I walked out without another word and walked to Azmaria's room. I put my hand on the knob and barely felt the dents in the door that told Azmaria where her own room was. (I guess we have another person to add to the list of people that need fixing with the Philosopher's Stone when we find it.)

I opened the door and strolled to her bed and pulled up a chair. She was sleeping calmly. I touched her cheek. (Warm.) My mind was filled with the fuzzy faces of her mother and father and…. The Colonel?

~(Azmaria's POV)~


I looked at the fuzzy face of my brother. "Come on, read to me some more!" He only had a few more days before he was going off to the Ishval Civil War that my parents kept talking about.

"But I've read it five times already!" A musical laugh rang though the living room and caused me to smile.

"You, two dinner's ready!" My mother called from the kitchen. "Roy, bring Azmaria in the kicten, will you? I don't want her to trip."

"Overprotective, isn't she?" Roy whispered in my ear and ruffled my hair. "Don't worry, once the war's over, I'll come get you."

I gasped quietly, "Really?" I'd always wanted to go with Roy, my parents never left me alone to do anything even though I could navigate through the house. "Awesome!"

(End Flashback)

(Ed's POV)

How could such a tiny little girl have so much power? To see into everyone else's thoughts and show them her own without ever saying a word? (Wait…. I'm a…. DAMMIT!) I slammed the door to mine and Al's room as I realized I had also just made fun of myself and went to sleep. We had more research to do tomorrow.