She's Not You - by Riviera41797 –

(story inspired by the Elvis Presley song: She's Not You)


Seeley Booth folded the letter he'd so painstakingly written, and slid it into an envelope, sealed the flap and set it down on the kitchen table before him. He leaned back in his chair, thinking.

Should I mail it? He sighed.

He'd already presented his case once, would this be beating a dead horse?

Make him look pathetic?

Should he keep on trying?

Bones left for the Maluku Islands again, this time without Daisy. He had a feeling she left for reasons other than what she was claiming, but that was just a gut feeling. Of course she said she'd be back in a very short time, but her version of a short time and everyone else's was questionable. Booth knew she was hiding some emotions, good, bad or what the reason was he wasn't sure. She always got hyper logical and rational, full of science-y mumbo-jumbo when she was upset or sad about something.

The interns, Cam and the rest of the team should be able to handle things in her absence, and he felt he'd be okay case wise. If not, he'd have Cam call her, or he'd do whatever he had to do to bring her back again.

Hannah was gone. Having lived the kind of life she did, out of suitcases and bags, always on the move, she wasn't ready to settle down and be in one place. Of course they both agreed that they'd keep in touch, but it seemed like only the polite thing to say after a situation like theirs. Sweets of course was quietly offering his services should Booth feel the need to "talk".

I don't need to talk he thought irritably.

He knew what he needed.

He should have known all along.

He should have tried harder.

Maybe he gave up too quickly.

Leaning back to the table once again, he thought of the words on the page.

Wondered if it would make a difference….


I know you have your reasons for going to Maluku Islands, and you've only been gone a few weeks, but I miss you and being with you already.

I wanted to tell you that Hannah and I are done. I should have seen that she wasn't ready to settle down. She's a reporter. Living on the edge, always moving to the next big story, the excitement, the drama. She didn't want to be tied down to one spot. I understand that, and yeah it hurts. But coming back to DC, to you, having the time to think, made me realize that she's not you Bones.

Bear with me here, because letter writing has never really been my thing, I guess what I am trying to say, is yeah, her hair is soft, her eyes are blue, and really, she's all things woman should be, but she's not you.

She knows just how to make me laugh when I feel blue, and I know that she's everything a man could want Bones, but she's not you.

Once, when she and I were dancing, it almost felt the same as the times I danced with you, I had to stop myself from whispering your name,, and that is so wrong. I hate to admit it, but she even kisses me sort of the same way you use to – even though it was only a few times between you and I.

I know we talked about this before, but that was a while ago, and I was hoping you'd reconsider, because it was just breaking my heart Bones, because she just wasn't you.

Come back to DC, and give us a chance?


Booth picked up the envelope and tossed it in the trash.