So I like to write Green as somewhat of an ass. And my Red is always silent. I hope that works for everybody else! Oh and warnings? Green says one bad word but come on, he's an ass.

Pokemon isn't mine.

When A Trainer Calls

"Hello?" Green said into the phone and his question was promptly followed by silence.

"Hello?" He tried again a few seconds later. Again, there was no answer. Green gave it one more go before proceeding to slam the phone down with an angry sigh. That was the fourth goddamn call this week where no one had answered him.

In all honesty, it was starting to freak him out, just a bit.

But Green was a former champion of the Pokemon League and now leader of the Viridian City gym; people called him frequently, most wishing to set up meetings and the like (because he was famous) and that meant he would have to deal with some unwanted attention. At least it was just phone calls and not, say, a deranged fan following him around (of which he was sure he had none because Eevee had been given specific instructions to keep watch for and deal with any if they should dare to appear).

Seriously though. These calls had to stop.

Two days later Green had just stepped out of the shower when the phone rang. Grabbing a towel, he exited the bathroom and went to answer it.

"Hello?" He said. Silence was his only reply so he stressed, "Hello?"

More silence followed.

And Green would rather his moment of action take place when he was wearing pants but alas it was not to be. "Listen here," he snarled, "I don't know what your obsession is with calling me but it stops now. If it continues, I'll find out who you actually are and you will regret it. Asshole!"

The phone was slammed down so hard, Green thought for a moment that he had broken it but then decided he didn't care (he could buy a new one because he was rich) and went to go dress. An hour later found someone knocking at his door. Green wondered who it could be as his expected guests usually called to tell him they were coming before hand, hence them being expected.

When he opened the door, Green stared even though he shouldn't be surprised anymore. Red stood there, Pikachu perched on his shoulder, regarding him oddly. Green let out a breath, his default snarky attitude taking over, "Look who decided to grace the real world with his presence. Did you finally get lonely up there in the mountains, Red?"

Red just shook his head.

Green rolled his eyes, "You could have called, you know."

Red tilted his hat up slightly and gave him a look. Green frowned.

" called?"

Red nodded.

"That was you earlier?"

Red nodded again.

"So wait...was that you all those times this week?"

Another nod confirmed it.

"You creep! I thought that was some weirdo calling me! It was you the whole time! For the love of-" Green slammed the door in Red's face.

When he called again later that night, Green answered, skipping any pleasantries, "Next time say something, you dilhole!"

Seriously, that kid needed a bell or something.