Leather Studded Kiss

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Slade – 12:45 a.m.

The heartbeat of the music had taken up residence in my chest as my feet fell in time with the baseline. It had been a while since I had been to an establishment like this and while I didn't particularly enjoy it, it was a guilty pleasure of mine to take away the stress.

It wasn't so much a gay bar as it was a gay club; as in, it was neither or the either. The place was packed, every time I had been there at least, with both sexes, dancing with both sexes. It was quite underground as it catered to not only all sexually preferred (expect for animals it would seem) but in the back was where the dancers were. And by dancers, I of course mean strippers. Now you can see why I deem the place a guilty pleasure. It was the place where I could go unnoticed as a criminal mastermind and dance the murderous intentions away.

It had been some time since the apocalyptic moment with the Teen Titans and Trigon. I was thrilled to no longer be a bag of bones and, to be frank, be able to bang one out. I wasn't currently in the mood to battle the Teens anyway, as my time spent in the cavernous underground with Robin scuffling our way in to 'save' Raven and regain my flesh had stirred up something . . . odd within me. Something that I thought I had long forgotten how to feel.

I sipped back my bourbon as I sat in one of the plush booths they had near the bar, observing the crowds. My eyes kept beckoning towards the back door for some reason, the one that led into the dancers' room. That was where men, and women, watched other men, and women, take off their clothes for the hell of it. If I wanted that, I sure as hell wouldn't be paying for it. I had been in that back room before, sure, but there was never any 'Prime A' meat, so instead I just watched the masses.

The music pounded as I glared over the top of my glass, leaning on the table. I watched a dark skinned girl, who looked a lot like Bumblebee, dance in a sequined top with a cascading neckline. She was surrounded by men, and women, and why shouldn't she be? She was gorgeous enough to get all of their attention but would it be the same without that painted face and dangerously low neckline? The world around me seemed to slow as I downed the rest of my drink. The bodies messed together like a tidal wave of laughter, moans of pleasure and general enjoyment. It wasn't uncommon to see sex performed in this club, like I said, it's very underground, but it always made me wonder what kind of person would commit to such a deed in such a place.

I sat back and continued to observe, unbuttoning a couple buttons on my dress shirt, my hair scrapping my shoulders as it slid over me. The eye path was never a good accessory, but it was better than a hideous scar and a white eye. The place was heavy with emotions and desire and I closed my eyes, drinking it in slowly. It felt good to just be out, to just be unnoticed and unwanted. To simply observe was what I had set my sights on tonight and it's what I planned on doing. I tried not to touch anything here.

A kaleidoscope of colour echoed from the room in the back, the dancers must be coming out. It looked over, starring at it for some time. I was debating, internally if I should enter the room. Just to look, of course, it would only be a look. But something inside me laughed at my desperateness. Maybe I did just want someone to take home and fuck. The stress of being a villain was always and a heavy burden and an anonymous fuck was always a good stress reliever, amongst other things.

I convinced myself. But I would look. Get some ideas. I'd be good for the rest of the night after that. I walked across the heavy dance floor, taking in some of the club members. A male couple was situated off the side, a short haired ginger boy and a long blacked haired man, deeply engaged in a battle of dominance over the other with their mouths. I smirked to myself as he walked on by, taking a handful of a single girl's ass on my way to the door.

The place was occupied by maybe two dozen people, all starring anxiously at the stage. What looked like a bachelor party was in one of the corners, drinking very colourful concoctions and making rude animal noises to one of the girls closest to them. I walked to the other side of the room. This side was where the men were dancing. I sat in one of the chairs in the front row; I had no shame, really. Three men were currently dancing on this side, one of which was giving a woman, who also had no shame, quite the show.

I gazed amongst them, really quite unimpressed by them. A lot of them had potential but there wasn't anything that I would deem 'incredible'. And that's when the curtains drew back. A young man walked out, wearing a red leather jacket that plunged down, showing some of his chiselled chest, adorned with chains and glitter, and incredible fitting jeans. His hair was done up like something I had seen Adam Lambert wearing in some magazine, I was sure, and he looked like he was ready to take on the world. He walked forward, some of the girls screaming with girlish pleasure. Clearly, he was a regular.

And he wasn't anything like the other dancers either. He actually knew how to move, how to entice. My attention was caught. I watched as the man slowly took off his jacket, showing his lean but strong body. His clean lines were like something from a fantasy, the perfection he held was incomparable. I wanted him. Talk about your triple A beef.

I noticed him glance down at me a few times but continued to dominate the stage as any woman would. The way he moved was incredible in its self, I could hardly keep my eyes off his form. Impressive. I couldn't help but wonder where the hell this hole-in-the-wall had found him.

Sitting back, I gazed at him fully. Feeling unused emotions roused as he took off his pants in a fluid water-like motion. He was like a bird of paradise, strutting his colour and displaying himself for viewing pleasure. He finally took my eyes in his and I, subconsciously, beckoned him forward with my eyes. He came, slowly down the stairs with nothing but his translucent underwear on.

He grappled my legs like he was mounting a horse, his hands on the arm rest, leaning into me so I felt the length of him. I found myself trying to stifle a groan.

He scoffed. "Been that long, has it?"

"You have no idea."

He began to tease me with his body with his own, rousing me more and nearly driving me to the point of exertion.

"How much?" The words were the softest I had ever spoken, but they came out on their own accord. I didn't know if I wanted to be with this man like that but he was doing things to me and making me feel like I hadn't before for a man. Well, except for that one time, a long time ago . . .

He seemed puzzled for a moment, as if surprised. I wondered if he was new, if he didn't get much people asking him how much he charged. I don't know if it was the alcohol hitting me suddenly, I really hadn't eaten in such a long time, but I was usually good at holding my liquor. Apparently not tonight. He said something back to me, something that sounded like a number and I agreed.

He stood and took my hand, leading me off to the side. I remember hearing girls' upset moans and I think I laughed a little on the way out.

He wasn't as tall as I thought he was. I towered over him at least a head, but probably not that high. He was tall enough, and strong enough to push me hard against a wall, unexpectedly so and kiss me deeply on the lips. I took him fully into my own lips and kissed him with intensity. I couldn't remember the last time I had kissed anyone, let alone gotten sexual with them, but tonight I made the exception. This man was driving me so hard that if I didn't hold myself back, I surly would explode.

"You got somewhere we can go?"

"Fuck, you say that like I'm new here."

He smiled, devilish thing, the glitter creasing around his eyes. "New to this place, maybe."

Before I knew it, I was driving, highly intoxicated, home with the man in tow. He was leaning over in his seat, nibbling on my ear and nipping at my neck. Goosebumps and sparks flew off my skin where his teeth and his lips met. Fuck, I must have been crazy.

I fumbled with the lock to my apartment as he played with the top of my jeans. My belt and my fly had been undone before I got it open. I don't know why but the confidence in this man made me slightly nervous and nothing made me nervous. The door flung open and somehow, suddenly I was on my bed, looking up at this man. We were kissing vigorously, something deep within me burning in need, want, desire. But I wouldn't let him have control.

I flipped him over so now I was over him, taking off the clothes he had put back on. I got a chance to feel his soft skin, his firm body and I was in awe of it all. I kissed him hard as I reached between us and undid his pants. He snuck out of them, not once losing a beat with kissing me. He helped me out of mine and soon we were down to nothing, just the two of us.

I had him on his stomach as I kissed his shoulders, the nape of his neck and down. I felt his skin goose-bump under me as I touched him lightly, running my hands down his sides till I was at his hips, pulling him upwards. His body obeyed, as he lifted his hips. Something escaped his lips, a harsh breath maybe, or a gasp of surprise.

"I'm supposed to be making you feel good . . ."

"This is making me feel good."

He was silent after that. I kissed down his spine once more, liking the feeling of his body tension in pleasure. Then I entered him, slowly at first, and then I couldn't help it anymore. I could barely contain myself as I pounded into him, soft at first then harder and harder. It just felt so good. I couldn't remember the last time I gave myself to someone. I liked the feeling of him tensioning all around me, gasping in breathless need again and again, every time I slid in and out. In and out. In and out. I reached under him and took hold of his need fully, rubbing it in time with my thrusts.

He cried out.

I felt myself go stiff with him as I finished in synchronized time with him. I pulled from him and laid beside him in terrible exhaustion. We both lay panting for a moment or two before he curled up beside me, like a cat in heat, purring with happiness.

We lay in each other's arms, like true lovers, kissing occasionally, fucking more. I had forgotten everything that had happened to me. Trigon, the prophecy, the Teen Titans, Robin. It was blissful, to be this ignorant.

The Morning light greeted me with the utmost arrogance, shinning in my face like a stubborn bastard. I rolled over, hiding from the rays like a blood-thirsty night creature and reaching out beside me. Empty. I sat up, like some horror struck girl, looking around the room. That's right, the dancer. I shook my head, somehow having a hard time remembering what had gone on last night, but slowly, and happily, the memories began to return.

I looked over to the bedside and saw a note, folded into a triangle. I picked it up, opening. It held a name.


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