Leather Studded Kiss

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Slade Vs Red 6.34 P.M

"Titans, GO!" The words screamed raw from my throat as I reved my bike, willing it to go faster. All those people were in danger. All those people would die if we didn't ger there soon. I hear Star charge up, seeing the glimmer of green energy reflect on my visor, sending me into a terrible state or rememberance. The way was above me, pushing into me in his car. Behind closed eyes and gaping mouths I caught the glimmer of traffic lights in my squinted eyes. She zoomed overhead, followed by the shade of black that was drawn around Raven in the form of a large bird. His body ebed around me, shrouding me from the world around me, making sure nothing got between me and the darkness. Beast boy was flying racing beside me in cheetah form and Cyborg brought up the rear, speeding along in the T-car. The nightlife was still alive around us as he led me from the club, the eyes gluded to us as we left but not in judgement.

I could smell the gasoline from where we were and, out of reflex, ripped the bike into overdrive and flew on ahead of the rest of my group, hearing them calling me. The old wearhouse; we had been there before, with Starfire's sister, Blackfire. They held alternative clubbing there all the time. People were inside that building, drinking and dancing the night away. They had no idea what was about to happen. They had no idea they were all about to die.

I had no idea why I had snapped. Why I had reverted suddenly back to the old me, but it was good to be back. I had the Teen Titans right where I wanted them, tightly wrapped around the palm of my hand and I could simply draw back my fingers and crush them in a fist, given the chance. I scoffed behind the mask, feeling the night air swim around me in a sea of soul. They all wanted to die, why would they be wasting their lives in gin and drugs if they didn't? These swine of people didn't know what life was, but I did. It was only approrate that I was the one who held the trigger, the button, that would send their lives kerening in every which direction they so chose. It was my right.

He was under me, his body tensing with every push. I loved the way he moaned in wanting, just enough so I could hear him, and though his breathing was taunt and heavy, he didn't sound like a dog in heat. It was refreshing how simplistic he was, but how mysterious at the same time. I just had to have him as my own, over and over and over and over and . . .

Red was a fool, just as I knew he was, but he stirred something insdie of me that stoked the fire within my wanting. Maybe it was him who brought the devil back out in me, who awoke the demon that slept restlessly, dying for the taste of human sacrifice. We would start with these mindless children, people of the liquor and the dance. They would die first. And then we will see who the heros of this city would be. Poor Robin.

I had ditched my bike and was using my grappling hook to surf through the tight buildings to get to the top of the building. He held me down and bite my collar bone. I couldn't see anyone within the near distance, no one standing on building tops, no one hiding in corners, no one. The place was near deserted, aside from the pouding dance music in the background as a dead give-away of habitation. I could hear the squealing of the T-car's heels as it drove in and out of buildings. He was kissing me, I was sitting on his lap, facing him, sharing with him that incredible kiss. He was so gentle with me, but commanding at the same time. I could just go on kissing him all night long. But then he threw me back onto the bed.

"SLADE!" My voice sounded hoarse, tired. I was out of breath from my own rage as I spun on my heels and keeping screaming his name. "Slade where the fuck are you!" No answer, did I really expect one? I took off in another direction as I heard Raven call my name, felt the engery within her trying to stop me, calm me down. But I just ran, harder.

The sound of Robin's voice echoed between the buildings. He would ruin the fun if he kept on yelling like that. I came out of the shadows and looked around. Even after I woke up without him there, I could still feel the desire to speak like a proper britishman, posh and educated. The act I played, keeping myself to myself but letting him have the rest. I needed this one secret. I needed to hide behind something, I suppose. The mask was off.

He sounded desperate, alert. Like he had been with fighting those demons in order to save Raven. Something shivered through my blood that had me thinking almost aloud. The breathlessness in his voice. Familiar.

And I saw him, for a moment. He turned, spotted me as well and, as if his mask was off, I could saw his cocky smile. My heart punded deeper and harder as I breaked to a halt. It was the first time I had seen him since we had gone sperate paths finding Raven. He was definitely himself, there was no doubt, his eye narrowed in his smile and he took off running, usuing an dumpster to launch himself higher and vanish into the darkness.

He was standing before me. I watched like a schoolgirl from the bed as he ripped off the button down shirt, buttons flying away. The hard plains of his body glimmer with my body glitter in the darkness. I smiled and asked him if he ever ran out of fitted button down shirts. He grinned back and said he had more then enough for me, as he crawled onto the bed and kissed me. What a strange relationship he the strip club goer and me the strip club performer had. Like lovers. Something much more intimate then the stripper and the strippie.

I took off after him, like I had when I thought I was chasing him so long ago, but just made myself black and blue. But this time I wasn't imagining him. I wasn't imagining his threat. If I didn't get the detonator from his hand, that warehouse was going to go ka-boom.

He was kissing my ear when he stopped and suddenly just looked at me, deeply. I almost blushed with embrassement. This man did something within me that had my innerds twisting into knots, like a horse who had been lying down too long due to colic. His eye grinned with his smile. He told me he loved my eyes, and thats what drew him in the firts time. Sure, my moves caught his attention, the rippedness of my body was appealing, but when I had flashed him my eyes, he said, well, that was when he was taken. He could get lost in the vastness that was my crystal clear, piercing blue eyes. He kissed between them.

I could hear his heavy breathing of exhaustion and panic, his feet crashing down under him as he ran himself to the ground trying to keep up with me. I scoffed and looked over my shoulder. He wasn't close, but he wasn't far behind either. "Better catch me if you can, Robin. Tick tock, the time is moving fast."

He growled in frustration that I wouldn't let him kiss me and picked up his pace. He was outrageously quick for someone so tired of being ravished all night long. Relentless even as he threw one of his little toys at me, which clipped my hand and almost made me drop the detonator. I cursed him and lashed out at him. He ducked, which I expected. He may be ready to stop running but he was no where near ready to giving up trying to stop me.

"I don't know where you've been all this time, Slade. But I'm hear to send you back to whatever shitty place it was."

"Now, Robin, aren't we a tad rude? Aren't you even happy to see me?"

"I'd be more happy to see you get thrown in jail!"

"But then where would all this fun go?"

I took a step forward but he halted me.

"Nah ah ah. Not so fast, little bird. You forget that I hold all the cards in this one little hand."

"Not if I take it from you first!"

"You can try."

He came at me again a lustful longing in his eye and he struck out again, with his fist before spinning around in an attempt to bring his heeling down on my shoulder. Dodgeing, I lept at his right hand, where the detonator was attached. He avoided me, spinning around me as if this was a dance. He grabbed my cape and threw me to the ground before kicking me in the side, sending my body sliding.

He cried out in pain as he came to a halt, but he was quickly back on his feet.

"Ooh, that looks nasty."

He looked down to where I gestured and noted the pooling blood on his ribs where I had kicked him. His perfect body stained with red glitter of nights before. He didn't retort but came at me again.

It was like he was testing me, like I was his apprentice again. He didn't seem to be trying, but studying my movements as if he was going to critic them. Try as I might, again and again, he danced out of reach every time I got my hands close enough to grab the explosive. He wasn't going to give it up easily, that was for sure. He didn't want to go that fast tonight. He was being slow, like a lover; loving every inch of me. This couldn't be real this wasn't happening. I felt like I was fading faster into darkness and he was dancing away in the light. I couldn't loose to him, not after everything. He was supposed to be dead.

"Oh, poor Robin. Come now, you're not tired are you? I've hardly even broken a sweat."

Sounded like my nightmare all over again. He was there, but I was beating myself. I was losing to myself.

"Robin. You don't want all those people to die do you?"

I looked up at him, sweat pouring down my face, my clothes and hair sticking to my body. I couldn't let him win. I had to beat him.

He raised a hand and I saw the button. I launched myself forward as he started to push, a bird-a-rang in my hands. I came down with a slice on his hand, obliterating the small box and slicing down his hand. He yelled outloud as he ropped the box, holding his hand. But despite destroying the detonator, I still heard the reminates of an explosion in the background. I ran to the edge of the building top, looking down. We were quite a distance away, the red flames lighting up part of the warehouse. I could see the black and grey smoke rising quickly into the air, licking the bellowing clouds with its sparks of red and yellow. I opened my communicator and got Cyborg who was standing off to the side of the warehouse. "Robin," he said, "we got most of the people out but the warehouse is starting to burn, fast. We need youre help down here to settle flames!"

"Just get the people to safetly." I clicked my communicator closed and turned to face Slade. "How could you just risk all those peoples lives like that, without a second thought?"

"I'm a mad-man, remember?" He toched the metalplating of his chest. "Heartless."

I drew another bird-a-rang in one hand and my throwing disks in the other.

The flames had reached the sky and were shilohetting him against the night sky. I overlocked him, such a grown boy he had become, but still just a boy. I smiled behind my mask and posed myself ready. "May I have this dance?"

He ran at me so fast I hardly had time to react. I leapt a few paces forward then jumoed into the air just as he got close enough and brought my bird-a-rang down on his mask then planting one of the explosivedisks insie the jarring crack I had made.

As his weapon struck my mask, I reached up and grabbed him by the collar but overshoot the distance and latched onto his mask instead which I tore from his face when we were blasted apart from his disk he had put on my face.

I was hurtled headlong into the ridge that was jutting out from the roof, the only thing stopping me from going tumbling over. I grabbed my head as I started to sit up. The world was spinning and red for a moment. I groaned in pain as I sat with my back against the wall. I had gotten my target but put myself in between us when the thing exploded. I shook my head. I saw him lying near me as my blurry vision returned, he was on his hands and knees, shaking his head. Blood dripping from his forehead I saw I had blasted the entire mask off. He pushed himself up and tore off what little reminates he had left of his mask and tossed it on the ground. I watched it bounce then looked back up to him. My eyes widened as they fixed on his face. No, it couldn't be.

The chipped pieces of mask tumbled and crumbled in my fingers, leaving charcoal staines on my gloves. I could feel the pain and the bleeding all over my face. My eyepatch had been blown away too. The world spun as I stood but now it was coming tumbling back to stablness. I clutched my stomach as I nearly released its containts from the somewhat form of vertigo. Wipping my bleeding lip on the back of my already destroyed gloves I looked around and spotted Robin before me, starring at me.


His mask.

I looked down and saw it's frayed remains still kind of burning.

My eyes raced back up. My mouth tight in knowing.

His eyes. Were his eyes. His eyes were so, so blue, his blue.

It was him all along. I should have known. I should have, but I had assumed.

It was him.

He had been Red.

We just starred at one another. He was gasping for breath. The twinkle in his eye expressed how much he had enjoyed it. And I smiled in agreement, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

He was Red.

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