Okay this is a request from WindGoddess Rune. She asked me to do a Luffyko/Coby and this is it. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope that you all like it^^

Gakuen Luffy

Chapter 1 How?

Luffy sat in the hard chair in her living room and watched her feet as her guardians around her stared at her seriously. Her step mom, Rouge was watching the girl in sympathy and kept her hand on the girl's shoulder while her grandfather Garp paced angrily. Ace looked at his best friend who was so much of a sister to him. Her own father was talking to her boyfriend out in the kitchen and Luffy feared for Coby for she knew how scary Dragon could get.

"Luffy, how the hell did you get pregnant?" Ace asked and Luffy looked at the black haired teen before back at her feet.

"I guess it was broken." The girl said and Ace sighed before looking up as Coby walked in looking very nervous.

"Well there is only one of two choices." Dragon said sitting across from his daughter and looking at the girl's large brown eyes. "You either marry Coby or get an abortion."

"NO!" Luffy said covering her stomach. "I don't want to kill it."

"B-but Luffy and I are still in high school." Coby said and Garp glared at him.

"Then you shouldn't have had sex with her in the first place." The man said and Coby flinched.

"We used a condom." He said slightly embarrassed to say the words.

"And did that help?" Ace asked and Coby looked at the ground.

"Ace, how were we supposed to know that it was going to break?" Luffy asked defending the pink haired teen.

"Still." Dragon said catching their attention. "You need to take responsibility for this."

"I will have to tell Sengoku." Garp said and Luffy looked at her grandfather before sighing. "You know that all pregnant students are to be reported. But don't worry I'll make sure that no teacher finds out about this."

"Thanks gee-chan." Luffy said and Ace put his hand on her shoulder and his mother stood up to start dinner.

"Ace can I sleep with you tonight?" Luffy asked her friend who was sitting on his bed and reading a book.

Ace looked up at his childhood friend who was wearing an oversized shirt and was holding her pillow before smiling and scooting over for the girl to climb onto. Luffy happily bounded over to her friend's side and jumped onto the bed before hugging Ace's waist. Ace hugged the girl back as the door swung almost to a complete close.

"Luffy, why did you sleep with Coby?" Ace asked and Luffy looked at the man.

"Well, me and Coby have been dating for a while and we thought it would be fine if we used a condom…" Luffy said and Ace sighed.

Luffy was practically his sister since her dad married his mom when she was five so they had been together for a long time. He was protective of the girl and he couldn't help but be protective of her since she was three years younger than him. Ace wrapped his arms around the girl a little tighter and hugged her towards him and Luffy happily hugged back before her eyes drifted off to sleep.

"You don't have to be so harsh on them." Rouge said as she walked up the stairs to make sure that Luffy was asleep because she has school the next morning.

"What they did was their own choice and they made a mistake." Dragon said following the woman to Luffy's empty room.

"They are kids." Rouge said walking to Ace's and smiling as she looked at the two of them.

Ace was lying down and Luffy was curled up on his stomach and had her arms wrapped around his waist. Rouge smiled and covered them with the blanket as Dragon watched from the door. The woman walked towards him and shut the lights off before walking down the stairs.

"That's why we need to make sure that they have rules that they can follow." Dragon said and Rouge smiled with a small sigh.

"Yes, but you should also let them have freedom to discover what the mistakes can do." The strawberry blonde said and Dragon sighed knowing that the woman was right.

"So how did it go?" Nami asked and Luffy looked around before ushering her closer. "EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH! YOU'RE PRE-"

Luffy instantly covered Nami's mouth and ran out of the room and into the bathroom where she kicked the other girls out and locked the door. Luffy looked around and made sure that it was empty before uncovering Nami's mouth and looking at the girl. Nami sighed with the ability to breath before looking at Luffy who was standing with her hands behind her back.

"Don't tell me you and Coby actually did it?" Nami asked and Luffy nodded sheepishly before Nami started to laugh out loud. "Oh my god I'm starting to feel sorry for that boy. Wait until Hancock, Dadan and Shanks here about this."

"NO! I already have Ace and Dad after him. There's also gee-chan." Luffy said and Nami sighed before poking her finger to Luffy's chest.

"Also don't forget that Akainu-sensei wants you." The girl said with a slight shiver at the thought about the gym teacher. "You need to stay away from him."

"He's my gym coach and I have gym today." Luffy said and Nami sighed knowing that it was inevitable.

"Why are you the only girl in the boy gym class?" Nami asked and Luffy smiled.

"Because I'm the only girl who was able to rip a hole through the chain link fence when we were playing kickball." Luffy said with a large grin and Nami sighed again remembering that mess.

"Okay, but you still should have been given a girl coach." Nami said and Luffy put her finger up.

"The only female coach doesn't like me because I can out run her and she teaches the girls." Luffy said and Nami sighed once again at that coach's stubbornness.

"Fine but what are you going to do about the baby?" Nami asked and Luffy put her hand on her stomach.

"I want to keep it." Luffy said with a smile and Nami looked at her questionably. "But Dad said that Coby has to marry me and Rouge agrees."

"Rouge is probably being the nice one about it." Nami said knowing how scary Dragon was and how sweet Rouge was.

"You haven't seen Rouge when she wants to be protective have you?" Luffy said and Nami froze before looking away.

"I think I don't want to be the one on the end of it." Nami said and Luffy laughed before looking at the door to the bathroom. "We have to leave."

"Don't tell Hancock okay?" Luffy asked and Nami revealed her phone.

"Sorry Luffy but you have to come to the meeting." Nami said and Luffy wanted to hide in the bathroom but Nami dragged her away.

"Luffy-san how could you get pregnant?" Hancock asked seriously as Luffy sat and ate the cakes that were given to her at the club that she had for some reason joined.

"Well it wasn't planned and don't say it too loudly." Luffy said looking up at the girl who squealed and grabbed Luffy into a hug.

"Hancock-sama, shouldn't Luffy be allowed to breath?" Margaret asked and the black haired girl instantly let go of the girl and looked at Luffy apologetically.

"Since you're going to keep the baby, what are you going to name it?" Vivi asked and Luffy looked at her curiously.

"Vivi, Luffy's been pregnant for a week, they don't even know the gender yet." Nami said and the girl apologized. "But what did Ace think?"

"Ah, he was angry but he understands and supports me though I bet he's going to give Coby a hard time." Luffy said laughing slightly and putting another cookie in her mouth. "But I can't see Coby for a week."

"Why, he's the father isn't he?" Nami asked and Luffy nodded.

"Why wouldn't Coby-san be the father?" Margaret asked and Nami remembered that the girl was the newest to arrive at the club that they had formed though Nami had come out of no choice by Vivi and Luffy wanted sweets.

"Do you know Akainu-sensei?" Nami asked and the blonde nodded. "Well he wants Luffy in a way that a teacher should not want a student."

"That's so gross." Vivi said and Hancock agreed along with Margaret.

"I know that he is in his early twenties but can't Aokiji-sensei or Kizaru-sensei do anything about it?" Margaret asked and Nami shook her head.

"Aokiji-sensei is too lazy and both of them have places to go. Luffy has gym finally period so Akainu-sensei can easily talk to Luffy in private." Nami said and Hancock frowned.

"Can't we do anything about him like report him to Sengoku-sensei?" Vivi asked and Nami shook her head.

"There's no evidence that he's done anything to Luffy and even if there was, without witnesses it will be futile." Nami said and Hancock became angry.

"How dare he touch Luffy-san like that?" she said slamming her fist onto the table. "We must protect her at all costs!"

"RIGHT!" Vivi and Margaret said while Nami sighed.

"Oi, Luffy!"

The girls looked at the door and watched as Ace came in and smiled at them. Luffy grinned and ran up to the man before grabbing him in a hug much to Hancock's annoyance. "ACE!" Luffy yelled happily and Ace laughed as he hugged the girl back and ignored the other girl's glares.

"What are you doing here Ace-san?" Vivi asked and Ace looked at her while Luffy continued to cling to him.

"Oh, I was asked to pick her up." Ace said and Luffy looked up at the man easily even though she was smothered against his chest.

"Why?" Luffy asked and Ace smiled apologetically.

"Gee gee called Dadan and Shanks." He said and Luffy's eyes widened before she attempted to escape the man's grip.

"NO! I DON'T WANNA GO HOME!" the girl yelled and Ace sighed as he picked Luffy up and began to carry her away. He waved good bye to the girls who smiled and wave back while Hancock began to steam at the man carrying away Luffy before ramming needles into an Ace doll.

Ah this was fun and Hancock is so much fun to write in this one and poor Coby having to deal with all of this. Please tell me what you think and I hope you like WindGoddess Rune!^^