Hope you all like it.

This is for alieboo's Lock Down. I got Sirius and Bellatrix. Sirius is a little gay, so you all know. This is supposed to be very sweet and cute, so no offence to anyone who thinks its not. This is also for MysteriousFlower's A Very Musical Challenge. I got 'I Still Believe' from Miss Saigon.


Bellatrix walks back and forth around the Room of Requirement while Sirius tried to get out of the room. Today was Valentine's Day and both had dates which the two couldn't miss.

Bellatrix believed that she was going to get out on time before the day was out while Sirius could wait all day and he wouldn't have a care in the world.

"Do you know how to get out," screamed Bellatrix as she walked faster around the room.

"Just believe you will get out and you will," replies Sirius, leaning against the wall.

At that moment the wall behind Sirius opens and Sirius falls on the floor. At that Bellatrix runs out of the room.

Two hearts waiting for the time to tell their one person they want to talk to the most.

Bellatrix is by the lake with Rodolphus looking out to the horizon. Sirius with Remus in the Shrieking Shack, Sirius waiting for the moon to come out.

"I still believe that there is something to believe in," Sirius and Bellatrix.

Across time and space they loved someone and that someone loved them too.

Hope you all liked it. :)