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This is AU-VERSE & takes place AFTER "Damien: Omen II".

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Chapter One

It was exactly three in the morning when Sister Hazel went looking for Sister Elizabeth. The religious-all-girls orphanage school was mightily quiet. The only noise was the creaking of the shuttered glass windows. Sister Elizabeth had gone to check on the girls on the third floor. Sister Hazel was fingering her silver cross. The old nun, well not old, she was about mid-fifties, had her mouth slightly open as she prayed in her head.

"Sister Elizabeth?" Sister Hazel whispered turning onto the third floor corridor and coming down the hallway.

There was an ominous chime of bells in the air that jumped Sister Hazel. However, she waved the flash light around and clutched her black nun's gown noticing that it was the only wind chimes but the sound came again when she noticed the wind chimes did not move. Sister Hazel heard footsteps and just about dropped the flash light when she saw it was one of the schools girls at the other end of the hallway. The young girl was only thirteen years old. Dark red shoulder length hair, black barrettes holding her hair back from her face. She wore a white collard long sleeved shirt and black jumper with black mary-janes and white knee socks. Her light blue eyes held innocence but her face seemed to hold no expression except maybe a small hint of calmness that was unnerving.

"Ms. Rosier, you almost gave me a heart attack. What on Earth are you doing out of bed at this hour?" Sister Hazel inquired.

As the nun took a step towards her there was a low growl. Sister Hazel turned to her left and noticed a large black lab was sitting nearby. Sister Hazel noticed the redhead had not jumped nor showed signs of being scared of the dog. The dog merely glanced at the nun before moving to the redhead's side and sat near her. This just made the nun click her tongue and look utterly annoyed and distressed.

"Ms. Rosier, you know your not allowed to have a dog in school. Please take it outside this instant", Sister Hazel exclaimed.

Only a second after speaking did Sister Hazel smell something wafting under her nose. It smelled like smoke. The nun wrinkled her nose, she ignored it and just pointed towards the stairs with a firm point of her finger. The redhead did nothing nor said nothing, she patted her leg as she walked and the black lab followed, making the nun jump back. Sister Hazel swore on her cross she thought she saw hatred in that dog's eyes. Something about that dog was not right. As the girl and the dog left the third floor, and strode down the second floor and towards the stair case of the first floor, the smoke alarms went off. Reaching the first floor, the redhead looked over her shoulder to see that the kitchens doors were alight with flames. The dog nor the girl were bothered by this and continued on their way.

Upstairs, Sister Hazel found Sister Esther and Sister Elizabeth. Sister Elizabeth was on the floor, leaning against the wall, eyes wide and looking frightened. Sister Hazel put her hand over her mouth as Sister Esther looked gravely down at Sister Elizabeth.

"She died of shock. I found her here not twenty minutes ago", Sister Esther replied quietly.

It was then that Sister Lucy came racing down the hallway from the other direction, looking frantic.

"I smell smoke. There's a fire beneath us!" Sister Lucy cried.

As Sister Hazel and Sister Lucy raised to raise the alarm, Sister Esther just stood there, looking down at Sister Elizabeth before looking out the window. Outside she saw the redheaded girl and the black lab standing in the tall grass forty yards or more from the building. Sister Esther clutched her cross, looking into the girls eyes and then the eyes of the black lab.

"God help us", Sister Esther murmured.

Outside, the redheaded girl and the dog just stood there, watching as flames wrapped around the building, engulfing and trapping everyone. The screams of the nuns and the orphan girls were heard in the twilight morning of the English country side. Nobody would hear them out here. Only the smoke would make the people of the world acknowledge such events. The wind picked up a little, brushing against the redhead's hair, making strands hit her face. She felt some sort of power wrap around her. Protecting her.

"Come on Samhain", the redhead gently spoke, scratching behind the dog's ears, making the dog wag it's tail in affection and let's tongue hang out, dripping in drool.

The dog trotted at the girl's side as she turned and walked away from the a-flame building. The two disappeared through the tall grass and down to the the dirt road that would eventually lead to the highway.

"Seven years ago I befriended a boy and watched a nanny jump from a rooftop, hanging herself. A year later, I found a dog in the park and watched my friend, Alison, get hit by a car. And last year, I watched Richard & Anne Thorn's museum go up into flames. My father sent me back here to London, to this god-forsaken orphanage because he was afraid. Because he knew. I named the dog, who keeps following me, Samhain. I read the news papers every day since being sent to "Sister Mary's School For Girls" and found that my friend returned to London, adopted by another family who were near desperate to adopt".

The girl smiled, eyes glittering happily.

"Don't worry Damien. I'm coming to protect you. Nobody, including my father, will stand in your way", Erin Rosier thought to herself.

Firefighters and the local rescue team arrived only two hours later after a phone call from some passing cars noticed the smoke from the highway. There were no survivors from the fire. And the cause of the fire was undetermined as there was nothing left to even determine anything. Police Officers and reporters arrived on the scene between the hours of seven am and eight am.

"All you saw was smoke?" Officer Niles asked.

Martin Gibson, of lower London, nodded, "No. I was driving back to the vacation house me and my family own on the lake and I saw a young girl on the highway. She had a dog with her. I don't really remember much because when I looked at her, I saw the smoke in the distance. She might' have been going for help".

Officer Niles sent several of his men to check the two crossroads on the highway but when they returned they said they found no dog nor no young girl. Officer Niles leaned against his car, putting his hand against his forehead, rubbing his temples.

A missing girl and her dog and a burnt down school with dead teachers and students?

What a great way to start a Monday morning.

If you have NOT watched "Damien: Omen II" PLEASE DO SO before proceeding the rest of this story! Thanks!.