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This is AU-VERSE & takes place AFTER "Damien: Omen II".

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Chapter 2

News of the fire out in the country side spread into the news by mid afternoon, as it had taken a few hours for the media to get their story straight and for some people to keep their mouths shut about what had happened. Although it was because nobody knew what had happened there was many-a-speculation. In London, sitting in his big easy chair behind a ebony desk and sipping a glass of whiskey on the rocks, Edmond Rosier was settling into wanting to take a quick nap before his four O'clock meeting later. However, his secretary came in that moment with the afternoon post and she looked frantic all at the same time.

"Mr. Rosier I am sorry to interrupt but-", the secretary started.

"Calm down Ms. Christy and tell me what's got you so worked up", Edmond replied, though more gentle than he was with most people since his secretary was religious and tended to get worked up over the smallest of things.

The young woman set his mail down on his desk and looked at him, taking a deep breath, "Its your daughter's orphanage. It burnt down. My husband's friend is a firefighter and he called me to tell me what had happened".

Edmond nearly choked on his drink, "What-"

"There were no survivors. Except your daughter. She was seen on the side of a highway with a black dog but nobody's seen her since", Maureen Christy explained.

Edmond dropped his glass on the floor and it shattered into a million little pieces. Whiskey flying across the hard wood floor of his office. The Secretary looked panicked. Clutching her hands against her chest. She had worked for the Rosier family since Edmond's daughter had been seven. She knew why Erin's father had sent her to that all girls school. But the redheaded girl frightened the secretary. Edmond told her it was fine and shooed her out and told her to take an early lunch break. Maureen nodded and left the room. Edmond didn't even bother picking up the shards of glass on the floor. He'd have someone else do it. Leaning on his desk, hands clasped under his chin, he closed his eyes, trying to think.

Not about what his daughter was doing or where she was going. He knew where his daughter was headed.

He just needed to stop her.

Mark Thorn was an orphan but he took it as a strength. Also having nearly died a year ago, he took that as a strength too. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. He had played dead for his cousin until his parents had arrived and then he was put into a hospital without Damien knowing. Mark had spent a year re-cooperating and had learned Erin had been sent off to an all girls school back in London. But the news of Damien's re-adoption had chilled Mark's spine. He was going after her. Damien was always following her. He had followed her over to America and then back to England. Mark had tried to save her after he had learned what his cousin was. Who his cousin was. But the redhead could not have been told otherwise.

The fourteen year old boy sat at an airport, he had decided to travel over to England with a friend from his Military School. The boy's family was visiting relatives and this gave Mark the idea to try and track Erin down before Damien found her. Mark was blind to the fact the redhead did not care for anyone else besides Damien and there was clearly something about her that was off. But that didn't stop him from wanting to save her from whatever evil his cousin was obviously was harboring.

"You doin' okay?" Alex asked, having been sitting besides Mark the whole time.

"Yeah. Just thinking about someone", Mark told him.

"That girl again?" Alex wanted to know, shaking his head.

"She's in danger. I told you", Mark muttered in a whisper.

Alex wasn't buying it. He hadn't bought the whole 'My cousin is evil and is after the girl who I like' line. Mark should have told him the story about how Damien had stared at him in a hateful way and almost made his brain explode. Though he was sure Alex would have just thought him crazy. Mark just shook his head.

"I need to find her", Mark continued.

"I think your seriously in denial that she had the hots for your cousin", was all Alex said before returning to reading his book he was holding while they were waiting for their flight to be called.

Mark glanced away. Nobody was ever going to believe him.

Maureen Christy was walking towards a sub shop just a couple of blocks away from where she worked. Mr. Rosier had told her to take an early lunch break. She felt some fresh air would do her some good. She needed to calm down. As she walked, she saw a window of TV screens and stopped to glance at the footage of that morning's fire. She couldn't break her eyes away from the screens showing the firefighters putting out the fire of the all-girls orphanage that had mysteriously burnt down. Without realizing it, she reached up and clutched the small cross around her neck, mouth falling open. She decided to hurry along and get her lunch and go back to the office. Reaching the sub shop, she placed her order to go and stood off to the side. Trying to act calm, she glanced around and people watched. However, as she glanced out towards the window, the window pane was making shadows across the pavement outside due to the sunlight. She couldn't tear her eyes away. The window pane was making a cross-like-shadow on the ground. Maureen clasped her hands over her mouth as though she was about to vomit.

The cross-like-shadow was up-side down.

When her order was ready, she quickly paid and left, deciding to hail a cab instead of walking back to work. The cab driver was a little freaked out when she started to pray under her breath. She was lucky to make it back to work in one piece and ate her lunch as though she had seen nothing and that her lunch break had gone fine.


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