Arm Wrestling

A/N: This is probably my favorite thing I've written out of the Newsie fandom... feedback would be lovely!

Tony Higgins watched as Sean Conlon arm-wrestled Jack Kelly. Normally, he'd go around and take bets from the large group gathered around, but today he was content with just watching. Anyway, he knew who'd win. He looked around, not finding Sean and Jack's constant attempts to best the other amusing. He eyed each boy watching the arm wrestling match with interest. David Jacob, Ryan Ballat, Michael Meyers... each boy looked amused. Tony didn't see why. Two natural leaders, Sean and Jack seemed to have a constant battle over who was the strongest. And the arm wrestling always ended the same. Each boy had things they were good at, and one excelled at arm-wrestling. It was a wonder they always tried to change the outcome.

"Yo, Race!" someone called out. Tony turned his head to see Jacob Evans walking toward him.

"Skittery." he said evenly, returning his gaze to the match. Beads of sweat were starting to pop out on Jack's forehead. Sign number one. "You owe me. Bluejay's won."" he stated calmly. Skittery rolled his eyes.

"That's why I'm here. Here's your damn money." He tossed fifty dollars into Tony's lap, and Tony let himself smirk. Jack's eye twitched. Sign number two.

"Pleasure doing business with ya, Skitts." Tony said, counting the money in his lap. Skittery scowled at him as he left.

"What's his problem?" David asked, obviously not having been paying attention. Tony shrugged.

"Just glum and dumb I guess. Hey, Sean. I love you." his voice never wavered. Sean slammed Jack's fist against the table.

"Love you too." Tony smiled.