"He'll watch over her, he'll fall in love with her and ultimately she will drive him to dig out his human heart" Sounds like love to me.- NarakuxKagome Mate fic

While maybe I should have been working on "If I Should Wake", I've been writing this . . . . and letting that ferment D: well, whatever. I also made some changes to Naraku's appearance, for reasons which may become clearer to you (and me -_-) in the hopefully near future (PS. I might even eventually add Inucest to this fic as I almost always like to pair Naraku and Sesshoumaru, you'll have to make due with Inucest! lol) Enjoy!


Dark like hopeless dreams, a cavern lay open to cricket songs and night chills. Inside this cavern was a man dressed in dark silk, made darker still by the moonless night. He lay slumped against the damp cave wall, cascading rivets of ebony hair embracing his sharp and beautiful demonic face.

He stood shakily on his legs like a newborn and steadied himself against the damp wall of the cave. His breath was heavy as the writhing of a thousand and more youkai spirits commenced within his heart. They were eating him from the inside.

The human was oblivious to them as he stood and walked uneasily towards a stream as it ran nearby.

He dropped onto his knees and looked on his reflection with a lopsided grin. His eyes had become more pronounced, more predatory. Even in the dark night he could see his eyes, attesting to his new demonic senses. He blinked slowly once, then again at the odd color of his eyes: blood red. He had definitely changed, when he let those demons into his body. He looked like a completely different person . . .

As he leaned nearer his bright reflection, the long silk hair let itself be known. He smirked; He looked like some noble or something. The dark silk kimono only served to punctuate this opinion as he ran his hand down the kinky waves and against the smooth fabric. Those demons have good tastes in clothes, he mused.

It was then he noticed something new; when his lips parted in the reflection, there were fangs. Stark white, curled and menacing fangs. Tentatively he touched one and found that there were smaller ones. With a devilish smirk to exhibit his fangs, he made to speak. His voice, when he finally spoke was soft and raspy like spring wind through a budding tree.

"I am . . . Demon?" he asked curiously of the demons eating his heart.

"HALF DEMON. THIS WILL CHANGE, MUST FIND JEWEL - POWER-MUST-" It took almost every once of effort for him to block out the monstrous sound of the demons all speaking at once. He closed his red eyes against the pain.

"No I must find her . . . The woman - My Kikyo!"

"FOOL. SHE HOLDS THE JEWEL AND THE JEWEL IS KEY!" The beasts screamed. "WE WILL EAT YOU FROM THE INSIDE OUT HUMAN, IF YOU DO NOT FIND IT! THEN YOU MAY HAVE HER." Onigumo contemplated this. Then as he opened his fanged mouth to speak, he felt an odd lurch in his heart. A new voice spoke from his mouth that was not his own.

"Kikyo took the jewel to her grave, Onigumo. She is dead." This voice was his own, and yet . . . not. It was raspy and it was animalistic. It was cruel and it was concise. Onigumo felt a chill run up his spine. "She is dead by the hanyou's hands . . ." At these words, Onigumo bristled with anger. He knew the half demon Inuyasha well . . . As the bastard that stole away his Kikyo's heart . . .

"Inuyasha!" Onigumo snarled and the dark voice chuckled. "Who are you? Are you a demon?" Onigumo spoke with his own voice, but he felt the chuckle rise from within that was not his own.

"Yes and no. I am you and I am not. I am demon and I am not. I am Naraku."

"Hell." Onigumo whispered, almost reverent.

"Yes, precisely." "Naraku" whispered back. "Now, find the inu-hanyou. I remember from when I possessed him that he was pinned to a great tree. Go to this tree -" Naraku's voice faded and the demon voices all spoke at once.


When Onigumo finally managed to stumble out of the cave, he wandered mechanically, lead by the demons into the clearing where the "inu-hanyou" lay pinned to the great tree just as he had the day Naraku had tricked him.

"Ah." Naraku breathed. "It has been fifty years since last I have been here and the calm is so overwhelming." Onigumo's eyes widened.

"Fifty years?" He asked in alarm of the demon. He remembered the cave as his home as if it were yesterday! It was only yesterday wasn't it?

"Yes." Naraku whispered as he reverently fingered the sacred arrow jutting out of the hanyou's chest. "It has been fifty years since then. I only just woke you up after all this time. I was told that . . . That . . ." Naraku stopped and Onigumo regained control over his features.

"That, what?" It was a queer feeling, talking to himself and feeling detached from his body, Onigumo noted.

"Nothing- the demons will not tell me anymore than what I need to know. They let me control of the body for the most part and keep to themselves." Onigumo suddenly felt anger rise up, a wave ready to lash across a shore.

"What have you done with my body Naraku?" The demon chuckled.

"Nothing that would have mattered if it were even in perfect condition. Your body was destroyed by fire. The one you reside in is mine. These past fifty years, I have been strengthening it. Adding to it." He was silent for a moment, contemplating whether he should let Onigumo to his business or not. He smiled cruelly. Best let him be done with it. "I might be strong enough now to bend this arrow in the whelp's chest . . ." Naraku tested.

"Ha!" Onigumo snorted. "It is unlikely! A sacred arrow shot by Kikyo can only be destroyed by Kikyo!" Then he was sombre. "Will I get my revenge on Inuyasha?" Onigumo breathed quiet, his voice suddenly delight with malice.

"Oho," Naraku had expected this. Onigumo looked on at the half-demon before him and Naraku could feel the hatred. "Such hatred . . . In time, Onigumo. In time. . . . If you are to do as I say . . . You will have your chance."

"And now," He said to the human inside him. "It is time to find the jewel. Time to find your Kikyo." With that said, Onigumo watched in perverse awe as the demon reached out towards the hanyou as if he were going scrape out his heart. But no, he reached behind the dog and scraped his claws into the tree. As he scraped, Onigumo became aware of an intense burning and a light a thousand times brighter than any fire.

And then there was nothing but shadow.

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