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-*-*-Chapter Three -*-*-

As Kagome woke up, she became aware that her room was rather drafty and noises like bird's crying, came from her normally harsh clock. She wiggled around slightly, testing her sleep-aches and yawning. For some reason she felt oddly refreshed. Grasping for the covers, she only got a handful of - grass?

When she finally opened her eyes, she groaned. She was outside. On a patch of grass. Underneath what was undoubtedly the very tree that sat in her family's yard. She looked around for the house, the shrine, the well house - something, anything really. She saw only blue skies and trees; A whole lot of them.

This is . . . new . . . I remember being at home with Souta and now . . . "Where the hell am I?" She asked the open misty clearing. No one answered. She was all alone.

Contrary to the girl's opinion, she wasn't really completely alone. High above her in a favored branch of the goushinkinbou, Naraku watched her carefully. He crouched like a cat upon the branch, his hair dangling around his face as he scrutinized her every move from his perch. From his position in the tree, (i.e directly above her) Naraku could see the top of her glossy haired head as she looked around, afraid. He could smell her fear rise through the wisps of mist and he shivered.

Invisible also to her, was Inuyasha. Still attached to the tree, the Inu-hanyou was fastened tight by the enchanted arrow of Kikyo's own making and by the vines that had grown wildly around him in the past fifty years. The vines shivered their way through his silver-white hair and constricted his body, this way and that. Where Kagome sat against the tree, was also where Inuyasha lay trapped against the tree, his feet mere inches from her head. For now, the mutt was invisible. and for the foreseeable future, asleep. So long as Kagome didn't accidentally release the idiot somehow, before he managed to introduce himself. . .

"Hello?" Kagome's voice rang out in the disturbing stillness of the clearing. She got no reply from the clearing, yet again. "Is there anyone there? At all?" She called out further. Getting no more reply other then birdsong, wind and her own echo she banged her head semi-gently back into the sharp bark of the tree. "I feel stupid. There's no one here, kagome! Why would there be anyone . . ." She grumbled. "Look at me, talking to myself. I don't even know where the hell I am . . ."

In her slump she noticed something she had not before when she had woken. Beside her was a fine dark wooden arrow. The arrow had a sharp silver tip and white feathers. Numbly, she took it into her hand and inspected it. Where had it come from? She looked up quickly at the rushing of a bush nearby and tensed. This wasn't her arrow, so who's was it?

She lent her head back against the old bark and hissed a weary sigh. "I must be dreaming. I'll wake up and find-"

"Hoho, little mouse." A bestial voice ripped through the clearing. With a start, Kagome jerked her head back to the bushes. Sparks of fear and a rush of adrenaline came to her at what she saw. She stood up quickly, clutching the arrow and her bow tightly; A wolf large as a lion with dirty white fur stepped out of the brush and stalked forward, hackles raised. Upon seeing the weapon on her arm, the wolf growled in what Kagome could only guess was a harsh laugh.

"You will be my prey today; you won't be able to load that bow in the time it will take to kill you!" The wolf grinned, rows of yellowed, gritty fangs glinting at her. Hands shaking, Kagome lifted the bow and arrow and cocked it back as best she could. The wolf "laughed" again.

"Well?" She tested. "C-come and kill me then." She offered. The wolf stalked forward a little more with it's head lowered.

"Runt. Drop the weapon. I will have the jewel. I always get my prey." The wolf growled lowly.

"I'd rather not, t-thank you." She held the bow before her boldly as the animal crouched as if to attack. Instinctively Kagome shut her eyes at the growl that leapt from the creature. However, the next thing she knew, that growl become something more of a whimper as a whoosh of air rushed past her. Kagome's eyes fluttered open and she lent against the tree with the power of the wind.

The wolf was on the ground, the grass around it soaking in red, steam rising from the creature's wet fur. On it's side lay a great dark red gash that looked as if it had been burned instantaneously. Kagome peeled her eyes away from the retched sight to stare at the new comer looming over the wolf. Standing above the now piteous looking creature was a figure draped entirely in white fur. It had to be a man, she told her self. But what kind of man could do - that to something so big? Kagome didn't know whether or not she wanted to find out. She held the bow up again, her face blank as best as she could manage.

The man in the fur looked up, his head covered almost entirely in what could only be the skull of a baboon. Kagome would've laughed had she not been so confused and frazzled in her entire life. The man was wearing a monkey head. On him at that moment however, the look was pretty damn intimidating. Especially when the white hands that came from underneath the pelt were large, blood-soaked and had what looked like claws. Kagome paused mid-shudder, but chastised herself for her stupidity.

"Don't come any closer!" She called, managing to speak without a quiver in her voice. The fur seemed to shiver slightly; the man was laughing!

"Oh Kikyo!" Definitely a man. "How vivacious you are! Just as I remember!" The voice was eerily familiar. It felt as if she had heard it before, as in a dream. Or in a nightmare?

"Oh Kikyo," He called her again, holding out his blood soaked hand, as if to grab for her. "You are just as I remembered, beautiful and pure . . ."

"Quiet!" In an instant, the man stopped laughing and shaking. Kagome was confused. The voice that called for silence came from the man. But it didn't seem to be directed at her.

He held up his hands and murmured something angrily. Kagome only caught the word -"Onigumo"-whoever that was. Kagome suddenly felt more wary than she had been, especially as the man began to approach with his dangerous step.

"I will not have you interfere, wretch!" The man growled as he neared her. She held the bow higher, her eyesight lining up with the shaft.

"Get back!" She screamed angrily. In an instant the arrow was released and in another, it was buried to the fletch in the middle of the man's chest. She exhaled sharply and exclaimed a little "Oh," as if she couldn't believe what she had done.

Expecting for the man to keel over, she crumpled down again against the bark again and began to shake with fear and angry sobs.

The man in the pelt however, stood unwavering and looming before her shivering form, still arguing with himself . . .

"It is Kikyo!" cried Onigumo from within. "My Kikyo, so beautiful, her aim ever sharp!" The growl started from deep within as the human heart exclaimed in perverse delight. It reverberated and subsequently shut up the foolish human heart. It however had the opposite effect on the quivering, obviously violently angry human girl before him. She winced and stumbled backward. From underneath the pelt, Naraku sighed.

The bow loosely held in front of her was arrow-free and the quiver beside her was too, arrow-less. As she scooted farther away, her back hit tree and she was against it huddled on the ground and shaking. The voice came again.

"Look how she is shaking in anticipation of me! I should take her now . . ."

The voice died down as Naraku closed his eyes with all force possible to drown out the voice - to erase the image of the beautiful dead priestess in her uniform, arching with desire - the falsity now burned into his mind. He reached to his heart where her arrow was buried. The arrow hit its mark - his heart or rather, the place where his heart should be. He reached for it, snapped the arrow in two and dissolved it in miasma.

"Girl!" He growled, put off mainly by Onigumo; her angry tear stained face looked up at him. "Your name, what is it?" He knew already of course the name of the angel staring up at him.

Kagome, Kagome, Kagome, Do not fear me - why are you angry? Kagome I- Kikyo how lovely you have become . . . How I wish you would wrap your legs about my waist and scream in wanton . . . His thoughts were as frantic as hers in that moment. Where he was caught between his power struggle with Onigumo, Kagome was left to shake and look at him in angry wonder, phased by his voice.

The question didn't phase her, but his tone did. She got a vague feeling of familiarity from it, like as if he was an old friend and not some crazy fur-wearing stranger who seemed to have major split personality issues. She pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes boldly.

"I am Higurashi, Kagome. And I know who you are." She stated carefully.

"You do?" He asked, his tone condescending and breaking out in raspy, brazen chuckles.

The response that came from beneath the white pelt startled her. Oddly enough though, she didn't feel like she was being mocked. The raspy and cruel voice, when it came, was somehow more calming to her than the frantic one that spoke of "Kikyo".

"Yes. You're the demon that lives over the Goushinkinbou. The shadow my grandfather told me about." Her heart skipped a beat at this new revelation of hers. "You were w-watching me, weren't you?"

He chuckled again and Kagome felt her ears strain to hear more of the harsh sound. It was a pleasing, mesmerizing sound.

"Indeed I was, girl." Her eyes wide and defiant, she watched him with still intent.

"You're also the one who attacked me, aren't you?" She all but growled; Naraku was amused. "My grandfather is going to exterminate you demon!" Naraku laughed heavily and pulled the fur hood from his face.

"Well, I wish your grandfather good luck then Kagome-chan! I am a rather slippery demon."

Kagome winced at the sight of the beautiful face that met hers, the little -chan endearment sliding right off her. It was his face that startled her instead; His face was all angles and hard piercing crimson eyes. He leered out at her from underneath a kinky wall of black silky hair.

"Who are you?" She whispered boldly. The crimson eyes narrowed at her, amused. "What are you?" She asked again, suddenly timid. Naraku approached her slowly, letting the fur slide off of his body, revealing the purple silk underneath. The blush crawling across her face was a refreshing, relieving sight, Naraku decided. "Really, I mean. Why would you watch over me?"

His eyes narrowed at her at the last statement. What could the girl possibly mean by this? Hundreds of beautiful blinding smiles crossed his thinking; what reason could she have for such self doubt? He berated his idiocy then, he had watched this young woman grow and become hardened, her outer beauty belying the broken, well guarded girl underneath; Trust Kagome, he thought wryly, to doubt herself- even when the smell of fear swallows her and she faces possible danger.

What a stupid girl . . .

Kagome for a second saw something off, between feeling slightly angry, frightened and frazzled out of her wits; Kagome thought she saw a slimmer of disapproval in the stranger's eyes. It was gone in an instant. Kagome only felt anger at herself for getting herself backed into a tree then, oddly enough.

He stood directly over her for a minute as her her back almost perfectly assimilated into the bark of the tree of ages, her hands shaking slightly. He grinned.

"I am Naraku." He all but cooed, the grin turning into a full fledged, fang bearing smile. "And you are mine."

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