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Post War

Mika was a very good servant. She handled her duties swiftly and efficiently. In and out and no one got hurt. Her mother had trained her to make as little noise as possible and every move she made had a reason.

A servant isn't to be seen only when called, heard only when spoken to.

At eighteen years of age, it was safe to say that no one outside her fellow servants knew she was alive. However, they were a number of several hundred people who served in this wing of the palace alone so she supposed she was all right with that.

Most times, none of the people – the important people – ever noticed she was alive. If she walked in while they were talking, they ignored her and continued their hushed conversations, never sparing her a glance. Well, she could ignore them just as equally, if not better so there. It was not her place to be seen, only to serve, and she would continue to do so until she died and whatever children she had would be raised to do the same as her family has done for generations.

What a wondrous thing to look forward to.

This learned disregard is the reason it did not occur to Mika to leave the grand, but small room she was dusting the huge, ugly, expensive – anything that ugly was worth fifty of her - vases in when the infamous, new Fire Lord Zuko walked in. Or sulked. Yes, he sulked in. She spared him a glance, a long thorough glance, before she returned to her work. Then she turned back and openly outright stared. Despite the scar or because of it, the man was extremely attractive.

Now, Mika was a practical girl. She wasn't foolish enough to think that he might look up at her and their eyes would meet and it would be the beginning of a beautiful, burning, forbidden romance. Of course not. Such things were dragon tales…but a girl could dream.

He never did though. Look at her, that is. What would she know about his dreams? It's not like she sneaks into his room at night, or goes through clothes, or steals locks of his hair. She didn't! Her cousin did though.

He merely slumped down onto one of the plush couches, out of her view. She kept staring at the back of it though he wasn't in her view for a moment before she sighed quietly and went back to work.

But really, when the Fire Lady Mai walked in, she should have walked out. When she went over to the couch the young Fire Lord reclined on, it still would have been safe. Even when she heard those suspicious noises coming from the other side, she didn't go. Mostly because she didn't immediately recognize them. After a few more minutes, the quiet groans and moans and rustling of fabric and more importantly the cause slammed into the forefront of her mind.

Frozen in mortification, she stopped the rag mid-swipe at a spot of dust. A deep red blush stained her skin from her neck to her cheeks. Slowly, her eyes slid to the couch and her mouth dropped open. All she could think was,

Oh. My. Spirits.

The Fire Lord and his wife…

Oh. My. Spirits.

Were doing…things on the couch.

Oh my Spirits!

And the door was right there by them! Sure they hadn't seen her before, but it'd be her luck that they'd see her going out. She's heard about Boiling Rock. She does not want to experience Lady Mai's knife skills first hand or the Fire Lord's hot temper. More importantly, his hot fire. Or what if he banished her and her entire family like his sister did? Her sister would so kill her.

What should she do? Well, there were windows, but they were on the second story. What if she fell and broke her neck? Her mother would never let her hear the end of it! (nevermind the fact she'd probably be dead.)

"Oh, Zuko!"

The window it is! She practically flew to it and gently, hurriedly opened it. There was no balcony but the ledge was wide and tall enough for her to stand on so she did. Not really wanting to stay there for the duration of the…activities going on in the room she'd vacated, she decided to pull herself onto the roof and go back inside through another window. She surprised herself with how easily she was able to do so.

However, she made the mistake, once she was standing on top, to turn around and look down. A bout of vertigo nearly took her over the edge when a pair of strong arms pulled her back.


"Mika, calm down! It's just me," me being Tao, one of her friends and a Yu Yan archer. He turned her around by her shoulders to face him. "What are you doing on the roof?"

"I, I was cleaning! Then the Fire Lord – Spirits – then Lady Mai and I had to get out of there but I couldn't go through the door and –" she tried to answer him, but was still clearly flustered by what she'd sort of witnessed.

"You're not making any sense. Did something happen to the Fire Lord?"

"What? No. Well, yes, but –"

Tao was already moving away from her, knocking an arrow into his bow.

"NO!" she grabbed his arm. "Do not go in there!"

"Mika, it's my job to protect the Fire Lord and you just said there's something going on in there."

"Well, there is, but not like that."

"What's it like then?"

"It's like…y'know, he's in there with Lady Mai."

He waited for her to keep going.

"I mean, they're alone…together."

He kept a blank face. Her blush, which had mostly subsided, came back in full force.

"On the couch."

He stared at her a moment as comprehension dawned. His understanding turned to amusement. So much so, in fact, that soon he was leaning on her for support while he laughed. Mika just supported Tao, his arm looped around her shoulder, begrudgingly and half glaring as she contemplated the pros and cons of pushing him off the roof. Or if nothing else, dropping him on the roof.

Once he finally recovered enough for words, he wiped the tears from his eyes, effectively smudging his warrior paint, and said,


Mika tossed his arm off of her.

"If you're done, I have work to do."

"Hey, I'm not the one interrupting you. You need to talk to the ones below us."

"Shut up and go fix your make up," she told him as she walked off.

"It's warrior paint! And do you even know how to get off the roof without using a window?"

She stopped as she realized that, no, she didn't. She whirled around to face him.

"I'm sure you wouldn't mind escorting me to a proper door then, would you?"

"I'd be delighted beyond what you could possibly hope to comprehend," he gave her a bow as she rolled her eyes.

Tao turned, brought two fingers to his mouth, and whistled some odd notes that Mika assumed to be some type of code. Within moments, another archer was taking his place as he walked off with Mika.

"Don't make a habit out of calling me to take your shift just because you want some time with your girl," the new guy said.

"I'm not his – "

"I'll keep it in mind," Tao cut her off, pulling her after him.

"You know, I don't think there's a time in Fire Nation history," Tao said, "and I know my history, that a Fire Lord's been caught intimately with his woman. I mean, ever."

"Uh, can we stop talking about this?"

"Usually, they keep it in the bedroom," Tao went on.

"Seriously not comfortable discussing this."

Darn her very noticeable blush and Tao's annoying streak. Darn them to Koh's lair.

He kept talking about Fire Lords and their intimate preferences the entire ten minute walk to the door. Later, it was revealed that the door was only a few feet away but he deliberately made the trip to one farther away.

In conclusion,

"This new Fire Lord…he may be pretty okay."

"Why? Because he's intimate with his wife in relatively public places where anyone could walk in or be trapped?" Mika asked sarcastically.

"Yeah," Tao answered seriously.

Mika swiftly and efficiently slapped Tao on the back of his head.

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