Title: "Salvation"

Author: Michelle Heath

Rating: MA for adult language and situations

Summary: He was her salvation.

Date Written: October 9, 2010

Disclaimer: The author makes no profit from this work of fan fiction and no copyright infringement is intended.

(Stepping out of the shower after his morning swim, Steve McGarrett hurriedly wraps a towel around his waist and grabs his ringing cellular phone from the table beside his bed. A small smile plays around his sensuous mouth as he glances at the caller ID before answering the call.)

"Hello, Beautiful."

"Hey, Sailor, heard you were 'feet dry'."

"Yeah. I'm heading a newly formed task force for the Governor."

"Sounds dangerous."

"Could be. Probably not as dangerous as being an active duty Navy SEAL."

"You're dangerous period."

"Yeah, but you love danger."

"Indeed I do. . . Steve, I heard about your father. I'm so sorry."

"Thanks, Sam."

"That why you're heading this task force?"

"Partly. I need to find Victor, Sam. I need to make him pay for everything he's done."

"He will."

"You still on the Forrestal?"

"No, my tour ended. Actually, I'm in Hawaii, at Emerald Point."

"What are you doing there? T.D.Y.? Leave?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know? What's going on, Sam?"

"Can't. Need To Know. But I do have thirty days' leave starting at 1700 today."

"Are you in the BOQ?"

"Nope. They're all full up until next Thursday. Thought you might recommend a decent hotel."

"I've know the perfect place."

"Yeah? Where?"

"Right here."

"Your house?"

"My house. If you're honest, you'll admit that it's what we both want, and I think it's what we both need right now."

"How do you do that? Know when I need you?"

"I have great instincts. Besides . . I need you, too."

"Good to know. What time's check-in?"

"Anytime you want. I'm meeting my team at the Swordfish for dinner at six thirty. They're going to love you."

"Does that matter?"

"Yeah. It does."

"Then I'll do my best to make a good impression. I have to finish up some paperwork here so I'll meet you at the restaurant."

"Need me to pick you up?"

"I have my car. It was shipped over from the mainland."

"So, you're here for a while?"

"Need to know, remember?"