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Coma White Chapter:8

Unfamiliar surroundings...

The trip back towards the Amazon village was rather uneventful, Xian pu leading the way, Sasuke behind her dragging his soon to be ex-master via rope, and the soon to be ex-Kuno Matriarch and Amazon Queen bringing up the rear. The trail they followed was an old beaten dirt trail with surrounding forest that seemed to go for miles in a sea of green, here and there was patches of murky water leftover from the last rainstorm, the sun rose a little higher in the sky, the sounds of celebration could be heard from their position.

"Mistress Kuno what will you do with me once we get to where it is we are going?" Sasuke asked, worry evident in his voice, he had to quickly duck as a branch swung out towards him after the lead girl had pushed a branch back letting it go to snap back into it's place.

Ranko shrugged her shoulders continuing her forward motion, while pushing past the branch that was in her path. "I dunno haven't decided on that yet.. get back with me later." she stated in a dead pan.

Xian pu pondered on the man being drug through the dirt. "So is Herb going to administer punishment or will it be us Ran-ma?" she questioned, while pushing past another branch letting it snap back, at which Sasuke had to duck once again.

"Well it's only fair he gets his licks in.. Tatchi stole quite a bit from me abused our children, but he stole the artifact that locked my curse.. and to Herb's people that same artifact is needed for the Musk's continued survival so I believe that they deserve a crack at him." Ranko replied, while once again pushing past ye another branch, turning her attention skyward she took note of a Hawk flying above them it greeted them with it's call as it flew by hunting for prey.

Constantly scanning her surroundings for potential dangers and or challenges, Ranko gripped the scabbard of her honor blade tightly, since she felt as if they were being watched, turning her attention uphill too a ridge that was eight feet above them, not far to the groups right she noted rock that was falling as if someone or something were strolling above it, Xian pu also took note of the falling rock. "Ran-" she started to call only for the red-n-blue hair girl to speak up.

"I know Xian pu just keep goin'." Ranko stated simply, keeping her pace, looking to her left she felt slightly relieved as there was nothing suspicious in that direction, turning her attention back to her right she then broke off from the group, running up the ridge effortlessly, once at the top she took in the sight of four figures that were obviously part of the Phoenix tribe,all dressed in traditional Phoenix armor, she placed her right hand on the hilt of her honor-blade, while at the same time all four phoenix warrior's started to face her brandishing their weapons, she then turned her attention to the snapping of branches that came from behind her noting another figure who was familiar to her to most would consider this woman human however they would be wrong, standing at four foot nine, her hair was a shimmering blue, she also dressed in traditional Phoenix battle armor.

"Well.. well Landling here and I thought I would never have the pleasure of seeing your face again." Kiima in Akane-form stated in a rather dull tone, finally coming to a stop within an arms length of her old foe.

Xian pu and Sasuke came to a stop looking up towards the ridge feeling an all too familiar battle aura that the young huntress was very familiar with. "Ran-ma is everything fine?"

"Yea Xian pu everything's peachy run a'long home now." Ranko called, keeping a watchful eye on the twin to her blue haired lover. 'At least I hope it will be fine.' she thought warily.

Xian pu pondered a moment, as she could hear a slight agitation in her ex-lovers voice, however an order was an order. "Let's go rat-boy we have lot's of ground to cover."

"Yes mistress." Sasuke called, taking faster strides to keep up with the purple-haired amazon, while dragging his master through the brush.

Kiima look over the ridge noting their retreating forms. "So whats you're business here in China Landling?" she quarried in an all to familiar voice which caused the red-n-blue haired girl to twitch ever so slightly.

"Oh not much really I am just enjoying the scenery is that a crime cap'n?" Ranko asked in a sarcastic manner, shifting her gaze momentarily to the four warrior's who stood on the opposite side of her.

Kiima shook her head in quiet annoyance. "No I don't suppose that is a crime.. Ku-ko-ku On another note do you have any idea the trouble you put me through after you had gone home?" she quarried in a bitter tone.

"So where you headin' if you don't mind me askin'?" Ranko quarried avoiding the Phoenix general's question.

Kiima pondered over the young woman's question for a moment before speaking. "I don't suppose it would hurt to tell you. Ku-Ku-Ko-Ku We are on official business with the Amazon's of Joketsuzoku village."

"Oh that's great maybe I can go with you see I was just heading there myself." Ranko said in an upbeat tone, gesturing with her hand for Kiima and her entourage to lead the way.

The blue haired woman considered the young Japanese woman's words. "You may go with us up until we are in view of the village. Ku-Ku-ko at which point I request you split off from us as someone with your reputation may taint our interview with the Queen." she calmly stated, before gesturing her men to start their forward momentum.

"No problem consider me scarce when we arrive." Ranko called, walking along side the Phoenix General. 'Damn wish she wasn't in that form.' she thought, stealing a quick glance at the blue haired girl. 'Damn if not for the armor she would almost be authentic.' she observed.

Kiima gave a sideways glance to the Japanese girl taking in her features. "Landling I could have swore last we met you had red hair in cursed form was I mistaken?" she quarried with a curious brow raised.

"No you wasn't wrong it used to be red.. but my hair color is a very long story and I doubt we have time for me to explain it in detail." Ranko casually said, stepping over a broken branch that laid in her path. A few more miles passed, Ranko split off the group heading for the village via a different route, While Kiima and her group continued up the dirt trail leading into the village.

A fitting punishment...

Two fierce Amazon guards stood just outside the Iron door of a medium sized hut that sat to the immediate right of the main council chamber's, the inside of the hut composed of stockade of which now resided one of the rooms two occupants Tatawaki hung loosely from his head and wrists his clothes had been stripped from his person leaving him nude, the floor covered in straw with dried patches of blood could be seen on the wooden floor that were in view, tables sat on either side of the room their contents ancient beakers filled with various liquids and or cutting tools, the rooms lighting was of a hanging torch that hung from the ceiling via a rusty chain, nearby leaning against one wall were several tools all with dried blood on them, the walls littered with cobwebs and or skull's that served as decoration, the rafters also covered in dust and cobwebs, also nearby hanging via his wrists from a chain connected to the ceiling Sasuke of who had been Tatawaki's Loyal retainer.

Approaching the Hut after leaving the council chambers was Ranko at the lead, Herb and Akane at either side of her, Nabiki, along with Xian Pu and Kalaina-ye, Ke Lun, as well as Kodachi. Once the group had arrived the two Amazon's guarding the entrance gave their newfound queen a proper salute before opening the hut up for the group to step inside, of which they all stepped closer to the man in the stockade.

Herb glared fiercely at the gentleman who had stolen his people's most prized artifact, while Nabiki stepped up closer raising her right hand immediately slapping the raven haired gentlemen in the face causing him to wake in fright.

"Wake up Kuno Baby you don't really want to miss this." Nabiki called icily to the groggy and deluded Kendoist.

Tatawaki awoke with a start trying to gain his senses, vision clearing he took in the rooms contents and occupant's horror filled him, brown eye's centering on his wife. "Woman! what is the meaning of this have you gone mad?"

"No Tachi I haven't gone mad.. at least not yet." Ranko responded turning her attention too her current girlfriend. "You wish to give your peace hon?"

Akane shook her head, her gaze settling on the brown-haired man from her youth she neither felt anger nor did she feel sympathy for his plight. 'Do I want to stay for this?' considering her thoughts. "I think I am going to go see about the children dear if that is okay."

"Yea go ahead Hon." Ranma returned, at which her blue-haired lover quickly left the room, at which point Kodachi stepped up too her brother.

Tatawaki looked up too his sister with slight hope. "Sister please you can't let them do this to your own Brother help me."

"Oh Ho ho Ho. You wish for my help after you nearly caused my company to go bankrupt and close our doors forever.. and after what all you have done to my Nephew and Niece.. and not only what you have done too my sister-in-law.. and nearly caused me to worry on whether I would be living in squalor!.. No I think not you are dead to me Peasant." Kodachi retorted her temper surging forth, as she turned to stand by her sister's side.

Herb continued to wait, while Ke Lun was now standing before the deluded man explaining why he was there, while at the same time using a technique using the needles she retrieved from her robes to correct his delusional mind, Once she was sure it was done she too stepped away from Tatawaki.

Tatawaki after feeling the needles retracted from his skull, looked too his wife with frightened eye's. "What hath you let this decrepit woman do unto me?"

"Well I had her fix things for you Tatawaki see I don't want you having any delusions of your situation." Ranko explained, while turning her attention to the Musk king sometimes Queen.

Herb stepped closer too his friends current spouse. "So this is the insect who has stolen my artifact." he raised his right hand caressing Tatawaki's cheek. "I believe Lime will enjoy this one thoroughly." he said, while retrieving a flask popping it's cap dumping it's contents over the raven haired man's head, at which said man underwent a transformation, now almost an exact replica of Kodachi.

The newly forged girl still locked in the stockade glared coldly at the multi-haired man. "How dare you douse the head of The Blue Thunder!" she shouted immediately realizing the voice of her sister had called out, she gave a glare too her sister.

"Don't look at me I didn't say anything You did." Kodachi called too her former Brother.

Ranko smirked as she gazed at Tatawaki's form. "You know before you do anything else Herb I want to have some fun if you don't mind?"

Tatawaki set her emerald eye's on her wife. "What are you?" she called out, just as hot water splashed over her head causing her now him to sputter.

"Hey Tatchi remember how I always told you me the vile sorcerer were one in the same does this help it make more sense?" Ranko questioned, as Nabiki splashed Tatawaki with cold water transforming him once again into his new cursed form.

Before Tatewaki could answer he had been transformed rapidly back and forth by various splashes of hot and cold water, Herb watched on with amusement, his right hand gripping the ladle of preservation, while in his left held the bucket.

"Stop it!" came the shrill voice of Tatawaki, who's sad emerald eye's settled on her spouse. "Why are you doing this... please just get it over with Ranma kill me if it's what you got in mind I don't care anymore."

Ranko shook her head at her current Spouse. "No sorry can't do that Tatchi our children begged me to spare your life.. though they didn't wish to be here when Uncle Herb here takes you back too his palace I am sure you will get visitation on and off.. that is if they wish to see you at all that is."

Herb with one quick fluid movement splashed the Kodachi doppleganger with the ladle of preservation, of which he turn turned his gaze towards Sasuke. "Is he also apart of that insects thievery?"

"No he's my responsibility I'll take care of him from here on." Ranko replied with a soft sigh, as she was still considering what to do with her ex-husbands retainer. 'He calls me Mistress Kuno and he helped raise my children unlike Tatchi.. maybe I should just have him work for me from here on?'

Herb and the rest then turned to leave with exception of Kodachi who had stayed, the faint sobbing of Tatewaki could be heard in the background.

"So what will you do with Sasuke Sister-dear?" Kodachi questioned, looking too her former caregiver and man-servant.

Ranko considered her sister's question carefully, remembering what her curse had said along with testimony from her children. "I guess we can cut him a break and have him continue serving the family.. despite having engaged in trying to cause me grief thanks to Tatchi over there I don't really bear any grudge against him, she explained as she undid Sasuke's restraint's pulling him down carefully. "Guard."

One of the two guards at the door stepped inside to find out what her leader wanted. "Yes my lady?"

"Take Sas' here and get him cleaned up and taken to the guest lodging please." Ranko called, of which said guard quickly moved over hoisting Sasuke's unconscious form over her shoulder before taking her leave.

Kodachi considering the fact the marriage between her former brother and her sister-in-law was now ended. "You don't mind if we continue to call one another sister do you?"

"You will always be a sister to me from here on Ko-chan we are family so I don't see why not Sis'." Ranko returned, as she took her sister's hand and both took their leave of Tatawaki's presence, the iron door creaking shut.

After finally separating from Kodachi Ranko joined Herb who stood next too a sign written in Mandarin, the light from the sun dimmed signaling that the day was nearly over and would soon give into night, several Amazon's walked the many paths of the village lighting the torches that served as illumination.

Kalaina-ye walked over from a nearby structure. "My Queen the Phoenix delegates are getting a little restless might I suggest you interview them now?"

"Oh I almost forgot.. sure I'll be right over." Ranko called too her now retreating honor guard, before turning back too her friend. "So guess we will soon be having our rematch."

"Yes so it would seem I am thinking if the weather is right we should hold the match somewhere neutral and out-of-the-way so as to reduce damages." Herb explained, while fiddling with a piece of straw he had picked up earlier from a nearby barn.

Ranko considered her companions words. "Oh sounds Romantic how 'bout we try for a beach location?" she jested, giggling girlishly.

"No not a good idea since that could lead too our two tribes sharing beach front property though Romantic as it may be I don't wish ships from other countries sailing up too our gates.. I am thinking one of the many nearby deserts that way only thing that could become a problem would be sand." Herb countered, while sharing in his friends jesting.

Ranko smiled knowingly. "Okay so we take our duel too the desert where we can have privacy only we will know the final outcome and no others correct?"

"Correct that way your fiancée and everyone else don't have to know you lost a match." Herb said with a smirk.

Ranma gave a confident smirk in response. "What you talkin' 'bout your gonna be the one with the bruised ego by the time I am done with you Lizard breath!"

"Keep spouting nonsense foolish woman you won the first time by dumb luck you will not have any this round and to show I am your superior I will do it in my cursed form!" Herb exclaimed confidently, reaching up patting the blue-and-red-haired woman's cheek.

Ranma and Herb both settled into a long glaring contest, before both breaking into laughter as they started making their way to the council hut to greet the Phoenix.

Too be continued?