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"My life so far has been boring. My brother, Ichimaru... he is truly the shinobi of the family. He is so amazing... the pride and joy of the Uchiha! I am so proud to call myself his sister. However, as I am a woman... my being a shinobi is forbidden. The Uchiha clan... is quite conservative with their female members. After all, we are needed to bear and rear children... to look after our home... to cook for all the shinobi of our family. Sometimes we even raise children who are not our own. I have taken care of my cousin's three-year-old daughter for an entire month on one occasion. His wife died in childbirth, and so he has to raise her on his own, but he is a shinobi. He is always looking for someone to care for her while he is away on missions - and more often than not, that someone is his own family, usually myself or Ichimaru's wife, Koko. Diary, you do not know how many days I have spent wishing that I was a shinobi! I sigh for the fact that I can never become one due to my clan's laws. However, I did, several years ago as a teenager, opt for a surgery that allowed my Sharingan, the ocular Kekkei Genkai passed down in the Uchiha clan, to become my permanent eye color without using up any chakra. I cannot use the Sharingan, however; I merely think it looks strong and intimidating. Perhaps now all the men in the village shall leave me alone? I should like that. While I am not being CONSTANTLY flirted with, it does happen quite often. How I wish I could meet a man who would see me as a friend... not as... just an object to play with... that would be the most wonderful thing in the world to me. Are there any men like that left in the world, I wonder?"

The blonde Hokage ran her amber eyes over the entire length of this first page, dated approximately thirty-four years ago. Tired, she reached for a bottle on the desk, which was handed to her by her dark-haired assistant. She gulped down half the bottle of water before finally making a comment on the journal in front of her. She glanced up at the two young ninja of her village, and leaned her cheek on her hand, supported by her elbow on the table. "So... what the hell am I looking at, you two?"

"Look at the signature," the pink-haired one, green eyes hard and focused at the moment. Her eyes, however, did currently possess an element of sadness.

"Notice anything weird about who signed it?" the blonde added, his blue eyes holding the same quality as his girlfriend's emerald ones.

The blonde woman raised an eyebrow, but resigned herself to the task. She glanced back down at the page, squinting her eyes to read the small print at the bottom of the entry. "Yuri... Uchiha?" Her head snapped up, gold eyes clouding over in fury. "Who is Yuri Uchiha? Is she related to... Sasuke? And Itachi?" She glared at the two ninja before her. She had the sudden urge to just smack her hand down on the table. They were supposed to answer her as soon as she asked them something. "Well? Naruto, Sakura? Spit it out before I really get mad!"

Sakura, the pink-haired one, swallowed thickly. "She's... Sasuke and Itachi's great-aunt. She was the brother of Ichimaru Uchiha, who was their paternal grandfather. She also had a sister, who gave birth to Sasuke and Itachi's aunts. She never had any children herself... and it's not hard to guess why, Lady Tsunade."

Tsunade, the blonde Hokage, gripped the diary so tightly Sakura and Naruto were afraid she'd rip the page. "Why did she never have children? Please, one of you, enlighten me on your theory as to why she never gave birth. Did her lover die? Was he sterile? Was she lesbian? Hmm?"

"N-No..." Sakura began, but Naruto cut her off.

"Her lover may or may not be sterile, she wasn't lesbian, and her lover didn't die," Naruto growled, slamming his hand down on the desk and bending so that he was at eye level with Tsunade. "Her lover was Orochimaru. Do you remember him, Grandma?"

"Orochimaru? He's..." Her eyes softened just a little bit. "Jiraiya and I would have known if Orochimaru had a lover."

"There are mentions of you and Master Jiraiya in the diary," Sakura commented. "You don't remember her? It says that she and Orochimaru met shortly after he and Anko returned from a training mission the Land of Mist. How old would you guys have been?"

Tsunade shrugged. "Probably about seventeen, eighteen maybe. Do you have a picture of her? Maybe it would job my memory." She shook her head. "See, I can tell I'm getting older by the fact that I'm forgetting the woman who was supposedly the snake's courtier."

"Yeah, there was a photo in Konoha's database." Naruto placed the picture in front of Tsunade. "You remember her now?"

Tsunade stared down at the picture. It was a little blurry, but it wasn't so bad that she couldn't see it. The young woman in the picture had hair in a ponytail, and her hair was sky blue, but it was a darker shade of the color. Her eyes were the Sharingan, black tomoe pinwheeling around a bloodred backdrop. Her smile reached her eyes fully, and she was giving a grin that actually reminded Tsunade a little of Naruto. She was also giving the peace sign, crossing that arm over her chest so the hand was resting at the opposite cheek. She looked up. "You sure she's not related to you, Naruto?"

"Aw, she ain't... but she was friends with my grandma," he replied almost proudly.

"And my great-aunt," Sakura added. "Do you know her?"

"I remember seeing her... a few times..." Tsunade allowed a faint, rare smile to grace her lips. "It was hard to imagine, but... when she was around... Orochimaru was actually a pretty good guy. They were in love, it was so easy to see. He would talk about her a lot... annoyed the hell out of Anko. She wasn't even interested in guys yet, and she... man." She shook her head. "The good old days."

"It's hard to believe that Orochimaru could love," Sakura sighed. "I mean, looking at the way he is now... and reading how Miss Yuri describes him in that journal..." She twirled a strand of her hair. "I thought she was talking about some guy who just happened to have the same name. Before you and Master Jiraiya showed up in there, that is. It's so amazing... somebody like him could actually be... nice to a person without having any strings attached. And as much as I... really hate to say it... I don't think Sasuke could ever be like that. Seems like..."

"Orochimaru's different than Sasuke," Tsunade finished. "They're both evil assholes with no goals other than world domination, but... believe it or not, Orochimaru wasn't always like that. Sure, he was twisted. And Yuri couldn't really change that about him. And sure, he loved power. She couldn't change that, either. But unlike Sasuke, Orochimaru isn't a revenge case. He's not looking for vengeance. All he wants is immortality. You remember I told you about Dan and Nawaki? I was so sad when that happened... and Orochimaru... was sad about it, too. He didn't want anybody to die ever again. He just... hated how frail humans were. He wanted to make it so that nobody would suffer all the pain that we did. That's... really all he ever wanted." She tucked the photo of Yuri away into the diary, and waved the two teenagers away. "Thanks. You guys can go now."

"Aren't you gonna look at it?" Naruto asked, his face just about screaming disbelief over the fact that she wasn't even going to check it out.

"Oh, don't worry about that, Naruto." Tsunade opened a drawer and placed the journal inside for later. "This is going to prove an interesting book. I'll let you know how I liked it."