(A~N): This is In Mello's First person, after this little paragraph.


January 2001, Wammy's house

Matt threw a little squishy ball at Mello. "You're such a girl!" He laughed, and Mello laughed, too.

"You're such a nerd!" he replied. Both the boy's laughed, knowing each other didn't mean a thing they were saying. The two boys were best friends, hoping to become like L, who sat across from them. Matt jumped on top of Mello, covering Mello's mouth with his hand. The blonde laughed, pushing Matt to get off of him. He licked Matt's hand, which made Matt pull his hand back.

"Eww! Mello! That's disgusting!" He smiled, wiping his hand over his friend's sleeve. Mello giggled, tackling Matt to the ground. They rolled around, kicking each other, until L stopped them He was smiling and chuckling. "I don't want Watari to get mad at you two for making so much noise."

Matt and Mello groaned and climbed off each other, kicking and hitting.

"Just be in time for dinner. There's a new person here at Wammy's. Watari wants to introduce her."

At the dinner table, underneath it, Matt would be poking Mello. Watari came in with a little girl, about the same age as the two boys. Her name was Sapphire, but they told them to call her Snow.

That's how everything was pretty much ruined for Matt and Mello.

I slammed Rodger's door closed.

What a…a…

I hissed quietly. He knew that I didn't like Near. At all. Why couldn't L just have picked someone before he died? This stupid Kira case...I just wish it would end. Not to mention, L did think he knew who Kira was.

I need to stop thinking about this.

I walked quietly along the halls of the orphanage, passing my room several times.

Then I ran into that Snow girl.

She brightly smiled at me. "Hi, Mello! What happened at Rodgers? I heard you and him talking. "Her face fell."It seemed like you were angry."

"Nothing. It's just… I can't work with Near. He knows that." My eyes narrow.

She nods. "Oh. Well, im sorry about that." She shrugs. "Maybe Near won't feel like being the new L. Or maybe He'll need your help."

I didn't respond for awhile. Had the need that I didn't need to.

I glare at her. "Wont feel like being L? Who wouldn't!"

She takes this by surprise and shrugs. "I-I dunno! Maybe he won't! Im just trying to help, Mello!"

And she stomps off. But I smile.

I didn't like her, anyway.

She turns angrily to face me. He face is all scrunched up as she hisses, "Matt's in your room waiting for you."

I sigh, a bit happy. At least I have a chance to talk to him. He's usually always busy...or playing his video games. I try not to roll my eyes and laugh.

I walk slowly to my room, opening the door softly.

Matt's laying down on my bed, his goggles hanging on his neck.

The way I like it.

I laugh and jump on him, noticing his face turn red.

"Hey Mello."