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Matt and I stare at Snow.

She just always walks in at the wrong times.


I try not to hiss or to growl at her, but when I look over at Matt, you can tell he's really mad.

"It's okay. I had to go anyway." He glared at me, getting up and leaving. I sigh, wishing that I could chase after him.

Tell him I was sorry.

Snow looks at me. "Is something wrong with Matt?" She asks, tapping her chin.

I bit my lip softly. "I really don't know," I try my best to lie.

But she catches me. "No, there's defiantly something wrong. He's always so mad whenever I come in." She tilts her head. "Maybe… he likes you?"

My face turns red. "N-No! That's c-crazy!"

She smirks wickedly. "You never know. Hehe, I've always been a Yaoi fan-"

I glare at her. "He does not like me!"

She nods and laughs. "What ever you say, Miheal." And walks out.

"It's Mello!" I cry out.

But she's already gone.

That makes me feel a bit better.

I hide my face underneath my blanket. Could Matt really like me?

Just the thought made me…


Really embarrassed.

Matt stomps out of Mello's room. He hisses.

Snow was really getting on his nerves.

If there was an easier way to tell Mello without her interrupting…

He walked down the hall quietly, his hands in his coat pockets.

Mail sighed and frowned. He walked outside silently, hoping he wouldnt be yelled at.

Or tripped over something, for that matter.

He walked down one of the paths, bringing him to a river. A river that him and Mello went to when they were little.

He closed his eyes, breathing in the air slowly.

He loved Mello.

And needed to tell him.

My eyes open silently. God, I felt so tired. My arms were stiff, even after moving them around a lot. I sighed.

I wanted to talk to Matt.

But where was he?

"S-Snow?" I call out, hoping she's close to the door.

She peeks her head inside like she's been there while I was sleeping.

Maybe she was.

"Where's Matt?" I ask.

She shrugs sadly. "Do you want me to go look for him?" She asks with a little smile. I nod, hoping she'll find him soon. She leaves, going to look for him. I try to sit up, my stomach and chest burning with pain.

Maybe I could stand.

My feet swing over the side of the bed, and I try to stand. I get up on my legs, my hand pressed against the wall.

Matt walks into the room, staring at me. "M-Mello!" he gasps, coming over to me. His arms wrap around my body tightly, him looking at me with his goggled over his eyes. "Please don't fall." He whispers quietly.

I smiled. "I-I wont."

He moves his arms away, letting me stand by myself. I let go of the wall, slightly falling backwards against the wall. Matt presses me against the wall gently, slipping his goggles off his eyes.

My face turns red as he began to move closer, my arms lifting and pressing against his body.

"M-Matt? What are you d-doing?" I ask.

He smiled softly. "Kissing you."

His lips move closer to mine and I watch him as he presses our lips together.

Snow stood next to the door, peeking inside the room.

She knew Matt liked him.

Tears ran down her cheeks.

They were a beautiful couple…