(Author's Note: "Alt." means Alternate, since I have no intentions of writing "Other" for every single character from the K.S.S. World.)

"Enginneerin' Officer's Log, Supplementary. Lieutenant Montgomery Scott commandin' in place of Captain James Kirk. Our Captain, Doctor, and First Officer have all transferred to the Heartless vessel to defeat the cause o' this whole mess. I am under orders to fire or flee in twenty minutes if nobody beams outta of that death trap in time. I've managed to contact our other selves' ship in an attempt to formulate a plan, but the deadline is now almost up...And I haven't a clue in hell what to do..."

Scenes start oin the U.S.S. Bridge.

Scotty is seen with his hands behind his back, pacing back and forth nervously.


Scotty turns to face Uhura, who is heolding her headphones with one ear.

"I have managed to contact the K.S.S. Enterprise." She says. "Their power haa been restored. Their Scotty wishes to speak to you."

"Aye, Lass." Scott replies. "On screen."

An image of Scotty wearing a white uniform is seen.

"Oh, my..." Scotty says, shaking his head slightly. "I'm not used ta all this other world stuff..."

"Aye, I know what ya mean." Alt. Scotty says. "But, what should we do concernin' the six in that vessel? The Heartless'll tear 'em apart if our phasers don't first..."

"But, the Captain ordered us to fire that that thing after twenty minutes..." Scotty says. "And we only have five minutes left."

"Your Phasers won't even tickle her exterior." Alt. Scott says. "But if we managed to combine your Phasers with our Light-based phasers, we might have a chance to damage that ship...But we've gotta focus on the officers there first..."

"Mr. Scott." A voice from the image says.

Alt. Scott is seen looking down at his Chekov.

"What is it, Mr. Chekov?" Alt. Scott says.

"That single humanoid reading I'm getting just changed to that of an animal's." Alt. Chekov says. "I'm still detecting the officers though."

"Aye...It's worse than I feared." Alt. Scott says.

"What's the problem?" Scott asks.

"Maleficent can change her form to that of a Dragon if she's desperate..." Alt. Scott says. "We've all fought her at least once, but with all them Heartless around there, I'm not sure if the Captain and his crew can handle her."

"Then we've gotta try to damage that vessel." Scott says. "Maybe we can get some of the loose structure inside of that thing to fall on top o' her. Like breaking a LEGO tower..."

"Aye...It's our last hope." Alt. Scot says. "Ok, lads, power to full phasers, Light level high!"

"Aye, sir!" Alt. Chejov says.

"You heard him, Lad." Scott says. "Same thing, just ignore the Light bit!"

"Aye, Mr. Scott." Chekov says. "Man, this feels weird..."

"Tell me about it..." Sulu says.

Scenes switch to Maleficent's vessel.

The Alt. Trio has passed out against the wall.

Kirk, Spock and Mccoy each touch their counterparts Keyblades as the swords diasappear in flashes of Light.

The sword reappear in their own hands as they inspect the weapons.

Each officer receives his counterpart's weapon.

"Jim, this feels weird." Mccoy says. "I'm a Doctor, not some mystical swordsman!"

"For the moment, Doctor..." Spock says. "The three of us are for all intents and purposes, mystcal swordsmen."

The Dragon roars loudly as Kirk raises his new Keyblade.

"Let's keep her busy!" Kirk says.

Spock and Mccoy nod as the three rush towards Maleficent.

The Dragon lifts it's head and spews fire.

"Evasive action!" Kirk yells.

The three move out of the way as the fire blocks them off from each other.

Spock is on the left side of the room, Mccoy on the right, and Kirk directly in the center, just inches from the Dragon's head.

"YOUR HEARTS ARE MINE!" A voice says inside of Kirk's head.

"Sorry, Maleficent." He says. "My Heart's too good for the likes of you."

He jumps and ignores the fire as he connects a slash with the Dragon's face.

Spock and Mccoy both nod to each other as they throw their Keyblades at the Dragon;'s wings, breaking them.

Green blood trickles from the Dragon's nose and the places where it's wings were.


Maleficent growls as she rapidly bites the area Kirk's in.

Kirk guards against the bites with crippled precision as a bite manages to connect with his left arm.

He clutches it in pain.

"Damn!" Kirk yells.

Scene switch outside of all vessels.

The K.S.S. and the U.S.S. are now next to each other both facing the Heartless Vessel.

Light begins to form underneath the K.S.S. while electricity begins to form under the U.S.S.

Scenes spilt as both Scott and Alt. Scot's faces are seen.

"FIRE!" They both shout in unison.

Scenes rtrun to the two vessels as the Light fires as a seatdy beam at the Vessel.

It does nothing.

The electricity begins to form an energy beam as it intercepts and mingles with the Light beam.

Scenes switch to Maleficent's vessel as the room begins to shake.

"Spock, what's going on?" Kirkm yells over the Dragon's roars.

"I theorize that the Enterprises have begun to fire their Phasers at the Vessel, due to the deadline I instated." Spock says.

"Look" Mccoy shouts as he points to the ceiling.

The structure begins to break as the roof of the room begins to become undone.

Small sections of the ceiling fall off.

The Dragon begins to lift it;'s head in an attempt to spew flame.

"YOU ALL WILL DIE!" Maleficent (The Dragon) shouts in their minds as flame begins to form over her mouth.

She is interrupted as a shingle falls onto her head, ending the attack.


Shingles assert themselves as an entire pile falls onto the Dragon's head and body, causing it sway.

More fall near the men, putting out the fires blocking their paths.

Spock and Mccoy run towards Kirk, Mccoy clutching Kirk's bitten arm.

"Move!" Kirk yells as the three men jump out of the way of the wreckage.

The Dragon falls onto it's stomach on the ground.

It roars one more time as one last shingle falls ionto it's neck constrtcting it.

It sways it's head back and forth, convulses, then dies.

It disappears in a sea of black and green flame.

The men move to their counterparts.

"Jim!" Mccoy says. "We're gonna die at this rate!"

Kirk takes out his communicator as he avoids a falling shingle.

"Kirk to Enterprise! Any Enterprise, come in!"

No response.

Kirk's face grows tense as Spock and Mccoy look at him nervously.

However, at that moment, they and their counterparts are all enveloped by a white light as they dematerialize just as a giant shingle falls where they once stood.

Scenes briefly switch to the U.S.S. Enterprise.

"Mr. Scott!" Chekov says. "The Dark lifeform reading is gone, but that ship's falling apart! It'll be destroyed in a minute!"

"Those six are in danger. Sweep that area and beam 'em up! Now!" Scott says.

Scene switch to the exterior of the Heartless vessel.

Parts of the "Castle" fall apart and drift into space as the whole thing explodes in a flash of Dark flame.

The parts then burn up and disappear...One last Dark flame sputtering out.

Scene switch to the U.S.S. Brigde.

The crew all stares, transfixed on the former position of the vessel.

Their faces all ones of devastation.

Scotty gets up from the Captain's Chair. He stares for a moment, then falls to his knees cltuching his head.

"N-No..." Scott says, tears forming in his eyes. "No way...All six of those people...I've failed the Captains of two worlds...They're all dead..."

"M-Mr. Scott." Uhura says, nervously, turning to face him. "We are being hailed by the K.S.S. Shall I patch it through?"

Scotty merely ignores her.

"Sir, it's Priority One!" Uhura says. "I must patch it through!"

"Fine, fine!" Scotty yells.

He struggles to get up, tears in his eyes, one arm clutching the Captain's chair.

An image of Alt. Scott is seen as he notes the sad site of his counterpart with confusion.

"Why are ya cryin' your eyes out for?" Alt. Scotyy says. "I've never known a Scottsman to cry!"

"All...All six of them..." Scotty says.

"...Are right here, Mr. Scott." A voice says.

Scott turns to see both the Alt. and U.S.S. Trios walking to the view screen.

Scotty's face bubbles into joy as he wipes his eyes.

Chekov and Sulu merely look, astonished.

Uhura smiles sincerely at Alt. Scott, thanksful.

'Our technology's more advanced than yours, so we didn't lose as much power." Alt. Kirk says, stepping up to the viewer. "They managed to find us just before Maleficent's vessel exploded. It would've taken you an extra minute to locate us, so...You should thank our Scotty for his initiative."

"Scotty..." Kirk says, stepping next to his counterpart. "...Were you crying?"

Scotty;s face immediately turns red as he looks at his Captain with fake defiance.

"N-No, of course not. I just...I just had somethin' in me eye." Scotty says.

The two Spocks step over to the vewing screen as they are seen next to their respective Captains.

"Your current physical characteristics make it apparently evident..." Spock says.

"That you were indeed engaged in a fit of sadness, Mr. Scott." Alt. Spock finishes.

"Oh, what a big load o' help, you are, Spock." Scotty says, embarassed.

"Oh, no need to be embarassed, Scotty." Alt. Mccoy says as he and his counterpart steps to the viewing screen.

"After all..." Mccoy says. "We're glad we man that much to you."

Scotty turns his head away as both crews begin laughing ever so slightly.

The scene zooms on Alt. Scotty as he shows a bottle of Scotch to Scotty as he p[retends to display cheers, then swinsg from the bottle as the scene ends.

Scenes switch to the U.S.S. Bridge soon after.

Kirk, Spock, and Mccoy are seen next to each other as an image of Alt. Kirk, Alt. Spock, and Alt. Mccoy is seen on the viewing screen, in the exact same positions as the U.S.S versions.

"Well, what a ride that was." Alt. Kirk says. "We've been helping worlds for so long, we forgot that even the heroes need saving now and again."

"You have our gratitude." Alt. Spock says. "From the bottom of our hearts."

"Tell me, though..."Alt. Mccoy says. "Did you enjoy what little time with our Keyblades you had?"

"Well...I don't know if enjoy's the right word...especially since we were in danger." Mccoy says.

"It was fun, though...All things considered." Kirk says.

"You know, I finally remember what that memory was." Mccoy says. "It was from a Terran fable called Sleeping Beauty."

"You are referring to the story of princess Aurora, the one who was cursed by a prick from a needle tainted with a sleeping spell. Only her Prince managed to save her with a kiss. A typical fairy tale, Doctor."

"I used to tell Joanna that story all the time..." Mccoy says.

"Well, it seems as if your fairy tales are real in our world, since we've been to that world before." Alt. Spock says.

"Hmmm...So, what happened with Maleficent?" Kirk asks.

"She was killed in the explosion, but I've no doubt she'll revive herself." Alt. Kirk says. "But she won't be intruding in this world again."

"Keptin!" Alt. Chekov says. "I am detecting a mass of energy outside of our vessel."

"Oh no..." Mccoy says, planting a palm on his face.

Scenes switch to the K.S.S exterior as energy flows, then shapes itself into a Keyhole.

Scenes switch to the U.S.S.

"Keptin!" Chekov says. "I am detecting the same anomaly."

"On screen, Mr. Chekov." Kirk says. "Magnify thrity times.

They see the Keyhole.

"That must be that Keyhole thingy their Jim mentioned." Mccoy says.

"Captain. The K.S.S. is sending a message." Uhuira says. "It says...Think of your Keyblade."

"Confusing, Captain..." Spock says. "That seems illogical to perform at this-"

At once, the Keyblades Kirk, Spock, and Mccoy took from their counterparts appear in their hands.

"We are being hailed." Uhura says, turning to face the U.S.S Trio.

Chekov, Sulu, and Uhura look at the swords in awe.

"On screen." Kirk says.

An image of the Alt. Trio appears.

They seem to be wielding the same Keyblades.

"Now we'll show you how to lock a Keyhole." Alt. Kirk says.

Almost instantaniously, the Keyblades assert themselves as Spock, Mccoy and Kirk are slightly pulled by their movement.

The Alt. Trio points their Keyblades facing their ship's viewer as the U.S.S trio struggles to perform the same.

Upon reaching those positions, Light appears from all six swords in a split scene.

Small beams of Light shoot out as Chekov ducks his head to avoid them, then looks on.

Scene switch to the exteriors of both ships.

The beams both phase out from their respective ship and interjoin, forming one final beam that enters the Keyhole.

It disappears in an explosion of Light as a locking sound is heard by both parties.

Scenes switch to the U.S.S. Bridge a moment later, just after the sound is heard.

"Did we just...?" Kirk asks.

An image of Alt. Kirk appears on the viewer.

"You sure did." He says.

"Congratulations, Captain Kirk." Alt. Spock says. "You have just purged the threat of the Heartless from your world."

"We all did." Mccoy says.

"Exactly." Spock says. "It would be illogical to not give you our thanks as well."

Kirk presses a button on his chair.

"Kirk to Transporter Room."

"Scott here, sir." Scotty replies from Communications.

"Did you send the gift?" Kirk says.

"Aye, sir." Scotty says.

Alt. Spock raises an eyebrow.

"We sent you three souvenirs from our world." Kirk says.

"Sir." Scotty says. "Something's coming in..."

"Hostile?" Kirk asks, tense.

"Nay, sir." Scotty says...It appears to be...Ice-Cream?"

"From our world, Captain." Alt. Spock says. "It is Sea-Salt Ice Cream. A delicacy from the Radiant Garden, the headquarters of the Key Kingdom. There is one cone for each of your Senior officers, including Mccoy, Your Spock, and yourself."

Alt. Scott enters his bridge as he gives Alt. Kirk a box covered with white cloth.

Alt. Kirk opens it to see Starfleet Badges.

"One for each of your crew." Kirk says just as Scotty enters the U.S.S Bridge.

Kirk opens his box to reveal blue ice-cream cones in the shape of popsicles, and three star-based medallions.

"The medallions are called Wayfinders." Alt. Mccoy says. "They are proof that our Hearts have bonded in friendship...As one..."

Spock and Mccoy take out the Wayfinders and ater at them.

They look at the other at Alt. Kirk in thanks.

"Well, we're off." Alt. kirk says. "Farewell, friends."

The viewing screen disappears as it returns to the view of space.

Scenes switch to the K.S.S. Enterprise as it is seen on it's space.

"Well, Mr. Spock, what's our destination now?" Alt. Kirk asks.

"Our target is a Class-M world called The Pride Lands, Captain." Spock says. "The atmosphere is suitable for Human life, and is home to a race of Caitians, Captain. Their despotic leader Scar is driving theri economy into ruin as their King is nowhere to be found. We are to locate their king and return him to a location codenamed Pride Rock."

"Very well." Alt. Kirk says. "Mr. Sulu, set a course for the Pride Lands, Warp Factor two."

"Aye, Captain." Alt. Sulu says.

Alt Kirk places his hand in front of him and summons his Keyblade.

He attaches the Starfleet Badge to his Keybalde as it's shape changes.

It is now gun-metal gray with a technological appearence, the Badge acting as it's Keychain.

Alt. Kirk smiles, as he resumes a relaxed stance, his Keyblade disappearing..

Scenes switch to the U.S.S. Bridge.

All of the Bridge crew, SCotty included, is seen taking bites from their Ice-cream cones.

"Salty...yet sweet..." Kirk says.

"Adequate taste, Captain." Spock says. "What is your analysis, Doctor?"

"My analysis is that's it's damn good..." Mccoy says. "Say Jim, do you reckon there's a way to go to their world? I'd really love to visit that Sleeping Beauty world... Take a picture to send to Joanna. Ah, wishful thinking, but a guy can dream."

Mccoy leans against one of the bars above the Caoptain's chair, his mind in daydreaming thought.

"That would be illogical, Doctor." Spock says. "That would not only ivolate the Prime Directive, but would also place the Enterprise in no small peril."

Mccoy looks at Spock with a "Whatever" glance.

Mccoy places his ahnd out in an attempt to summon the Keybalde, only for it to not appear.

"Ah, no such luck.' Mccoy says. "Looks like we couldn't inherit their swords..."

"Again, your thoughsta re illogical, Doctor." Spock says. "That would would violate their Prime Directive. I'm assuming that Starfleet would also wonder what those weapons were. They would want to study them. That my indeed cause a change in the powers of the Federation, and in turn, the lifestyle of our universe. Though I must say...It is fascinating. To summon an energy-based weapon...To actually be able to save the Heart of an entire world...It is truly a subject worth studying."

"Spock." Kirk says. "Just finish your Ice-cream and let the man dream. Besides, who knows, maybe our paths will cross again. I guess friends can be found in the most unexpected places. As for the swords, they were flashy, but that's all they were. Flashy. We're fine with our own lifestyle, wouldn't you say?"

"Affiirmative, Captain." Spock says. "I find techonology much more logical than magic. It contradicts our very lifestyle."

"Oh, please.." Mccoy says. "You could use some magic in your life. Might put a smile on that dreary face of yours."

Spock raises an eyebrow in confusion.

Kirk, sensing a debate that would last hours, immediately digs through his pockets until he finds the Wayfinder he received from the Alt. crew.

Kirk holds up his Wayfinder and ushers bfor the other wto to do the same.

Spock and Mccoy take out their own Wayfinders as they hold them up next to each other.

Spock's is blue, Mccoy's is green, and Kirk's is red.

"To friendship, Gentleman." Kirk says.

"To friends and their dreams." Mccoy says.

"On any and all worlds." Spock says.

The scene zooms on their Wayfinders as the story ends and the credits roll.