Chapter 1: The Crappy Life

I'm just staring at my paper for almost the whole lesson. The school bell rang and thank God, those two periods of calculus are finished. I packed my note book and all my stuff quickly and hurried to the door. I'm holding a record that no one can beat: be the one who first get out of that hell hole. I drew a deep breath and smoothen my hair that looks crap, I never looked like this before, not since I moved in this place which I named 'The living hell' a.k.a.: the town of Harris somewhere in Texas I didn't even bother looking at the map where it is.

It's been 3 months since we moved here, and the 'we' I'm talking about is me, my father and younger little sister. I never wanted to move here or anywhere. I liked that place, the place where I grew up and the place where all of my friends are living and I really miss them so much and that's where my life is.

"Everything was just so perfect back there." I muttered to myself while walking to the locker area. I reached my destination and there it was: the damned locker. I call it the damned locker because it is at the bottom and has graffiti and curses next to the names written on it and it's full of dust and sand inside it. I dumped all my calculus stuff and grabbed my bag quickly and stood up and bumped my head on a locker door.

"Sorry, is your head alright?" The girl asked.

"I'm alright, thanks" I whispered to the girl without looking at her and started walking away from her. I headed to the girls' bathroom and started to take a good look at myself. My hair looks horrible and my lip gloss is so not glossy anymore. Well I don't care how I look anymore since me and my boyfriend broke up 3 months ago when he found out that we're moving. While staring and letting my mind fly away with many thoughts, my eyes noticed an unfamiliar sight on my face, well except for the horrible hair and the not so glossy lip gloss. My eyes look so sad and kinda big, probably because of the thick eyeliner I put on.

Another crappy day has passed and I'm walking home. There are a lot of things are in my mind and that includes ;about the calculus test that we the calculus class are going to do tomorrow, what kind of 'boringness' is gonna takes place on me tomorrow, and many, many more. I was also thinking about my friends back home, what are they doing right now? This time we use to hang out with in malls and parks, giggling and laughing our guts out.

Old days back home, so perfect and – I'm here, standing at our front door, I didn't notice that I was just thinking about random things for what seemed just like few minutes but I'm here at this front door, I didn't know that 15 minutes has passed, well who cares? I'm about to enter my home for the past 3 months.

I turned the knob and took my first step to what would have been home but it doesn't feel like it. A familiar voice called "Sairyll is that you? You here? Get me a bottle of beer from the fridge would ya? And clean up this mess." My father is sitting on his couch and I answered back "Sure" I walked down the kitchen and straight to the fridge where I can find a stock of beer for my father.

"Hey Say' how was school?" My younger sister asked me sitting on the table doing some art stuff.

"Great, how was yours?" I asked lazily.

"It was good but there's a girl in the class who hates me" She said.

"What? Did you do something to her?" I asked her with my voice a little higher than usual.

"Nothing but she suspects that I stole her pink pencil" she said.

"But you do have a pink pencil right? We bought it at K – mart before the start of school." I said to her.

"Yeah and it seems like we have the same pencil and she lost hers and saying that my pink pencil is her pencil." She said.

"Ok, tomorrow, we're gonna – "

"Hey! Where is my beer?" Father yells from the living room.

"Coming! We're gonna sort this out later." I said to her and walked away hugging 4 cold beers.

"Took you time, now clean this up" pointing at the coffee table with full of rubbish and it smells awful. I started to pick up garbages when he shoved me with his feet. "Get out of the way! Can't see the damn show" He shouted and I got out of the way.

I headed to my room and let my body fall on my bed, I looked at my clock and "crap!" I said. I need to do the dishes and take out the rubbish, make sandwiches for tomorrow and also do home works for my social studies and journalism. I like those subjects, it's interesting, but I have to do all of those before I go to sleep and it's already 9:45. "Jeez I think I need to reschedule my house chores, it really hectic right now."

I just finish doing the dishes and done the sandwiches and I'm really tired. I got to bed and hoping that I could dream of something, just something so I can escape reality and go to a wonderland where everything happens. I like dreaming, like I belong to that world and not here.

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