"Obligations" by BitterandBlue1968

Original NCIS story authored by me, myself, and I alone

Disclaimer: I do not own, participate in production, or profit from NCIS. I am just a fan who benefits from the weekly excellent entertainment the show provides.

Chapter 1

Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo

"Listen, I can get the money. I just need to liquidate my assets. Give me some time. You can do that, can't you?" Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. said, while gripping the phone handset tightly.

"Forty-eight hours, Mr. DiNozzo. Forty-eight hours. After that, I will be forced to involve the authorities," the man on the other line spoke softly and firmly.

NCIS headquarters, Washington, D.C.

"Can you believe this? Another sexual harassment seminar." Special Agent McGee looks up from his desk toward his colleague, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo as he walks out of the elevator toward the bullpen. "Tony, who did you hit on this time?"

"Ha, ha, McNosey! How do you know I wasn't the one who was harassed? Or better yet, maybe Zee-vah is responsible." Tony replied looking across his desk the Probationary Agent Ziva David.

"No one who I would harass would live to tell about it, Tony." Ziva glanced over to Tim and winked her left eye.

"Very nice, Probalicious. It's just that kind of talk that gives Human Resources a reason for forcing us to go to these," Tony says while using this fingers to make air quotation marks, "'seminars.'"

"Well, whatever the reason for it, we still have to sit for eight hours and watch boring videos. They may even make us recite something this time." Tim stands up and exits the squad room intending to take the stairs to attend the aforementioned seminar. Looking back and seeing his partners not following him, he turns around to say, "Guys, it starts in thirty minutes. I'm not saving you a seat this time, Tony. You snooze, you lose."

"The only snoozing anybody will be doing will be after the case," Leroy Jethro Gibbs barks while going to his desk to get his sidearm.

"Boss, we're gonna miss the seminar? I'm crushed. I need the learn how to fend of the ladies." Tony ducks after Ziva tosses a pen toward him and catches it with his right hand. "See?"

"Grab your gear," Gibbs says, throwing keys to McGee, "I'll brief you on the way."

McGee returns to his desk to get his "gear," while Ziva and Tony do the same. As Tony reaches into his desk drawer to get his gun, his cellphone rings. He looks down at the caller id and reads "Dad." Rolling his eyes, he turns off the ringer and says, "Let's go probies."

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