*This is my first fanfic. It is a Kuroshitsuji fanfic, and yes it is yaoi. There will probably be several parts, and this is just the prologue, so if anyone else wants me to write more then I will. Enjoy*


"People often think that the soul is what makes a person's character. The soul is actually more of a…vessel. The spirit is a combination of the elements of a person that is guided with a vessel into the afterlife." stated Sebastian.

"Oh…" said Ciel, still very confused.

"You need a soul to live, but your spirit is what lives. Do you have a better understanding of the concept, Young Master?"

"I-I think so." Ciel said, "But will it hurt?"

Sebastian smiled.

"I think you will be very surprised when it happens." Sebastian whirled Ciel around and put his hands on Ciel's shoulders and pulled him closer, almost in an embrace. This caused the nervous boy to swallow hard. "Relax. I'm not going to do it just yet. Do you have any other questions?"

"Well, sort of. I just think that…I need some assurance that you won't just ditch me after you eat my soul. Then I would be stuck on Earth as a ghost and I'd lose you." Ciel said in a sort of whimper. Sebastian got down on one knee and gently took Ciel's hand.

"I promised you that I would never leave you. Do you still have doubts? How can I prove it to you?" Sebastian said, looking deeper into Ciel's eyes. "If you would marry me…would you believe me then?" He stood and scooped Ciel up and cradled him. Ciel touched the demon's face and looked at him with watery eyes. "There is only so much I can do on Earth to express myself, and my feelings for you."

"Then we will get married. You can have me, and my soul on our wedding night." Ciel quietly said and kissed Sebastian.

"That would be wonderful."