The beast with in me

I lost my magic. I lost control of my emotion's. I couldn't control myself. I turned in to a animal. I destroyed everything in my path I didn't care if you where my family, my friend you where there and I had to kill you. But she could control me, she had power over me.

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Harper heard the screaming, she ran as fast as she could up stair's. She ran into Alex's room, see saw the Jerry, Theresa and Justin cowering in a corner. But what scared her was the monster in the room. It was huge and black. The eye's where a glowing yellow .

" What is that" said Harper as she stopped at the Door.

" It's Alex, she turned in to that. HELP US GET OUT OF HERE." yelled Justin as he looked at Harper. Harper nodded her head and looked at the monster that Justin said was Alex. But it couldn't be, it look to scary to be Alex.

" Alex is that you" said Harper as she slowly walked closer to the creature. It looked at Harper and sniffed the air around her.

" Merowl " Purred the beast as it looked at Harper. The cat wolf like monster moved closer to Harper.

" Umm, Alex " said Harper as she backed up a bit. The beast jumped on Harper and pinned her on the ground.

" Aww, Alex " said Harper as she the beast started to lick Harper all over her face.

" Hehehe, stop Alex please that tickles." said Harper as she giggled. Alex started to purr and rub her face all over Harper's face. The Beast pushed it's whole body against Harper's . Harper felt it's whole body, the paw's, the tail, whisker's , tongue and …... penis !

Mine , shes mine thought the animal . As she licked and rubbed her scent on Harper.

" THIS CAN'T BE ALEX IT HAS A-A-A-A A THINGY" screamed Harper as she tried to get away from the black furred beast.

" RAARRRRR" growled the beast as Harper tried to get a way. The beast pinned Harper downed and glared at her for trying to escape.

" It's Alex I'll explain everything to everybody when's she back to her human form . Harper try to calm her down." said Theresa as she Jerry and Justin left the room. Harper watched them leave, leaving her with this cat wolf hybrid beast.

" Calm it down, calm Alex down HOW" said Harper as she looked at the creature lick her. Harper started to pet the beast, rubbing it behind the ear's and under it's chin. Harper could feel the rumble in the chest and the vibration hitting her body. She smiled if this was Alex the petting was working. It had it's eye's close and it was purring.

" Prrrrrrrr, prrrrrrrr" Purred the beast. Slowly the fur retreated and the body got smaller. Bone's where popping and cracking. Giant paw's turned in to small petite hand's. Harper looked at Alex's naked body that huge cat like thing WAS Alex.

" Mmm, My head hurt's and my mouth taste weird" groaned Alex as she talked into Harper's neck.

" Alex get off me your naked and and Oh god you still have a penis" cried Harper as she pushed Alex off her.

" Harper...why am I naked...what happen" said Alex as she stood up. Harper turned her back to Alex and closed her eye's.

" Harper why are you turning your back to me you seen me naked before." said Alex as she walked closer to Harper .

" Well, I thought the first time I see a real live thingy it would be on a GUY" said Harper as she blushed covering her eye's.

"Hehehe what are you talking about..I don't have a PENIS!" yelled Alex as she looked down. In between her leg's was a hanging penis .

"OH MY GOD , WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THAT. WHY IS IT THERE" yelled Alex as she pointed at it. Harper open her eye's and looked at Alex. Harper grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Alex's body.

" Umm, sorry I had to cover it or I would faint." said Harper as she blushed. Alex was rocking back and forth.

" What the hell is going on with me. That wasn't there last night. God Harper what kind of freak am I" cried Alex as she held on to Harper. Harper rubbed her back .

" Your mom knows she said she tell everyone when your calm down. But right now I pretty upset with your mom and your family." said Harper as she glared at the ground . Alex looked up at Harper and saw her glaring at the ground.

" Why, what happen" whispered Alex as she looked at Harper.

" Alex you where a giant cat like wolf thing. I have no idea what kind of thing you where, but you scared everyone even me . Having a giant cat wolf thing on you licking and purring on you it's scary. They all ran off saying it's you, they acted like you were going to kill them. There your family they should of know this was going to happen and they didn't do anything." said Harper as she still looking at the ground.

" I was what!" said Alex as she looked at Harper.

" I wasn't here when you tuned into it but you turned back right on top of me. Alex I never seen anything like that. But what ever you are your still my best friend even if you now have a guy thingy." said Harper as she gave Alex a small smile.

" Let's go talk to my family huh and thanks Harper for umm calming me down and being okay with... well you know the dick and all" said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper blushed bright red at the word dick. Alex rolled her eye's Harper was a sweet innocent girl.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P W.O. of Waverly Place W.O.W.P W.O.W.P

Updated wow now to try to make a forth chap sooner that's if you want trying to update I dram of Harper. I haven't picked yet Gigi or Kelbo. So hard might do both in one chap