Eventually Mitchie fell asleep. Shane walked out in the kitchen.

"I need to get her out of here Mrs. Torres. Mitchie needs a day or something where she can relax and not have to worry about anything."

"I agree 100% which is why I just hung up with your Uncle."

"Uncle Brown, why?"

"Where is the one place that Mitchie would love to run away to the most?"

"Camp Rock."

"Yep, Brown is giving you and Mitchie free access to the whole camp ground starting Friday at 6:00 and ending Sunday at 6:00."

"Just the two of us?"

"Yep you will have the whole camp to yourself. We both are trusting you to be mature about this."

"Of course Mrs. Torres, Like I told Steve I do plan on waiting and I know Mitchie does to. We will be mature about this. I promise. Thank you Mrs. Torres I'm sure this weekend will be great. It's just what Mitchie needs."

Shane smiled and went back into Mitchie's room. She was awake and just sitting on her bed writing in her song book.

"You writing a new song?" he asked.

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep anymore and I had words floating around in my head so I wrote them down."

"Can I hear it?"

"When it's finished. I never let anyone here my songs until they're finished."

"Of fair enough."

He went and sat at the foot of the bed.

"I want you to know that none of what those girls said was true. What happen between your parents had nothing to do with you."

"I know Shane and I really wasn't going to let them get to me but something they said just reminded me of something Axel had said to me at one time and it really upset me. "

Shane sighed. "It was the one about your singing being the reason your father left wasn't it?"

She nodded.

"You know that's not true either. You're an amazing singer."

"I know the flashback is what upset me the most."

"Well you're away from Axel and you never have to go back."

"I know thank you Shane. I love you."

"I love you too."

They leaned in and shared a kiss on the lips. They pulled away but Shane pulled Mitchie in his arms. She sighed in contentment. He kissed her head and she smiled. He was going to make sure she had the best weekend of her life. He was going to make sure she laughed again. First he had to get her through the week and he had no idea how he was going to do that.

"Do I have to go back there Shane? Everyone is going to taunt me about my father."

"You just have to learn to ignore them baby girl. If you ignore them they'll leave you alone."

"I've been ignoring them since I was in 1st grade. How long will it be before they stop?"

"Mitchie when I say ignore them I mean like pretend you don't even hear them. If they say something to you act like you didn't hear and walk away."

"Won't they follow me?"

"No, that will make them seem desperate. They will be so shocked and after a while realize you aren't bothered by them and they'll leave you alone."

"I'll try that Shane, thank you."

"You're welcome Angel."

"Shane what's wrong with me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why is it that I can be so strong and independent at Camp Rock but here at home, when I'm at school I can't stand on my own two feet?"

"Maybe it's because Camp Rock is a place where you feel comfortable and confident because you overcame your shyness while you were there and leaned to stick up for yourself. At school you've been teased and taunted since the 1st grade and never really found the confidence to stick up for yourself."

"I feel like such a baby sometimes."

"You aren't a baby Mitchie you're shy. It's ok to be shy." Shane sighed. "Mitchie did I ever tell you I was bullied in school?"

"What? You were?"

"Yeah, before I become famous. I was the geek. I was the one nobody liked and nobody wanted to be friends with."

"I know how that feels. What did you do?"

"I ignored them. I focused on my music and my school work. Now I'm a world famous rock star. So it's there loss. One day Mitchie you will be a famous rock star too and Amber and whoever else hates you now is going to love you . That's how it worked with me anyway."

"I like the sound of that."

"Good because that Mitchie is your future."

She smiled at him. "How do you always make me feel better?"

"My secret."

Pwease tell me Shane." Mitchie pouted.

"Ack not the lip. Mitchie you're killing me here."

She smiled. "So you'll tell me?"

"There honestly is no secret Baby. I tell you the truth, nothing more and nothing less."

"You're good at it."

"Thank you."

They both smiled at each other and shared a kiss.

That next day Mitchie stood in the doorway of her school shaking.

"You can do this Mitchie. You're strong." Shane soothed rubbing her back.

"Don't leave me today."

"I'm not leaving you even after today."

They locked hands and walked inside. They went over to their lockers. Amber walked right over there.

"So your dad is a lot of fun Mitchie." She smirked.

"Is he? Well good for you." She muttered facing the inside of her locker.

"We went horseback riding and he took me shopping and brought me everything and anything I wanted."

"You did all that in one day?" Shane asked.

"Yep. He is even giving me voice lessons. He said I can even go to camp this summer."

Mitchie tensed. Her father was the one who taught her to sing the first time.

"Good for you. You know I hear Camp Star is looking for campers." Shane told her.

"I don't know. Steve is a really great teacher. I'd never want to replace him."

"Good for you." Mitchie said.

"I'd never be like you Mitchie and go to someone else to teach me."


"You know he told me the reason he cheated in the first place was because of you."

That caused Mitchie to turned around and face Amber.


"He cheated because he didn't feel loved by you and your mom anymore. You didn't want his help singing anymore. You didn't want to be home with him anymore. All you cared about was being at Camp Rock."

"That's not true."

"Isn't it? It's what Steve told me."

"You're lying."

"Nope. He said it himself."

"Just shut it Amber. No one wants to hear it." Shane said.

He took Mitchie's hand and walked off to class.

"Thanks Shane." She said.

"Don't listen to her. Your father cheating was not your fault. I am proud of you though. You held your own pretty well."

"I tried."

"You did good."

Mitchie sighed. "I just don't feel like myself anymore Shane."

"Don't worry baby girl. You will soon."

Shane just smiled. He couldn't wait for this week to be over so they could have a weekend of fun.

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