Chapter 2

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I'm sitting at my desk waiting for the girl who has a appointment with me. I had long, tedious day and need to get laid. I wonder if Jessica is around... she's' lose, but she gives good head...

Where is this girl I'm ready to go. I know the girl isn't late as of yet, but she is trying to get the job of being my personal assistant and I expect her to be earlier then asked. She won't be handling the illegal shit and she's already showing how incompetent she is. Last thing I need is for some bitch to come get me locked up. The whore needs to hurry up, I…..

My inner rant was interrupted by the most beautiful women in the world stepping through the door. She had pale skin and long silk brown hair that I just wanted to run my fingers through. Full lips, deep chocolate eyes. Her body had curves to a perfection. Her ass couldn't be explained, but lets just say it could make a gay man straight.

Then I swore I heard bells. She had spoken, and I had fallen in love. I would make her mind no matter what...

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan." She said.

She looked at the clock noticing she was late. I wanted to press my hand on her burning cheek and kiss her. I wanted to make love to her on my desk and hear her scream my name. I never wanted her to be late, that meant she was wasting time that should be spent with me. She had the job already I don't care if she couldn't do shit. I seriously doubted that since she got the pass from Jasper, my best friend. He's been with me since childhood. Hell he and his bitch of a sister were family. Jasper only accepted the best, he said this nice piece of ass was the best and I would never find a better person for the job. Bet he didn't expect the particular job I have in mind for her at the moment.

I didn't want her to ever be late ever again and me being an asshole, I said harshly...

"You're late. I don't tolerate tardiness Miss Swan," I paused. I wish I was saying Mrs. Cullen, but soon I will. I'll make sure of that. " I hope this won't be a usual thing."

She blushed again looking down and hid her face from me. I hated she did that. My cherry then stumbled to the desk and took a seat while her red cheeks burned and looked up to me with her innocent eyes.

"No sir, sorry." She whispered sounding a bit scarred.

I hated the idea of her being afraid of me. She looked so young probably no older than 21. I had to be older than her, because I was 28 and there was no way she was anywhere near that. I wanted to protect her from every thing. My delicate flower. I wanted to ease her mind so I flashed her a smile that I knew made the girls swoon,. I've been using it to drop panties since I was 15, as I flashed her that smile she flushed again. That would probably be one of my favorite things about her.

"Wait. You said it won't become a problem in the future. Does that mean I have the job?" She asked in a hopeful, but quiet tone.

"Yes" I answered while got a thought. "When are you moving in?"

She looked at me with confusion with a red face.

"Ww..hat" She stuttered surprised.

I was lying bastard. I knew it, but that was not going to stop me. To achieve having her be mine I needed her sweet ass in my house. Also I wouldn't be able to sleep without questions running trough my mind about where she was and what she was doing.

I smirked at her.

"You do know that this is a live in job? A 24 hr service, but if you don't want the job..." I trailed off.

I could tell by the panic look in her face, she either really needed or really wanted this job. I was going to use this to my every advantage.

"No, I want the job. I just wasn't aware that it was a live in job." She paused, "But I'm willing to move in as soon as possible." She said quickly.

My smirk grew more pronounced.

"Good, I'll be at your house by 2:00." I said. I looked at the was 10:00 AM. She has enough time to pack her clothes and other things she needs.

"Your room will be ready by the time you get there and the things you need will be there as well. You will have an office with my schedule and we will go over expectations and grey areas later." I explained.

Bella nodded got up and stumbled her way to the door and nearly tripped, but caught herself and left. I couldn't help but notice she was obviously very clumsy and I don't mind catching her fine ass.

After that Jasper and his wife Alice, and my brother Emmett and his bitch of a wife ,Rose Jasper's twin sister walked through the door. I looked at them with a scowl on my face. I wanted to be alone and think about my cherry.

"So I see you met the new assistant. I had a feeling you would like her. That's why I picked your soul mate. I knew it." Alice admitted jumping up and down. A shit eating grin was plastered on her face.

Alice feelings were usually right. She's one of the reasons why we stay ahead in this game, but also annoying, even though this time it looks as if she came in handy bringing me my angel.

"Awe, Eddy's got himself a crush." Emmett laughed out.

"Shut up." I yelled.

"So, you picked her. Should have known. She can do the work right?" I questioned, with a brow raised.

"Yes of course. Not that you would care if she could." She said with a smirk on her face.

"She graduated top of her class in high school at age 15. Then graduated top of all classes in NYC at age 18 and is now age 19."

Damn she's good. She's younger than I thought, even younger than my sister, who is the youngest of all of us and she's 25. I'll have to teach my little innocent cherry and I wouldn't have it any other way. I smirked at Alice.

"Damn Ed, hadn't figured you were a cradle robber." Emmett let out booming laugh, but was quickly silenced by a slap by his viper wife.

Rose turned to me with a smile on her face, but there was a glint in her eye that made me stiffen. Anytime she got that look it meant trouble. I may be a ruthless mafia boss, but unfortunately there are a handful of people who I can't strangle to death and Rose was one of them.

"Edward I am really happy for you. I saw her picture she is a pretty little thing, and you deserve happiness." She looked at me laying it on thick.

"Me and Alice will make sure she feels welcome, maybe some shoppin-" I couldn't bother to listen anymore to this crap.

"Would you shut the fuck up and tell me what you want." I demanded raising an eyebrow. She scowled. I wonder if she was mad because she didn't get to finish her display or because I told her dumb ass to shut up.

"The designer you're in with, he has a private shoe selection that are reserved for Hollywood stars. I want you to get me an appointment."

"Why don't you get your dearest husband to do it?" I asked smugly. I knew exactly why Emmett couldn't do it and so did she. She let out a huff and Alice giggled quietly.

"You know exactly why, because you're so damn selfish and won't share-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP. You are treading in deep waters bitch, the only reason you breathe the same air as I do is because you suckered my poor brother into marrying you. If anyone is selfish here it's you. Trying to bribe me into paying you to be nice to someone, that's sick. Frankly I don't want you anywhere around her-"

"That is enough, don't talk to my Rosie-" Emmett began to bellow.

"I won't speak to her like that when she remembers to stay in her place! Black mailing me to be nice to my woman isn't a good way to stay in my good graces."

"Edward if you would try to be more understanding-"

"I'll be more understanding when she isn't such money hungry, conceited bitch."
Rosalie screeched, "EXCUSE-"

"YOU"RE EXCUSED! GET OUT OF MY FACE BEFORE I FORGET THAT YOUR INCLUDED IN THE FEMALE SEX!" The room was suffocated with awkward silence and shock. Everyone was gaping and I could care less. Everyone knew I had little patience for Rose. Hell, Jasper and Alice didn't like her either. They were only more silent about it out of respect and love for Emmett.

Rosalie acted kind to them and our parents. Trying to play the perfect wife and in-law role. Alice rarely ever hung out with her. She only did it every once in a while to keep the peace and to appease Emmett.

"Lets try to calm down, come back and talk about this later." Jasper trying to gain control the situation.

"I hadn't realized that you felt that way about my wife. If you would try to spend more time with her you would love her like I do. Rosie please stop trying so hard to piss off Edward and be nice to Edward's new girlfriend. They're family now." Rosalie huffed.

"He is selfish he won't even give you the mansion, so we can start a family there. He won't give you a proper cut of the money earned with this business. She isn't even his girlfriend, she is some ugly little girl Edward has an obsession with!" Emmett sighed.

This complaint was old. All this chick wanted was more money to flaunt. She was using him. I only wish he could see it.

"Keep out of my business, Isabella is none of your concern. You keep this up I kill you and I won't care that you're a woman or my brother's wife. It would be worth it. Eventually he would thank me once he met a proper lady worthy of his time and money." Emmett stood there unbelieving. Rosalie stepped out.

"I think it's time to let things cool down. Edward please try, for me. I would do the same for you." Emmett pleaded before chasing after Rose.

"He is going to regret the day he married that woman." Jasper whispered shaking his head.

"And I will try not to say I told you so."

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