A/N: My inspiration for this one was from Breaking Dawn, of course. The scene on Isle Esme where Bella agrees to be human for a few more years and go to college got me thinking about how the Cullens would act normal when around a college environment. Probably going to be a multi-chaptered story if I can stay focused on it long enough. It will have short chapters just to help continue this story.

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"But you, you just know, you just do." – VCR, the xx

The house was pure Esme with its stark white color palette. As I stepped into the living room, I could see where she drew her inspiration from. With the exception of the blocky gray couch, the floor to ceiling resembled the Cullen's own living room back in Forks.

Edward's purchase of the college town house in New Hampshire was news to me when I heard of it on our honeymoon. This was plan B, the plan where I decided not to become a strikingly beautiful immortal in trade for a "normal" life at Dartmouth, a school I could have never gotten into before I met the Cullens. This was, of course, the work of Edward, the golden-eyed vampire who surprisingly was also my loving husband.

I felt his cool hand grasp mine before I saw his face. And when I looked up, I saw it then. I saw his crooked smile, the tousled bronze hair, and amber eyes. His signature look, one that will never change while I slowly grow older in the next four years of my studies. When I graduate I will be twenty-two, a whole five years older than my forever seventeen lover.

I sighed and shook my head.

"What's wrong?" he asked in a smooth voice and pushed a loose strand of hair out of my face.

"The room," I lied. "It reminds me too much of home." I would be missing my father and best friend in Forks, only to be able to see them on holidays and breaks.

He didn't say whether or not he caught my lie, but I figured he did when he went along with it, "Don't worry, I'm nervous too. This is also my first time having a house to my -our- own."

I cupped his face with my hand, tracing the line of his jaw, smoothing it out, relaxing the tense set of it. I stood on the tips of my toes and gave him a soft kiss, a distraction from his obvious anxiety.

"When will the movers be here?" I asked fervently.

"An hour."

"Then we have time," a smile played on my lips.

He pushed me back onto that gray couch, where we began our first dance in out new house.