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"It's all make believe, isn't it?" – Marilyn Monroe

Such A Terrifying Little Princess

She skips down the corridor, a knowing smile on her face and ruby hair flying behind her. With a smile on his own face, Lorcan watches her from the shadowed nook that he dived into the moment he heard her giggling nearing him. He stays hidden until he can no longer hear her, and then continues on his way down the hall. He can't seem to get rid of the awed smile pulling at the edge of his lips – nor the twinge of sadness in the pit of his stomach. Lucy Weasley is a fairytale princess, and he is no prince charming.

"Hello, Lorcan." He's rounded the corner without paying any attention to where he was walking, and as he finally takes notice of his surroundings, he sees Lucy leaning against the wall, her arms crossed in front of her. His heart beats unevenly as he watches her standing there, a sly smile on her face, her curls falling effortlessly around her heart-shaped face. He has a sudden suspicion that maybe his hiding place wasn't quite so secret after all.

"H—Hi ," he says nervously. She giggles slightly and pushes away from the wall.

"Lorcan?" He loves the way she says his name, the way she emphasizes the first syllable.

Yes?" he says, swallowing audibly. She takes a step closer to him.

"Why were you hiding in the corner?" She looks up at him through thick lashes, and through his nerves, he can barely keep a handle on his train of thought.

"I… umm… I mean…" His eyes flicker to the side, searching for the nearest escape route.

"And why are you so nervous?" Somewhere along the line she has stepped closer and closer toward him, and now there is barely a foot in between them.

"I wasn't hiding," he bursts out, a moment too late.

She gives him a disbelieving look. "Sure you weren't. Explain to me then what exactly you would call crouching down in a shadowed corner, out of sight, just as someone walks by. Although you completely failed at the 'out of sight' part of it." She gives him a conspiratorial wink.

He's beginning to think that he was completely wrong about her. Lucy isn't the sweet innocent girl he's always believed her to be. No, she is completely and utterly terrifying.

She leans forward, and for the slightest of seconds he thinks she is going to kiss him. But she moves past his lips to whisper into his ear. "You look like you're about to wet yourself."

This isn't happening, he thinks. This is just a bad dream that I'm about to wake up from. He closes his eyes shut tight, and takes a deep breath. But when he opens his eyes, nothing is different. Lucy is still standing directly in front of him, waiting for him to say something.

He doesn't know what to say; what can he say to remedy a situation like this? Maybe he should run… maybe he should…. And just like that, the idea comes to him. Part of his mind screams at him that this is without a doubt the stupidest thing he has done since he dove into that corner, but he's already acting, and there's no turning back now. He leans forward, awkwardly pressing his lips against Lucy's. When he pulls back, he might be imagining it, but he could swear she's beaming.

"So that's why you were hiding; that's why you were so nervous," she says, and without waiting for a reply, turns and walks off down the hall; Lorcan stands there staring dejectedly after her. When she is about halfway down the hall she looks over her shoulder at him. "Are you coming or not?"

Instantly he hurries to catch up with her, and once he does, she reaches out and takes his hand. Maybe she's not so terrifying after all, he thinks.

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