"Waning Moon"

Name: Wane Tourniquet (girl)

Hair: Dark Brown almost Black w/ one long silver streak at her part

Eyes: Midnight Blue (Turn silver when using night vision)

Height: 5"7 (169.80cm)

Age: 17

Quick Bio: Adventurous, outgoing, daredevil, tomboy, strong, independent


'Oh great' Wane thought as she walked through the streets looking for Cross Academy.

She smelt blood and death all over this town… And with her knowing that a whole nest of Level Es were lurking about she decided to eradicate the closest since she was in no rush at the moment. She was currently walking after one she caught the scent of fresh blood on into an old looking courtyard.

"Ah, there you are." She said lazily at the frightened Level E cowering in front of her with blood all over its face.

All it did was whimper in fear of her aura and she knew it could smell what she was.

"I shall put you out of your misery." She said her famous line and with that and a flick of her hand the Level E disintegrated into nothingness and leaving only a small pile of ash to represent where it once was.

'I guess I'll be having no vacation while in this town." She though chuckling barely a whisper at her lame joke.

"Off to Cross Academy." She whispered to herself.

With her tailcoat whipping around her ankles and only her shoes clacking against the stone making the only sound in the deserted part of town she continued on her way to her new home… until she was done her job.

She walked through the forest instead of walking on the road like the tomboy she is.

'I wish I could run free.' She though sadly, but she knew her true place was destroying those which she was sworn enemies with.

She ran a hand along her shoulder and to her back where she felt her wrapped sword 'Silver Night' at. It was a very deadly weapon, but could only be used by a werewolf. Not even the purebloods were able to tame it. She unbound it and looked over it inspecting its blade and hindle with intricate designs or the Moon's phases.

"Silver Night, you ready for the upcoming obstacles you'll face?" She asked her sword. It responded by shimmering silver for a second or two.

"Good." She said and bound it once again and began once again on her walk to Cross Academy.

Authors Note:

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