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Chapter 11

(Clary's POV)

Taylor's father wasn't following us but we continued running. My own breath was coming in erratic heaves, I couldn't comprehend how Jace wasn't even looking mildly tired, even with Taylor in his arms.

My eyes narrowed at the sight. Jace's invisibility rune had been gone when he'd darted out of the house and I hadn't had enough time to be jealous but now that I really saw them . . . Something ugly was brewing inside of me. I'd never felt this way before.

Jace stopped very suddenly and I ran into his back, making him lung forward a bit. He kept hold of Taylor though.

We were in the middle of the forest and it was very dark, the moon and stars didn't shine down on us because of the thick foliage over head. I reached into the one of the hidden pockets of my gear and took out my witch light, letting it shine through the cracks in my fingers. Jace glanced at me in appreciation and smiled. Isabelle came up beside me. I couldn't help but tense a little bit . . . I trusted them but that couldn't erase a habit that's been forming for a while now. I was just cautious of everyone now.

"We're meeting my mother and Magnus out by the lake." Isabelle told me.

I looked at her, confused.

"Oh, my mother is Mayrse and she's the head of the Institute where Jace, Alec-he's the guy you saw last night-and I live. Magnus is the warlock that your mom had erasing-"

"Isabelle," Jace said sharply

"What? She's going to find out eventually." Isabelle said defensively.

"My mother . . . She's alive?" I asked, voice barely above a whisper.

Jace's lips pursed and he shot a nasty glare at Isabelle. "Clary, I think it would be better to just slowly introduce you to everything and now is definitely not the time to be explaining anything."

I raised an eye brow at him. "Jace." I smiled sweetly. "You will tell me, right now, if my mother is dead or alive. I'm a shadow hunter, I can handle it either way."

Jace and Isabelle both looked shock by my tone and words. I wondered briefly what I had been like before-when they'd known me. Was I a more timid shadow hunter? Was I a bad one?

Isabelle cracked a grin. "And I though she could handle you before, Jace! Wow, this is going to be great." Isabelle turned and started walking away, her long braid swishing back and forth.

"Well?" I prompted.

Jace's brow was furrowed. He muscles were flexed, more pronounced with the extra weight of Taylor in his arms. It felt strange having her in between us, even if she wasn't conscious.

"She's somewhere in between." Jace said truthfully.

My brow creased. "What do you mean?"

Jace just shook his head and looked back at Isabelle. "Clary, now is not the time. We'll explain when we're back in New York."

Him saying that distracted me in a whole other way. "New York?" I asked as we started jogging up to Isabelle.

"Yeah, it's where we live." He explained.

"What's . . . what is it like?" I asked, curiosity soaking my words.

"Dirty." Jace said with a laugh. "But some parts are beautiful. You especially liked Central Park. Great place for drawing, you said."

"Huh." I said, letting this soak in. Suddenly, the night was pierced by a blood curdling scream. Jace and I both froze for a moment, looking at each other. I could see his pupils suddenly dilate with fear.

"Izzy." He choked out and, without hesitating, placed Taylor on the ground and went storming through the forest, two glowing seraph blades already in his hands. I wasn't about to sit back and wait. I pulled two daggers from my thigh sheathes and sprinted after him, my heart beating crazily and my hands shaking out of fear for this girl I apparently knew but knew nothing about.

I screeched to a halt besides Jace and we both looked with dismay on the scene in front of us.

Three slithering training demons were moving around and terrified looking Isabelle who was being held by her long mane of black hair, a glinting blade at her throat and a trail of blood already dripping down her neck.

Jonathon held her secularly, a grin on his devilish face. "Hello Clarissa. Jace." He nodded at us.

I saw Jace's jaw tightened out of the corner of my eyes. Taking a deep breath, he took a threatening step forward, eyes trained on Jonathon like a predators on its prey.

"Ah ah ah." Jonathon warned, his knife drawing more blood from Isabelle's neck. I could see her biting her lips to keep from crying out in pain.

Jace froze again, his eyes still straight forward.

"Nice to see you again, Jace."

"I know it is. Sorry I can't say thee same to you. Frankly just the thought of you gives me a head ache."

Jonathon's eyes narrowed in annoyance. He never knew how to react to someone with a smart mouth.

"Let's get down to business." Jonathon finally retorted.

"Business? I'm sorry Jonny-Boy but I'm far too smart to do business with you." Jace said.

Jonathon's lips pursed. "Look Goldy Locks, here's the deal. You give my Clarissa and Taylor and I will give you back Isabelle."

"How about I take all three with me and try really, really hard to pretend I'm not going to kill you." Jace grinned at him.

"No deal." Jonathon said, his grip tightening on the hilt as the knife as he prepared to slice it through Isabelle's throat.

Before he could hurt her any further though, my dagger was flying through the air straight at the two of them.

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