I haven't posted a poem or story in ages but I came upon this poem that I had written while bored at work about a year ago. So I put it up. Hope you enjoy!

So came the day that night had fallen

and the hour she fell, too

and upon her falling come the world to take her

and the world became hers, too.

But so many souls wanted her glow

and she just wanted him.

From a boy to a man

and a man to a king

His life could no longer be dim.

How the light would show from her divine heart

When their eyes would meet

and dance they would until she out shown

the world's constant beat.

When it was known they could be forever

After their struggles had been passed,

They received the applause of their world

And knew what they had done would last.

So once this boy, man, king, knew he had the heart of this star

To the heavens they disappeared

But never drifting too far.