Frozen Sunflowers

Ch. 18

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A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams. ~Unknown

Today was turning out to be a normal average day for England. He woke up at six in the morning, had breakfast, and he left his home at an early hour so he could get to the meeting on time. England went to the meeting room early the same as always. He sat down at an empty chair that was at the long table and opened his suitcase to get out everything that he would need for the meeting just as he always would. Everything was going just how it always had before he had to take care of the chibi Russia, but now his once regular schedule felt wrong. After having to take care of the small child that was Russia for a few months he had gotten used to taking care of the small child so having to go back to his regular old schedule so suddenly felt very strange.

He had long since gotten used to waking up in the mornings and having to take care of little Russia. He was used to having the child help him make breakfast and he was used to having the child ask "What are we doing today?" all while giving him a happy innocent smile. He was used to hearing and seeing cartoons playing on the TV and he was used to hearing the childish laughter fill his house, but now his house was quite and the TV would play cartoons no more. Russia was back to normal now and there was nothing England could really do about it. However, the thing that really bothered England was not so much the fact that Russia was back to normal but the fact that Russia had most likely forgotten everything.

It hurt to think that all of the time he had spent with him would all be forgotten about by the Russian nation. Sure, there was a chance that Russia would remember everything but the chance was so small England was not even going to hold his breath. He was just going to have to accept the fact that his little brother was gone. However, the fact that his little brother was gone and he was never coming back was consonantly going through his head and England just could not shack it out of his thoughts. No matter how hard he tried and no matter how hard England wished he could think about something else the thought that he had lost yet another person that he cared about just would not leave.

So in the end England just sat in his chair in the meeting room and blankly looked at the table. A couple of the nations that were already in the meeting room looked at England in pure curiosity and confusion. They wondered just where Russia could be and they were also wondering just why England seemed so out of it. However, none of the nations could really build up the nerve to go and ask what was up and it was only after ten minutes of just simply staring at the English nation that one o f the nations (said nation being the shy and quite Canada) finally walked over to find out just what was up with the British nation.

"England?" Canada called out softly as he sat down in the empty chair that was next to England.

England looked up from the table and over at the Canadian nation before he gave him a week smile and said "Hello Canada."

Canada smiled gently at him before he asked "England, where is Russia?"

England's week smile immediately disappeared before he looked back down at the table and said "Russia has been turned back to normal."

A couple of the nations who where in the room started to mumble about how they wished he could have stayed as a child a bit longer when they heard England say this and Latvia started to shake a little at the knowledge that the extremely intimidating Russian nation was back. England just ignored the noise that the nations where making at the news that Russia was back to normal and Canada looked at Latvia with a bit of sympathy in his eyes before he shook his head slightly and looked back over at England.

"Does Russia remember his time as a child?" Canada asked.

"Russia will most likely not remember anything about the incident." England said.

Canada blinked a few times in confusion before he asked "Most likely not remember? So does that mean that there is a chance that he will remember?"

England sighed slightly before he said "The chance is so small that I would not get my hopes up."

Canada was quite when he heard this, but then he asked quietly "Are you going to be ok?"

England just gave him a week smile and said "I'll be fine."

Canada just made a face that seemed to say 'I don't believe you', but before Canada could voice his disbelief the sound of the door opening stopped him. The nations in the room all looked over toward the door only to see Russia walk in with his two sisters following after him. Russia walked into the room and walked right past England and Canada before he sat at the very end of the table. England looked at the Russian nation for awhile before he looked back down at the table.

"He doesn't remember…" England whispered quietly.

Canada looked away from Russia and over at England before he asked "What did you say?"

England did not reply to the question he just continued to look blankly at the table. Canada just sighed sadly as he looked back over at Russia. Canada had a feeling that this was going to be a long week…

The meeting was turning out to be very strange and rather uncomfortable for almost all of the nations there. The nations who had been in the room when Russia first walked in where quick to contact other nations by texting or phone call and say that Russia was back to normal and that they should not say a word about the chibi Russia incident. Any nation who was not informed by phone was quickly told by some nation the second they walked into through the door. Nations immediately started to whisper to each other about the fact that Russia was back to normal all while occasionally looking at said nation. Russia seemed to not notice the hushed talking of the other nations and he did not even really take notice of the nations all looking at him. Russia just continued to give that faint smile that just generally creep most of the nations out.

By the whispered talks and dozens of text messages, all of the nations quickly decided to keep quiet about the chibi incident. Once all of the nations where in the meeting room and they had been informed not to say anything about the incident the meeting officially began. The meeting went on as it usually did, but a couple of the nations where acting rather strangely. Ukraine and Canada where frowning during the whole meeting and they both kept looking at Russia and England during the whole meeting and they seemed to be relatively distracted during the whole meeting. England was completely and utterly out of it, he was not paying attention at all and whenever someone talked to him he was usually unresponsive and when he did talk he usually said very little.

France had even tried to annoy him during the beginning of the meeting, but England was just unresponsive to everything that he did that France ended up giving up on getting the British nation to do anything. Russia seemed to be acting like his usual self and he did not seem to notice that anything was different, but no one could really tell if Russia truly did not notice the fact that a few of the nations where acting odd or if he simply did not care. All in all things where becoming highly uncomfortable for the nations who had noticed the strange behavior. It was strange to see England look so lost and sad and it was also strange to see Ukraine and Canada look so serious and conflicted. The nations (the ones who noticed anyway) where starting to hope with all of their hearts that today's meeting would end soon and that everything would be back to normal at tomorrow's meeting. Fortunately for them, today's meeting ended at about one in the afternoon instead of at three like it usually did and they could not have been more grateful for this.

However, out of all of the nations in the room no one seemed as grateful for the early dismissal as England was. The second that the meeting finished up for the day England grabbed his stuff and ran out of the room as fast as possible. Canada quickly gathered up his stuff before he went racing off after England. A couple of the nations where surprised to see England race out of their so fast, but they quickly brushed their surprise off and gathered their own stuff up before they also left the meeting room. Slowly but surely the nations slowly left the room until the only ones left in the room where Ukraine and Russia and the second that everyone else was gone was the second that Ukraine started to talk to her little brother.

"Russia…" She called out softly as she slowly walked over to where her brother stood.

Russia just gave her a gentle smile before he said "It seemed like everyone was talking about some sort of secret today, da?"

Ukraine nodded softly before she said "The secret involves you."

Russia blinked a few times in confusion before he asked "What are they saying about me."

Ukraine was quite for a few moments before she answered "That you have forgotten someone, someone who is important to you."

Russia was quick to say "I have not forgotten anyone dear sister."

Ukraine just frowned at this before she shook her head and said "You have forgotten someone and this fact is tearing them apart."

Ukraine gave her brother a week smile before she said "Please brother, you have to remember that person."

Russia frowned at this before he asked "Who do I need to remember?"

Ukraine just shook her head before she said "That is something that you need to figure out on your own."

With that said Ukraine started to walk out of the room. She paused for a moment once she reached the door and looked over at Russia before she said "Good bye Russia, I will see you tomorrow and please remember that person."

And once she had said that Ukraine walked out of the room and left Russia there alone in the room….

Night fell across London and Russia had yet to remember this person that he had supposedly forgotten about. This was slowly starting to annoy him and another thing that annoyed him was the fact that all the other nations of the world seemed to know who this person was. Another thing that bugged the Russian nation was just why was everyone talking about this forgotten person now? When Russia thought about it for a awhile he had to wonder if he had possibly met this person a couple months ago. His memory of the past few months where rather fuzzy, but when he had asked his sisters why his memories where so fuzzy they had quickly said it was because he had been very sick for the past couple months and the sickness had affected his memory.

Now this was not too unbelievable, he had gotten sick like this before when his economy was doing very badly once a long time ago and his memories of the time where rather nonexistent at best. However, the problem was juts who was it that he could have met during the supposable sick spell and just why where they so important to him? Another thing that made Russia think was what Ukraine had said. According to her, this person was being torn apart by the fact that Russia could not remember them and Russia could not help but wonder why. Just what was his relationship with this person and why where they being affected so badly by Russia not remembering them? This whole situation just did not make sense to Russia and thinking about it just made his head hurt.

After awhile, Russia just decided to think about it tomorrow and he went straight to bed. However, as Russia closed his eyes and started to fall asleep he could swear that he heard what sounded like a lullaby being sung ever so softly….

so stay in my memory
you can hide out there
don't take all my thoughts today
so I can start to begin again

Russia was dreaming he knew he was dreaming and in his dream he could hear someone singing a lullaby. What was strange about the lullaby was the fact that the song sounded so familiar, but he knew he had never heard the song before. Russia opened he eyes only to realize that he was the size of a small child in this dream and he was being held in someone's arms and that someone was rocking him ever so gently. However, when Russia looked at the mysterious person he could not see their face. His face was covered by the shadows and Russia just could not see the persons face, the only thing that was not covered up by darkness was the person's mouth.

This annoyed Russia to no end, the room was brightly lit and yet the one thing he wanted to see was completely covered up by shadows. Well, Russia could tell that the person holding was holding him was a male and he had rather bright blond hair Russia was happy that he could know that if nothing else. A quick look around the room showed Russia that he was in a meeting room and that their where all kinds of nations sitting on cots that where set up around the room. A couple of the nations in the room where fast asleep on their cots while the rest of the nations where awake and watching the mysterious man rocked Russia in his arms and they all had soft smiled on their faces. The man was singing the lullaby in a gentle tone, but he sang loudly enough that he could be heard by everyone in the room.

Russia could faintly hear the sound of a storm in the background, but he was far too interested in the man and his lullaby to care about some storm in a dream. The lullaby was very comforting and Russia thought it was rather nice. Also, Russia could not help but feel comfortable and safe in this mysterious person's arms. He also felt like this whole entire moment was rather familiar as well.

"Who are you?" Russia asked as he looked at the man.

The man stopped singing and he smiled softly before he said "That's something you need to remember on your own."

Russia opened his mouth as if to protest to this but the man interrupted him by saying "Please Russia, remember your promise."

Russia was about to ask what this promise of his was but before he could ask he felt his eyes grow heavy and before he could really realize what was going on he blacked out. When Russia opened his eyes again he was lying in his bed in the hotel room. Russia sat up on his bed and shook his head a little. According to this dream Russia had made a promise to this mysterious man, but just what could that promise have been? Russia did not know, but he did know one thing. He was going to remember his promise and this mysterious man no matter what….

The meeting went by like a blur for Russia. He was thinking so deeply about his dream and this forgotten promise of his that he barely even noticed the time pass by. However, Russia was happy to have the meeting end so quickly. He wanted to figure out who this mysterious man from his dream had been and so far the only person that Russia was aware of who could knew who the man is was his sister Ukraine. Ukraine had told him that he had to remember this person on his own, but that did not mean that Russia could not at least get a hint or a clue of some sort that could tell him who this mysterious man was.

However, Russia knew he could only ask Ukraine about it when the meeting was over so it was really no wonder that Russia had been so happy that the meeting ended so quickly. Russia waited for all of the nations to leave the room before he started questioning his sister.

"This person that I have forgotten is a man, da?" Russia asked.

Ukraine, who had been gathering up her papers when Russia asked his question, froze for a few seconds before she looked over at her brother.

"Yes he was a man." Ukraine said slowly.

Russia smiled slightly before he asked "Did this man sing me a lullaby?"

Ukraine nodded her head slowly before she said "Yes, he did. Does that mean you are starting to remember?"

Russia just smiled at her before he said "I'm starting to remember a little, but I have one final question. Did I ever make a promise to this person?"

Ukraine was quite for a few minutes before she said "I don't know the answer to that. However, it is possible that you made a promise to him, but if you did I don't know what it could be."

Russia was a little disappointed to hear that, but there was not much he could do about it. It looks like if Russia wanted to remember he was going to have to figure this out on his own.

"Thank you sister for telling me this. Now I must take my leave, I will see you tomorrow." And with that said Russia left the room….

Night fell once more and Russia had been quick to go to bed tonight. He was hoping that he would dream some more and hopefully remember something, and sure enough he did indeed dream. However, this dream was a bit different then the dream he had last night. He was his normal size and age in this dream, but he was also transparent like a ghost. He was also standing alone in some hallway of a house that did not look all that familiar. Russia could also hear that lullaby being sung ever so faintly. Russia immediately followed the sound of the singing and the closer he got to the source of the lullaby the louder it got.

Eventually the lullaby led him to a door at the end of one of the many hallways in the house. The singing could be heard from behind the door, but when Russia reached out to open the door the singing immediately stopped. Russia froze for a few seconds before he quickly grabbed the doorknob and quickly opened the door. Russia quickly walked into the room only to see a surprising sight. The room was full of boxes and in the very middle of the room were the mysterious man and a small child version of Russia himself.

There where various old things lying around them, like a couple of beat up old stuffed animals and some wooden soldiers that had obviously seen better days. There was also an old musket sticking out of a box near where the man was sitting and there was a painting lying near the box, but Russia did not care enough about the painting to really sit there and look at it. Russia watched as the younger version of himself got up from his seat on the floor and ran over to the mastery man and gave him a hug. The man was frozen for a few seconds but he immediately started to hug the child back.

"Big brother, even when I grow up and become an adult your still be my big brother. I promise that no matter how old I get your still be my big brother no matter what." The child said as he hugged the man even tighter.

The man just seemed to hug the child even tighter as he whispered just loud enough for Russia to hear "I'll hold you to that…"

Russia was froze right where he was standing when he saw this scene, but he was also froze because of what heard. For some reason hearing the younger version of himself say big brother just caused an echo of voices to go off in his head.

'Big brother!'

'Big brother!'

'Big brother, I love you.'

And then without warning everything just started to click in Russia's head. He knew where this place was, he remembered his promise, and he remembered that special person that he had forgotten.

"So you remember?" A British accented voice asked from behind Russia.

Russia immediately turned around only to have the scene around him change. No longer was he standing in a storage room, but instead he was standing in a large field of sunflowers with a blond haired green eyed English man looking right at him.

"Big brother England…" Russia whispered as he looked at the man.

England did nothing but smile at Russia when he heard his name…

Russia did not show up at Wednesday's meeting and England was beyond worried. Ukraine had said Russia was not feeling well and that was why he was not their today, and England had to wonder if he had gotten the flu again. England really wanted to visit Russia to see if he was alright and he really had to hold himself back from doing just that. Russia did not remember his time with England so it would be strange if England just randomly showed up at his hotel room to check up on him. England sighed slightly and shook his head as if to get rid of his thoughts about Russia.

He looked out the window only to see that it was raining hard outside and this just caused England to sigh yet again. England was about to go and make himself some tea, but the sound of his doorbell ringing ended up stopping him. England wondered slightly just who in the world would be visiting him now of all times, but he figured America had come over to annoy him like always. England opened his front door all ready to yell at America, but he froze when he saw that the person at his door was not America but was Russia. Russia was soaked from the rain, but he had a smile on his face and he looked like he was relatively happy.

"May I come in?" Russia asked the smile never leaving his face.

England immediately snapped out of it before he opened the door up wider and said "Please, come in."

Russia walked in and England closed the door behind him before he looked over at the Russian nation.

"I thought you were sick…" England said softly.

Russia's smile softened a bit before he said "I'm feeling much better now."

England saw Russia's smile soften a little, but he figured he was just imagining things.

"Well, then since you're here I should make you some tea. I should probably tell you what happen at the meeting today if your sisters haven't already." England said before he started to ramble on about the meeting.

Russia just continued to smile as he walked up to the British nation and gave him a hug.

"I promised you that you would still be my big brother even when I grew up, da?" Russia asked softly as he looked down at the nation that he was hugging.

England just looked up at the Russian nation with wide eyes before he whispered "You remember?"

Russia just hugged the nation a bit tighter before he said "I remember everything. I'm sorry I forgot big brother England."

England felt a few tears fall from his face, but he could care less about that.

England just hugged the nation back and said "It's alright, as long as you remember now everything is all right."

Russia laid his head down on top of England's head before he whispered "I'm back big brother."

England just smiled and said "Welcome back little brother."

And so the two nations just stood there in England's home and hugged each other as if the other would disappear if one of them should break the hug. The two brothers where back together again and they both promised themselves that they would never lose each other again….

The end… Or is it?

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