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A/N: Okay, somehow I keep coming across stories where Harry gets de-aged and I really like them. I've never read one where it's Remus who gets de-aged so I figured he'd make a cute kid :D I should probably be updating my other stories, but I kept thinking about this one instead. Also as a warning- this is sort of slash I guess. Sirius and Remus are together, but Remus is about four through most of this story. So even if you don't like slash you should be fine- I refuse to make Sirius a perv or anything like that. He definitely will not be thinking about Remus that way until he's older again. Even then, it won't be anything major. :D Oh- and there's not going to be corporal punishment either, I'm just not very comfortable writing that =)

Sirius has always been the type of person that reacted to situations first and thought about them after. That is what made this particular situation so much worse- he had no idea what to do. His boyfriend- his thirty-five year old boyfriend- was currently standing in front of him looking no older than four.

"Remus?" Sirius heard himself gasp out. Being in his parent's old home was clearly affecting him worse than he thought. Perhaps he was just seeing things, not that going mad was much more comforting, "What the bloody hell happened?"

"I was getting the twins, but I got hit with a potion!" answered Remus as he pointed a tiny little finger at the two guilty looking boys behind him. "Now I'm wittle!"

"Did you just say wittle?" asked Sirius with a raised eyebrow, a small smirk appearing on his face.

"It's not funny!" huffed Remus. "Make me bigger, Sirius!"

Sirius turned his face to the boys, "What did he even get hit with?"

"We're not sure," replied George nervously. "We've been trying to create a candy that will temporarily de-age somebody a few years, but we're still in the experimental stage. It's not supposed to make them this much younger!"

"We didn't mean to get him!" defended Fred. "The potion exploded when he opened the door. We ducked in time, but he was hit with the whole thing. Next thing we know, he's about four and his clothes are hanging off of him. So we shrunk them and brought him to you."

Sirius took a deep breath, "Right. First thing we're going to do is find a way to hide him from your mother-"

"What exactly are you hiding from me?" demanded Molly as she came into the room.

"Me!" smiled Remus brightly. Molly clutched her heart and looked as though she were about to faint. "They twin's made me wittle on mistake and Sirius is helping them fix me."

Molly turned to the boys with rage in her eyes, "How could you do something like this? How many times do I have to tell you not to experiment in the house? Now look what you did to poor Remus! You should be-" she broke off as she felt a tugging on her sleeve causing her to look down.

Remus was staring up at her with large, bright amber eyes, "It's otay, Molly. Sirius will fix me! You don't have to yell at them."

Sirius winced, "Actually, I don't know how to do that, Remus."

"WHAT!" screamed Remus in a way that only toddlers could. "You has to fix me! I don't wanna be wittle anymore! I wike being big!"

"Of course you do, dear," said Molly soothingly, her maternal instincts automatically coming out. "Why don't you come help me make some biscuits while Sirius fire-calls Albus."

"I'm not really a baby!" whined Remus stubbornly, "I can call him myself!"

"They're chocolate and I'll let you lick the bowl after," bribed Molly.

"Otay! Sirius can call him," decided Remus as he took Molly's hand and pulled her towards the kitchen. "Can we make lots of them?"

Sirius watched as Remus led Molly from the room, torn between amusement and fear. He walked over to throw some powder into the fireplace. He called out for Albus and waited for the man to notice him.

Soon Albus was kneeling down in front of the fire, "What can I do for you, Sirius? Is everything alright?"

"Not quite," answered Sirius as he ran his hand nervously through his hair. "Remus got hit with a potion the twins were experimenting with. He's- er- well, you may want to come look for yourself."

"Should I bring Madam Pomfrey?" asked Albus worriedly.

"Perhaps? I think he's all right without her, but as much as it pains me to say it- you may want to bring Snape. I have a feeling we may need a potion to fix this," replied Sirius grudgingly. Snivellus was the last person he wanted to see, but he had to admit he was probably the only person able to help Remus.

"I see," said Albus thoughtfully. "Allow me to go find Severus and we will arrive there shortly."

"Thank you," said Sirius. He stood up and turned to face the twins- who backed away suddenly. "It's alright. I'm not angry with you- we'll fix this. I'm going to check on Moony, could you two let Albus and Snape know where we are?"

"Sure thing, Sirius," nodded Fred.

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