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Sirius walked into the kitchen to find not only Remus and Molly, but also Harry and his friends. Even though he was completely covered in flour at this point, Remus looked like he was having the time of his life. Hermione was trying to sweep the worse of it off the floor, Ginny was trying to help Remus stir the batter, while Harry and Ron were trying not to laugh out loud.

Sirius walked over to Molly, who was standing near the stove, "Albus and Snape should be here shortly. The twins are going to let them know where we are."

Molly sighed, "I hope they know how to fix this. I'd say it's safe to assume he still has all of his adult memories, but he does seem much more child-like in nature at the moment."

Sirius nodded his head in agreement, "I noticed." His main concern at the moment was the full moon that would be occuring on the next night- hopefully they could fix this before then.

Remus looked up and noticed Sirius had entered the kitchen, "Sirius! Come look what I did!"

Sirius walked over to him and peered into the bowl. He sincerely hoped that Molly was making back-up biscuits because Remus' did not look very edible. Of course he wasn't about to tell him that, "Wow, Moony! Those look- er- really great."

"He said he's going to make one for all of us," laughed Harry. "I suggested he makes an extra big one- just for you."

"Did you? Wasn't that just so thoughtful of you," replied Sirius as he sent a small glare towards his smirking Godson.

"You can't look when I make yours!" said a very serious looking Remus, "Molly's gonna help me make it special for you!"

Sirius tried to smile, though it probably came out as more of a grimace, "Oh, I'm sure it'll be special alright."

"I'd say," snickered Ron.

Hermione slapped both Harry and Ron on the back of their heads- much to Sirius' delight. "Will you two be nice! I think Remus is doing a wonderful job on the biscuits."

Remus sent her a crooked little grin, "Thank you, 'Mione! I'll make yours special too, otay?"

"Why thank you, Remus- that would be great," smiled Hermione. Sirius couldn't help but wonder if she had actually seen in the bowl yet.

Luckily, before any more comments could be made the door opened to reveal a concerned Albus followed by a sneering Snape.

"So, what appears to be the prob- oh my- I think I've figured it out for myself," chuckled Albus as he spotted Remus. "What on earth has happened to you, dear boy?"

"I'm wittle and I'm making biscuits with Molly! I'm gonna make Sirius and 'Mione special ones too! You want one?" explained Remus without pausing for a single breath.

"I would love one," replied Albus with his usual twinkle. "That's very kind of you, Remus. In the mean time, would you mind if I cast a quick spell on you?"

Remus shrugged, "If you want to."

Albus cast a few diagnostic charms- his eyebrows raising slightly as he read through the results, "Very interesting. Could I borrow all of the adults out in the hall for a moment?" Albus continued after he noticed Remus was about to follow as well, "Actually, Remus, I was rather looking forward to tasting one of your biscuits- perhaps you would stay here and finish them for me?"

Remus laughed, "I will! I'm almost done!"

"Very good," smiled Albus. He then led Sirius, Molly, and Severus out into the hall before casting several silencing charms.

"What did you find, Albus?" asked Sirius worriedly. "You can help him, right?"

Albus sighed, "Well, it appears Remus is physically four years old. It seems the potion allowed him to retain all of his adult memories, though his impulses are currently that of a child. Bearing that in mind, it is important for him to be looked after until he is returned to his rightful age once more. This will be hard on him- as I'm sure you can well imagine. I believe the only way we will be able to fix this is with a potion. Severus, what would you suggest?"

"There is only one potion I know of that would allow him to age that many years. It's quite complicated and takes a month to brew- I can start working on it tonight," answered Severus. He held no desire to help a Marauder, but he didn't think Albus would accept that answer. At least this way, he would be able to hide out in his lab instead of coming to headquarters constantly.

"A month?" gasped Sirius. "He has to stay this way for a month?"

"It would appear so," replied Albus. "As I said, he will need to be looked after. Luckily, there are enough people here that it shouldn't be too difficult."

"What about the full moon? It's tomorrow night! He's really going to have to go through that as a four year old?"

"I'm afraid so," sighed Albus sadly. "He was bitten on his fourth birthday so he has been through it before, but he will still have his Wolfsbane. Hopefully that will help him some."

Sirius wasn't very comforted by the thought. The Wolfsbane only allowed him to keep his human mind- it did nothing for the pain. He knew how much Remus suffered with it as an adult, but how much worse would it seem to a little boy?

While Severus had left to start brewing the potion after their conversation, everyone else returned to the kitchen.

However, Sirius, Albus, and Hermione promptly found themselves kicked out by a very stern Remus, "I has to make yours special! I can't do that if you're here!"

A laughing Harry had come to retrieve them about an hour later, "Remus would like the three of you to return to the kitchen now."

They had entered the kitchen to find Remus bouncing up and down excitedly, "I'm all done! You're gonna love them!"

With that he handed Hermione a biscuit that was in the shape of a cat, "It's Cooksanks!"

Hermione quickly elbowed Ron in the stomach for laughing at Remus' mispronunciation, "Thank you, Remus! You did an amazing job." She then bent down to give him a small kiss on the cheek- causing his cheeks to turn red as he smiled at her.

He then turned to Albus and handed him a castle shaped biscuit before announcing proudly, "It's Hogwarts!"

Albus laughed joyfully, "So it is! I must say, it looks absolutely delicious. Thank you."

"You're welcome," smiled Remus.

He finally turned to Sirius with a bright smile before handing him the final biscuit- this one was much bigger than the others and was in the shape of a heart.

Sirius found this both a bit awkward and unbelievably adorable, "Thank you, Remus! It looks great!"

"You like it?" asked Remus nervously.

"I love it," smiled Sirius. He then remembered the concoction that had been in the bowl before adding, "In fact, I love it so much that it would be a shame to eat it! I'll just have to hold on to it as a reminder, won't I?"

Remus positively beamed at this. He then- to everyone who wasn't Sirius' amusement- leaned forward like he wanted a kiss.

Sirius looked positively alarmed at this notion. How was he going to explain to Remus that they were just friends until he was no longer four? He found himself wishing that Remus did not have his adult memories.

Unfortunately, Remus must have noticed the look on his face because his lips suddenly started quivering, "You don't love me no more?"

Sirius sent glares at the snickering people behind them, "Th-that's not it! You know what? How about- until you're big again- you give me a kiss right here on the cheek?"

Remus cheered up as Sirius picked him up to give him a hug, allowing Remus to give him a kiss on the cheek, "love you."

Sirius tried with all his might to resist the urge to wipe the rather large amount of slobber off of his cheek- it wouldn't do to upset Remus once again. He just sighed instead, "I love you too, Moony."

Remus laid his head down on Sirius' shoulder, "I'm tired, Sirius."

"Okay, why don't I go lay you down on one of the couches and you can take a quick nap?" suggested Sirius.

"Otay," whispered Remus quietly as he started to doze off.

Harry was about to walk up the stairs when he heard whimpering coming from the sitting room. He walked in to find Remus still curled up on the couch where he had fallen asleep after making his biscuits, but the young boy currently had tears falling slowly down his face.

Harry worriedly went and sat beside him on the couch, "What's wrong, Remus?"

Remus started sniffling as he tried to stop crying, "Nothing."

Harry gave him a small smile and started rubbing small circles on his back, "You're not crying for nothing- you can tell me, it's okay."

With that, the last of Remus' adult restraint seemed to fail and the little boy threw himself into Harry's lap, "My belly hurts really bad- the moon makes it hurt."

Harry sighed, he knew Remus got sick around the full moon a lot, but he had never realized it was that bad. Obviously his adult body was much more used to the pain and he was able to hide it better. "I'm sorry, Remus. Is there anything that will make it better?"

"No," sobbed Remus. "I don't want the moon, it's not fair."

"I know it's not," said Harry. "Would you like me sit with you for a little while? It might help some."

"You want to?" asked Remus hopefully through his tears.

"Yes, I do," smiled Harry. Honestly, who would be able to tell that face no?

Remus gave him a small watery smile, "C-can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can," replied Harry. "What is it?"

"Will you read to me?" asked Remus, looking slightly embarrassed. "My Mama used to and it helps a little."

"Okay," answered Harry. "What do you want me to read?"

"I don't know," hiccupped Remus.

Harry was quite surprised when a book titled "Tales Of Beedle the Bard" floated down from the book-shelf and landed beside him before he could even move. He jerked his head up to see Sirius standing in the doorway, a small sad smile on his face. He winked at Harry before walking back out of the room. Remus hadn't noticed anything odd and apparently thought Harry had summoned the book himself.

Harry settled back on the couch while Remus curled up beside him- once they were both comfortable Harry opened the book and began to read.

Sirius came back to check on them about an hour later. He found Harry stretched out on his back with an arm wrapped around Remus, who was curled up beside him- both boys were sleeping peacefully. The book had fallen to the floor where Harry must have dropped it after falling asleep. Sirius smiled fondly down at both of them before finding a blanket to cover them with. He just didn't have the heart to wake them. He couldn't wait for Remus to be back to his rightful age, but perhaps there would be some benefits to this as well. Remus had always wanted a closer bond with Harry- maybe he'd get his wish. Thanks to his lycanthropy, Remus had always pushed people away. It was almost like he wasn't even aware that he was doing it anymore. He certainly seemed more open as a four-year-old at any rate. Hopefully his time spent as a child would show him exactly how much everyone in this house truly did care for him.

Sirius sighed, he wasn't looking forward to tomorrow night at all. The only good thing about it was that Remus wouldn't have to worry about it again for another month. With any luck, he would be his proper age again before that time came. It had broken Sirius' heart to listen to Remus cry because of the moon. In all the years he had known him, Remus had never allowed himself to show any of them how much he was effected the night before a full moon. He bent down to give both of his favorite people a kiss on their foreheads, tucked the blanket in around them, placed Harry's glasses on the stand beside the sofa, and headed up to his own room for the night.

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