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"I'm Not Talking About Friendship"- James and Camille's kiss brings out true feelings and alters relationships :)

"Please, just go away, James," Logan couldn't make eye contact with him and spoke indifferently as he thumbed through informational packets on Venus that he now found uninteresting.

"Come on, Logan!" James hurried down the swirly-slide and rushed to stand beside the dark haired boy. He hated having Logan despise him. He couldn't even explain to himself why he had kissed Camille. It all just happened, and he couldn't think of a single reason that made sense. He just knew that he needed Logan to forgive him.

"I can't talk to you right now," Logan's voice remained distant and cold, and he kept his eyes glued to the table without actually looking at anything.

"Why not?" the pretty boy almost whined and folded his arms in front of his chest, resisting the urge to stamp his foot. His friend never held grudges this long… It's been over twenty minutes!

Logan shocked James by standing up abruptly and hitting his palms against the table. He finally made eye contact.

"Because I'm freaking out!" Logan yelled in frustration. He took a deep breath, attempting to calm down. He shut his eyes tightly and braced his fists on the tabletop.

"Just, please, don't be mad at Camille. We got caught up in the acting. She really likes you, and she's sorry," James tried to beg him softly, his voice absolutely sincere as he laid a hand onto the dark haired boy's shoulder.

"I'm not mad that Camille kissed you," Logan groaned and shrugged away from the brunette's touch.

"You're not?" James asked, confused at the boy's reaction. Logan sighed and looked right at him, shaking his head from side to side.

"I'm mad that you kissed her," Logan stared into his eyes, begging him to understand. James didn't catch on yet.

"I know, man. I'm a really shitty friend," James admitted, ashamed of his actions and the fact that he could have done anything to hurt Logan.

"I-I'm not really talking about friendship," Logan blushed slightly and his tone softened as his eyes nervously darted away from the taller brunette.

When James kissed Camille, it was a blow to the gut. Even though he already knew it, this was the official confirmation that Logan could never have what he truly wanted: James. Logan almost wanted to chuckle at how tragically poetic it would be if the guy he was in love with and the girl he settled for as a distraction got together and left him completely alone with absolutely nothing. The closest he would ever come to kissing James would be kissing Camille after the pair's lip lock.

Earlier in the day, Logan had frozen when he went to punch James. He was dead set on following through, on doing what was expected of him, but he couldn't bring himself to damage the face he loved so much. He was going to hit him because people were watching, and it seemed like the thing to do, but then he looked at James' eyes and had the overwhelming urge to scream everything he had ever felt for him in the last three years. He decided it wasn't a good conversation to have in front of an audience.

"What are you talking about?" the pretty boy seemed confused. Logan watched his puzzled face carefully. He panicked when he realized that James was slowly connecting the dots.

"It's nothing… Just forget I said anything, okay? I forgive you and Camille. I'm going to go tell her, and we can all move on," Logan interjected before the taller boy could say anything and hurried to leave the apartment. He added something in a whisper that he wasn't aware James had heard, "Let's try to be normal."

The brunette stared at the door that Logan had walked through and just stood there. He'd never felt so upset in his life. The feeling wasn't from Logan basically confessing is attraction to him, but from the fact that he let him leave.

James had never really let his feelings for the smart boy bubble to the surface. He kept them locked away inside and hid them with random girls and a narcissistic attitude. He had to pretend, and even convince himself, that everything was great and life was awesome, but he had never felt the emotions that he had for Logan for anyone else. He was just pissed he didn't let himself realize it until now.

He didn't even know why he kissed Camille. He hadn't even actually thought about doing it until it happened. Maybe he was just absorbed in the scene, but maybe, in retrospect, he wanted Logan and Camille to break up.

"Logan…" James whispered the name with a whole new meaning as his eyes widened. The shorter boy was on his way downstairs to tell his girlfriend that everything was okay between them. As James sprinted for the door, he came to the realization that he wanted nothing more than for Logan not to get back together with Camille. He didn't want Logan to be taken.

James bolted down the stairs and into the lobby, his eyes instantly searching desperately for their target. James gasped, worried he was too late. Camille and Logan were standing near the pool and talking. The pretty boy sprinted over to them.

"Hey!" he shouted almost too loudly, receiving an odd look. He took a calming breath and settled himself down before starting over as he stood next to the couple, "Hey, I'm really sorry about the breakup, Camille. It's half my fault," James told her with a fake sympathetic look, even though he did feel a little bad for her. She just didn't know what she was getting herself into when she got involved with both the smart boy and the pretty boy of Big Time Rush.

"What?" Logan instantly snapped his head to look up at James in shock and confusion, not sure if he understood what was going on. Their eyes connected with an enormous amount of emotion and understanding in only mere seconds. Logan could see the desperate hopefulness in the taller boy's hazel eyes.

"You're breaking up with me?" Camille's voice flooded in, and Logan had to rip his gaze away from James and their silent conversation to look at her.

"Yeah," he sighed while trying to gather his thoughts and was able to bounce back quickly, relying on his logical mind to take over, "Ninety-six percent of all first romances end in breakup. Now, we'll just be getting ours out of the way," he offered matter-of-factly, waving his hands with a nervous smile. He stole a glance at James, who was almost grinning, and became anxious to talk to him in private.

"I guess I understand," Camille seemed a bit upset but also realized the inevitability of their separation after what had happened with James, "Aren't you even a little sad?" she studied his content expression, a soft smile never leaving his lips.

"We're still friends though," Logan touched her shoulder softly, avoiding her question. He was so elated that he fought to suppress a giggle, but that would be insensitive to his ex-girlfriend. Logan felt James tense up beside him. He snuck a quick look at the taller boy and realized his eyes were glued to the hand that Logan had on Camille's shoulder.

"I am really sorry about all of this, Logan," Camille smiled apologetically and reached her own hand up to lie on his chest. Logan couldn't help but smirk, knowing that it was making James squirm. The pretty boy hurried to step between the couple with an awkward and nervous laugh.

"He totally forgives you! Right, Logie?" James swallowed anxiously and turned to only face Logan. The overly confident James Diamond looked scared, as if he was really asking for his own forgiveness for never taking a chance before now. He felt like Camille could just snatch Logan away, and he would do anything to stop it.

"I really do," Logan reassured both his ex-girlfriend and James, his smile and eyes lingering longer on the tall boy.

"Alright, well, I have to get to my audition… Maybe I'll actually get the part with all of this real life drama backing me up," Camille smiled brightly and chuckled. She put on a brave face as she moved on. She was Camille: happy and brave. Logan silently hoped that she would find someone that would be with her and want only her.

"Bye! Good luck," the smart boy shouted with a friendly wave as Camille made her exit.

"Break a leg!" James called out in encouragement with a wide smile full of nervous excitement. As soon as the girl was out of sight, James faced Logan. His features softened and turned sincere.

"We should go upstairs and talk," Logan suggested with his own sheepish grin.

"Sure," the pretty boy responded brightly, resisting the urge to reach out and touch him.

Logan moved away first and already took a few steps before James was able to clear his mind and walk after him. They were only a few yards from the lobby when they were interrupted.

"James, come here! I want you to meet Sasha!" Carlos screamed excitedly and waved his arms wildly at his best friend and partner in crime. A cute brunette was sitting with him.

James looked longingly back at Logan, who was just smirking at him and shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He looked fantastic. James wanted to get into those jeans…

"James!" Carlos was whining again.

"Alright, just give me a second!" James found himself yelling louder than he should, but innocent Carlos was still smiling sweetly. He was used to his best friend's dramatics. James lowered his voice when he spoke to Logan, "I'll only be a minute," he bit his lip softly and gazed at him apologetically.

"Go ahead, or Carlitos is going to explode," the shorter boy chuckled and waved his hand through the air before returning it to his pocket, "I'll be waiting," he added in a more quiet and suggestive tone.

Logan actually winked at him, making James wonder when the boy had become the flirt and he became the flustered teen. James just wanted to run up and kiss him right there in front of everyone, but he forced himself to plant his feet so hard on the ground that his calves started to burn and ache as he watched Logan disappear through the lobby.

James rushed across the pool area to talk to Carlos and his girlfriend as quick as possible. His words to them were short and unenthusiastic, and he probably didn't leave a very good first impression. He was usually a social butterfly; a master at small talk, especially with the ladies. However, for the first time in his life, he just couldn't seem to care what other people thought of him… He just wanted to know what Logan thought.

After abruptly ending the short conversation, James sprinted up the stairs, avoiding the agonizingly slow elevator. Every nerve in his body was too impatient to wait. He stormed into the apartment like a tornado, slamming the door behind him.

"Logan?" he called out to the boy when he couldn't immediately see him.

"I'm right here, James," the brunette walked out of the kitchen with a small laugh at the taller boy's distressed appearance.

James' face broke out into a wide smile, brighter than he had ever seen from the pretty boy. He ran to collide with Logan. He swept the smaller brunette up into a bone crushing hug, latching onto him like he needed him to live. They had hugged before but never like this. This was a warm embrace with firm caresses and roaming hands.

"I thought I was going to lose you to her," James whispered into Logan's dark hair, breathing in everything about him and still holding him flush against his own body.

"I'm glad you made it in time," Logan buried his face into James' collarbone, enjoying the firm, warm skin against his cheek, "So, what is this?" the smaller boy pulled his head back with a cautious expression, like it had to be too good to be true now that he was in James' arms.

"Well, now that you're up for grabs, maybe I could grab you…" the tall brunette shot him a smirk as his hands roamed down to plant themselves firmly on Logan's ass. The boy shivered at the touch and ran a hand through James' brown locks, enjoying the fact that he was allowed to touch his hair. The taller boy even leaned into it a bit as his pupils dilated with lust.

"Maybe we should start with a kiss," Logan whispered with a lopsided smile as they inched to close the narrow gap between them.

James pulled him up and set the whole room on fire with a single touch of his lips. Suddenly, they were connected like never before with slowly burning breaths and caresses. Logan moaned softly when the pretty boy ran a hand up underneath his shirt and placed a searing palm onto his lower back. James jumped at the opportunity to introduce his tongue to Logan's. They collide together wildly and James easily gained dominance as the smart boy melted against him with mumbled groans and gentle tugs to his hair. They broke apart only to breathe, and James trailed wet kisses along Logan's jaw and neck, unable to stop tasting the boy in some way.

"Okay… Now you can grab me," Logan panted out as the other boy nibbled at his earlobe. James growled and latched back onto Logan's ass without hesitation. He pulled him forward and lifted him up so that Logan could wrap his legs around his waist.

James held the boy up with his muscular arms and started walking carefully to their shared bedroom as the two kissed feverishly. The taller boy found himself moving on shaky legs. Logan constantly squirmed in his grasp, rapidly rubbing their jean covered erections together and sending electricity up his spine.

After making it to the room, James kicked the door closed behind them and fell onto the bed with Logan. They're lips hadn't parted once. The shorter boy's hands roamed up James' back, tugging his shirt. The two broke away from one another to lift the clothing over James' head.

Logan had an excellent view of the tall boy's perfectly sculpted body. He lay flat on his back while James straddled his waist. The shorter brunette disposed of his own shirt and pulled James back down for another kiss, eager to feel his chest completely against his own with no barriers. James moaned as his erection brushed against Logan's while his mind became more and more consumed with the boy beneath him.

"Do you want to slow down?" the tall boy panted his words out between kisses and forced himself to break away and look down at Logan. The smart boy was usually self conscious, and he didn't want to pressure him. He would wait for however long it took to be with Logan.

"No, definitely not, we've waited long enough," Logan protested with a grin and a soft hand gliding up and down James' abs. He attacked James once again in a wild lip lock, causing the pretty boy to moan.

"Oh, you're going to be a handful, aren't you?" James joked playfully as they separated for air. Logan raised a brow and bit the corner of his lip, "Don't worry," James reassured him with a peck to his lips, "I love it." He made his point by grabbing a handful of his "handful".

"James!" Logan bucked his hips off of the bed and moaned loudly when the taller boy groped his cock through his jeans.

"Oh my god… My name sounds so fucking good when you say it like that," James growled and pressed his palm down roughly on Logan's bulge, causing the shorter boy to grind into his touch and cry out again.

"Mhm- James!"

"Logie, you better stop, or this is gonna end too soon," James warned playfully as he moved to straddle one of Logan's thighs and thrust his own erection against it. Logan groaned and pulled his leg up slightly to rub James' crotch with his knee. The pretty boy shut his eyes and gasped. It didn't take long before he was practically growling like an animal and grinding hungrily against the smart boy.

"You look so hot…" Logan gasped out while continuing to study James' appearance. His usually controlled and pretty countenance was replaced with one better than a porn star's.

He looked completely debauched and raw; a face only Logan got to witness. James continued working himself against Logan while still rubbing his lover furiously under his strong hand.

"I want to see you like that on top of me… inside of me," Logan whispered and James stilled all of his movements, opening his eyes to stare down in surprise.

"Are you serious?" James asked like he couldn't believe it.

Logan nodded gently, his usual shy demeanor returning slightly, but he was still absolutely sure that he wanted to be with James in every way possible. The taller brunette leaned down with a sincere smile and kissed him lovingly.

"Just remember…" James spoke with a deep and husky voice in Logan's ear, grinning like the devil and making Logan impossibly harder, "You asked for it," he thrust forward suddenly and harshly, grinding their erections together. Both boys groaned at the new, forceful contact and enjoyed the feel of their bodies rocking against one another's. Logan whined into James' mouth as the tension in his body boiled to new heights.

"M-more," he requested huskily as James mouthed at his jaw.

"Can't get enough, huh?" the pretty boy teased, darting his tongue out to lap against his rapidly beating pulse point.

"We have a lot of time to make up for," the smart boy admitted as James brought their lips back together. He wasn't expecting it when Logan suddenly switched their positions so that the dark haired boy was on top. James smiled up at him.

"What are you up to?" he asked with amusement as Logan smirked at him. They both grew serious when the dark haired boy bit his lip and ran his hands down the other's torso.

"I wanna taste you, Jamie," Logan practically purred and worked the taller boy's jeans open. James gasped and growled just at hearing Logan speak. He had no objections and lifted his hips and moved to rest his upper body against the headboard as Logan pulled away his pants and boxers, leaving him exposed.

"Ngh- Logie!" James immediately squirmed and thrust his lower half off of the bed when Logan made contact.

James watched with wide, unbelieving eyes. This was what all of his fantasies were made of. Logan wrapped one pale hand around the base of his cock, gave it an experimental squeeze, and then smoothly pulled upward. The shorter boy bit his lip and furrowed his brow in concentration like it was one of his experiments. The thought made James smile adoringly at the boy because, even in the heat of the moment, he was still Logan.

The pretty boy bit down on his own lip, shut his eyes, and groaned as Logan worked him faster from base to tip. His thumb caressed his slit thoughtfully as his movements stopped. James opened his eyes to look down at one of the hottest things he had ever witnessed.

His Logan… Logan Mitchell, the guy who tried to get out of every sex ed. class ever, leaned in and lapped at his pre-cum like a kitten.

Apparently, Logan enjoyed himself, because the next thing James knew, he was being engulfed by an intense, wet heat. He reached a hand down to latch onto the boy's dark hair as he took James' dick into his throat. Logan moved with enthusiasm when he felt James rock his hips up and down in shallow ruts, letting small grunts of encouragement past his lips.

Logan swirled his tongue and hollowed his cheeks, taking James down as far as he could and using a firm grip to work the rest of his long shaft. James hummed wildly. They locked eyes mid-swallow and Logan couldn't stop himself from smirking at James' disheveled appearance. Sweat glistened above his brow, his cheeks were flushed, and small breaths raised his sculpted chest up and down.

Much to James' dismay, Logan pulled off of his cock, delivering a chaste kiss to the tip, and sat up. The pretty boy watched wordlessly as Logan reached into his nightstand and retrieved a small bottle of clear lube. He rested against his knees with a small smile and placed the container into the palm of James' hand. The tall boy raised a questioning brow, wondering why innocent little Logan would have such a thing… not that he was complaining.

"I bought it awhile ago… I-I needed it s-so I could finger myself when I thought a-about you," Logan explained shyly. James sucked air harshly into his lungs and bucked his hips into nothing at the images that ran through his head.

"Show me," James instructed, his voice dark and strained. He held the lube out for Logan to take back.

The smart boy bit his lip and smiled mischievously, excited that James wanted him on display. He took the bottle from his lover and lay opposite of him on the bed. James sat at the top and Logan positioned himself near the bottom, pulling down his jeans and boxers and throwing them to the ground. He propped himself up with one hand and spread his legs wide, giving the pretty boy a perfect view of his tight hole.

James struggled to control himself, gripping the bed sheets between his fingers. He studied Logan's smooth, pale skin. His eyes drank in every undiscovered inch. The boy's cock was fully erect, resting against his stomach and leaking pre-cum. James watched him stroke himself once and reached down to his own dick to copy his actions. Both moaned. Logan whined softly and flipped the cap of the lube open, squirted some of the substance onto his fingers, and threw the bottle aside.

The pretty boy held his breath as Logan placed his slick fingers near his entrance, his eyes on James the entire time. He swirled his middle finger around the tight pucker, teasing himself, before pushing it slowly in. Both boys gasped. Logan worked the digit in and out, getting accustomed to the intrusion, while James pumped his own cock in the same tempo. Logan moaned, quickly loving the feeling of being filled. He added a second finger with a bit more force, jamming them both deep inside and groaning loudly.

"Shit- James!" he cried out and squeezed his eyes shut, just like he always did when he masturbated to thoughts of the pretty boy. However, he was actually there this time.

James rose to his knees with a groan and a strong desire to touch the pale boy. He crawled between Logan's spread legs and smoothed his hands over his thighs, every touch burning his palms. Logan whimpered and continued tunneling his fingers in and out of himself at a rapid pace. James watched the digits disappear into the perfect body and reached a hand down. He brushed his fingertips across the back of Logan's busy hand thoughtfully.

"Can I…?" he trailed off without another word because the small brunette was already nodding vigorously with shallow breaths. James chewed at the inside of his cheek and placed his index finger against Logan's bottom lip. The smart boy darted his tongue out to lap at the tip and sucked it into his mouth harshly, all the while continuing to fuck himself on his own fingers. After getting it wet, Logan released James' finger so he could bring it back down to its destination.

James placed the moist digit next to the two of Logan's that were plowing into his hole. He took a breath to steady his shaking body and slipped his finger along side Logan's. The smart boy seemed to take the addition of a third finger well and continued to buck into both of their hands while they worked together to prepare his entrance for James. Logan was groaning wildly, bracing himself by latching onto James' forearm when they brushed against his prostate. The pretty boy moaned and wrapped his free hand around his cock, desperately wanting it to receive the attention his finger was getting inside the boy's tight body.

"Are you ready, Logie?" James asked, almost begging.

"Mhm, yeah," Logan whimpered as the three fingers left his body. Before James could say anything else, the smart boy turned himself over and rested on all fours. He spread his legs as wide as he could manage and gripped the sheets in his fists. James growled while watching the eager boy. Logan was so turned on that his hips gyrated in gentle circles through the air. His well prepared entrance was gaping, just waiting for him to enter.

James crawled up behind Logan and positioned his throbbing cock at his hole. He placed his hands on the boy's ass and spread his cheeks gently to watch his dick enter the tight, slick heat. Logan hummed at ever inch that entered him, and James held his breath until he was fully buried. He gasped at the all consuming warmth that surrounded his cock and rocked his hips gently, making Logan moan softly.

"Do it hard James… I want it," Logan begged and rubbed his ass against the pretty boy. James growled and pulled out until only the head of his dick remained inside and then rammed forward with everything he had. His balls slapped against Logan's and the shorter boy screamed until his lungs gave out. James pulled back and repeated the action over and over, setting a rapid pace. Low groans and needy whimpers filled the room.

James moaned, a deep animalistic sound from the back of his throat, and placed one hand on Logan's hip and brought the other one forward. He fisted a handful of Logan's dark hair roughly, only making the boy's pleasure increase. James felt a familiar heat pool in his abdomen and slammed into Logan one last time and came with a shout deep inside of him. He filled him to the brim and then pulled the boy back by the hair until his back rested against his chest. James peered over Logan's shoulder and down at his throbbing, twitching cock.

"Finish yourself off… I wanna watch…" James instructed through his attempts at bringing air back into his lungs.

Logan followed his orders and wrapped a hand around his cock, jacking himself off at a furious pace, desperate for release. With James panting into his neck and his dick still buried inside of him, it didn't take long. James watched in satisfied amazement as Logan bucked wildly into his fist and came with a loud cry, his cum covering his hand and flying to land on the sheets beneath them. James held him tight from behind, delivering kisses to his shoulders as he came down from his intense orgasm.

"James?" Logan whispered tiredly, leaning fully into the pretty boy's embrace and still sliding a lazy hand up and down his softening cock.

"Yeah, babe?" James kissed his scalp, breathing in his scent, and rubbed his hands along his chest and abdomen.

"Thanks for kissing Camille."

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