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"Pay Attention" - James can't focus on his homework because Logan can do the craziest things to him with a pen and his dirty imagination ;)

James loves watching Logan Mitchell.

Everything the boy does is indescribably adorable; the way he walks, the way he talks, the way his smile is just crooked enough to make him special. The best part is that he has no idea about his charming effect over others. His lack of confidence makes James love him that much more because it's purely Logan. The smart boy is never trying to be something he's not. He doesn't care to pretend or lie. Logan isn't like James. He's untarnished by the harsh world and remains innocent. James wants his innocence… He wants to see the boy lose his cool for him… wants to see him at his most vulnerable…

The pretty boy sat across the table from Logan in the middle of apartment 2J. It was well into the evening, and they were all alone. Katie and Mrs. Knight were back in Minnesota for the weekend, and Kendall and Carlos were out on a double date with Jo and Sasha. James and Logan were working on their homework, but the taller boy couldn't seem to concentrate on anything but Logan.

The little genius was doing his algebra assignment in pen. He said that he had to challenge himself, and working in something he couldn't erase was the perfect test. James couldn't care less about his math challenge. His eyes were glued to the pen between Logan's pale fingers.

He pressed the end of the instrument into the tabletop and slid his hand up and down it in a loose fist as he read a portion of his textbook. James bit back a frustrated groan when his cock twitched in his jeans. Logan could be standing completely still and would somehow manage to get him hard. Now, he was moving his hand over the pen like he had so many times in the pretty boy's dreams. Only, he was never making a fist around a pen. It was always his-

"… and then you carry the three. Got it, James? Hello… James?" Logan was suddenly talking. The pretty boy forgot he had asked for help, and his mind had drifted into a sweet fantasy.

"What… What's free?" he had only heard a few sounds and was utterly confused.

"I said 'carry the three'… You weren't paying attention, were you?" the short brunette smirked knowingly as he crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned back in his chair.

James wanted to touch his chest. He wanted to rip the clothes from the innocent boy's body and run his tongue along every-

"Sorry!" the pretty boy snapped himself out of his daze before he got buried too deep, "I was just…"

"Zoning out?" Logan laughed like the angel that he was. "You gotta focus, James, or you're never going to understand this," he gestured to the math books in front of them before getting an idea. "Come here. Sit next to me," he patted the seat beside him.

James took a silent, deep breath and stood up. He circled the table and placed himself carefully into the chair beside the smart boy. He remained a good two feet away from him.

"You can't see all the way over there, can you, Superman?" Logan chuckled and scooted a little closer to the pretty boy.

James laughed nervously and shifted over until he was right in Logan's personal space and sharing the short boy's notebook. He didn't seem to notice the tall brunette's nerves at all.

"So, first you add the six…"

James totally blanked out again, getting lost in the sight of the boy. Instead of looking at the paper, he watched Logan's lips move, his heart beating faster at each choreographed dance of his tongue and teeth that formed the perfectly articulated, yet muted, words. The pretty boy bit his own lip, resisting the urge to touch Logan or himself.

"Got it?" the smart boy's voice came back into his ears as he turned to face James, their heads only inches apart.

"Y-Yup!" the brunette lied lamely with a weak grin.

"Okay," Logan rolled his eyes, knowing that James wasn't listening again, "Just ask if you need anything…"

The tall boy only nodded as Logan turned back to his own work in silence. James watched him press that damn pen to his pink lips as he reached a more difficult problem. Logan's brow furrowed, and his tongue darted out to graze against the tip of the pen and rest on is upper lip in concentration. The pretty boy shifted in his seat, swallowing hard as his dick suffocated in his jeans. He had reached his breaking point…

"Logan?" the pretty boy's voice was barely a whisper and sounded hoarse in his own ears.

"Mhm…" the dark haired boy hummed but didn't look up. He was still scanning his eyes over his notebook and was now nibbling at the end of the pen.

"I need something…" James spoke huskily, inching closer and willing himself not to chicken out.

"What- "

As soon as Logan looked at him, James grabbed the pen out of his grasp and chucked it across the room, immediately pulling the smart boy toward him by the neck and crashing their lips together hungrily. He let any self-control he thought he possessed disappear with his sanity. He could worry about all of the confusion and complications when he pulled away, but, right now, he was going to enjoy himself because it was his only chance…

It took James a few seconds to realize that the kiss wasn't ending. Logan wasn't yelling or hitting him or running away. The smart boy was into it. He moved his lips passionately against James' and fisted the pretty boy's shirt tightly.

"Why aren't you pushing me away?" James pulled off of Logan but barely put any distance between them. He didn't want to let go, but he had to make sure he wasn't daydreaming again.

"Did you want me to?" Logan giggled and dove right back in.

The smart boy melted into James' body. The tall brunette moaned as he licked along Logan's lip and was immediately granted access. He tasted every crevice of the boy's mouth, memorizing every inch and each sound of approval he made. They both panted harshly as James backed away to kiss along Logan's jaw, trailing down to his neck.

"W-What brought this on?" Logan moaned as the pretty boy bit down onto his pulse point, sucking to form a nice bruise.

James lifted Logan off of his chair by his hips and placed him onto his lap like he weighed nothing to his muscular arms.

"It was your mouth on that damn pen," James growled as he lapped soothingly at the bite mark along the boy's pale neck and thrust up into him. The smart boy groaned and rocked slowly against his lap, grinding their erections together. James grabbed the hem of Logan's shirt and ripped it roughly over his head, tossing it into the kitchen behind them and leaning in to lick and nip his smooth chest.

"I was hoping it would have an effect on you," Logan mumbled while latching harshly onto the pretty boy's soft scalp. James pulled away in shock after registering his words.

"You planned this? I didn't know…" the pretty boy had no idea that Logan could want him just as much as he wanted Logan. The smart boy nodded sweetly, his lust filled eyes shimmering slightly in the dim light.

"I told you: You need to pay attention," Logan smirked as he bent forward to kiss the pretty boy quickly, letting his tongue brush past his lips for only a moment.

"You're such a little slut…" James groaned and smiled wickedly as he gripped Logan's waist tightly and bucked up harshly once, watching the dark haired boy's body jolt as if he'd been electrocuted.

"Ah… What are you gonna do about it?"

James attacked him hungrily, his tongue immediately entering the smart boy's mouth. They moaned into each other as both of them moved their hips. James thrust up roughly and Logan grinded down into him in a frenzy as their erections met in a delicious friction.

"Get on your fuckin' knees… I want your mouth on me," the pretty boy commanded seductively, nipping Logan's bottom lip before standing them both up.

James kicked his chair away and pulled his shirt off, much to Logan's delight. The shorter brunette lowered himself to the ground, licking along each deep line of the pretty boy's defined abs as he worked open his tight jeans. He yanked the clothing and his boxers down James' legs and blew a hot, drawn out breath along his impressive member, watching the pretty boy writhe in front of him with a smirk as he palmed his own bulge in excitement.

"Logie… Haven't you done enough teasing?" James bucked his dick into the smart boy's face, smearing his pre-cum along his full lips and looking down as Logan licked them hungrily.

"Alright, alright," Logan chuckled softly and wrapped a rough hand around the pretty boy's throbbing cock.

James moaned loudly, holding nothing back when the kneeling brunette stroked him rapidly from balls to tip. He only made a few passes before sucking wildly on his head and groaning at the taste and the pulsing flesh covering his tongue.

"Ngh- Logan…" James panted harshly, trying to force himself not to thrust into the fragile boy's wet heat. Logan seemed to sense his hesitation and took his hands away to grab at the back of the pretty boy's thighs. He relaxed his throat completely and took James' cock all the way down, moaning around the hard member, before pulling off in a slow, sucking motion.

"Do it, Jamie…" he whispered his permission huskily and dove back in with fervor. James growled and latched his fingers onto Logan's dark locks. The smart boy was being deliciously submissive; giving everything over to his lover's desire and getting himself off at being controlled.

James thrust into Logan's accepting mouth, fucking it slowly at first, reading the boy's reactions. Logan merely smiled up at him with his big doe eyes, looking sinfully innocent as the pretty boy's dick plunged deep into his tight, constricting throat. The dark haired genius moaned lowly from his gut as James picked up his speed, sending such intense and teasing vibrations that the pretty boy swore he could hear them ringing up his spine and into his ears. His entire body shook with anticipated release and a new pleasure he's never experienced. It was better than any girl he's slept with or any time he's jacked himself off to thoughts of the cute brunette now on his knees. Logan was more compliant and eager than he ever dreamed he could be.

The pretty boy yanked on Logan's dark hair just hard enough to make the boy's eyes roll into the back of his head. James closed his own eyes tightly, gasping for air as he plunged into Logan's throat furiously, relishing every little gag he felt the boy cough away only to suck him harder and swirl his tongue along every throbbing inch of his cock. Obviously enjoying it, Logan brought his hands down to his bulge and worked open his jeans, pushing them hastily down to his knees. He wrapped a firm fist around his neglected erection and pumped it in time with each pass of James' dick over his tongue.

"Mhm, you're so good, Logan… I'm gonna cum…" James groaned and bucked his hips, tightening his hands into fists in his lover's soft hair.

Logan gave him a long, encouraging moan and sucked harder than ever and let his teeth graze the underside of the tall brunette's cock, sending both boys crashing through their orgasms. James' animalistic growls and sharp, slow thrusts that sent his seed dripping down Logan's throat made the smart boy spill himself all over his own hand and abdomen with tiny whimpers and shuddering breaths as he pulled off of James. The pretty boy watched Logan dart his pink tongue out to swipe along his abused lips and clean up James' excess cum happily.

The sight had James growling with an overload of energy and enthusiasm despite his release. He still needed more. This couldn't end yet… The pretty boy lifted a gasping Logan off of the floor and bent down to yank the boy's pants free of his legs and threw them aside, leaving Logan completely naked. James grabbed him and the dark haired boy eagerly wrapped his legs around the tall brunette's waist to keep himself up as James furiously swiped their forgotten homework from the table, sending textbooks and notebook paper flying to the ground around them.

He sat Logan on top of the table and stepped away, leaning down to take the genius' hand and lick the boy's cum from his fingers. He sucked slowly on each digit, savoring the sweet taste of Logan and watching the boy's brown eyes gaze directly into his hazel one's with pupils dilated full of lust and affection. The pretty boy delivered one last lick to the tip of Logan's ring finger before bending down to lap hungrily at the cum splashed across the boy's stomach. He moved his mouth down just far enough to brush the tip of Logan's half hard cock, simulated purely by the work of James' tongue all over his shaking body.

"Can I fuck you?" the pretty by stood up perfectly straight between Logan's legs and asked the question simply between harsh breaths as he ran his hands over the slight lines of the smart boy's abs. He loved how they expanded and contracted heavily with each gust of air Logan sucked in, enjoying the way they shimmered in the apartment lighting with a mixture of his own saliva and the boy's cum.

Logan groaned and pushed a confused James away from him just a bit more than gently. Before the pretty boy could even think about frowning, his lips turned up in a sly smirk. His lover was bent over with his hands against the tabletop, his ass pushed out toward James, and smiling devilishly over his shoulder as any traces of innocence were thrown out the window with both of their sanities. It's a good thing they didn't require either one now that they had each other in every way possible. All that mattered was their connection; emotional and physical.

Growling from low in his throat, James grabbed Logan's hips roughly and thrust forward to slide his hard dick between his cheeks.

"You're gonna kill me, baby," James moaned, grinning in excitement. Logan only managed to hum and swivel his ass against the pretty boy's groin.

James stepped back, sucking two of his fingers into his mouth and coating them in saliva quickly and bringing them down to Logan's tight entrance. He circled it slowly, teasing the whimpering boy, before plunging his middle finger in swiftly and earning a satisfied moan from Logan. The smart boy rested his forearms against the table, allowing himself to bend just a little farther at the waist and display his ass more to James. The pretty boy watched his finger disappear over and over into the tight heat of Logan as he accepted the intrusion without much resistance.

"M-More…" Logan begged, helplessly pushing back only to have his lover pull away. James set the pace, and Logan was going to eagerly take whatever he gave him.

"You want it so bad, don't you?" the pretty boy asked huskily as he jammed another finger into Logan's ass, pumping them in and out, and scissoring to stretch him open.

Logan gasped and could only nod in response. He moved his head so vigorously that he almost managed to hit the tabletop in front of his face, only missing it by centimeters.

"Tell me, baby…" James coaxed his lover softly, still moving his fingers rapidly, but always avoiding the one spot he knew the boy wanted hit.

"I w-want it… I want it so fuckin' bad!" Logan groaned and wildly thrust back into James' probing fingers. The pretty boy hummed in delight as he used his free hand to stroke his aching erection.

"Do you think about me at night, Logie? Do you think about me when you're jacking yourself off?" James questioned feverishly, almost moaning at his own words and the images running through his mind and right in front of his eyes. He pressed a third finger in and held them knuckle deep in Logan's entrance, wiggling them to brush the tips against his lover's prostate so quickly that, if he wasn't watching like a hawk, he would have missed the way the boy's hips bucked forward at the stimulation.

"Every single time, Jamie…" Logan assured him sweetly, still grinding his ass in furious circles against the pretty boy's hand.

"I had no clue that you were so dirty…" James bit back a giggle that was quickly forming out of pure giddiness. All of his fantasies were coming true, "… Are you ready to get downright nasty, Sweetie?" he asked darkly, pulling his fingers out of the whimpering boy and leaning over him to latch his teeth onto his neck. Logan moaned as James nipped and sucked a second dark bruise into his pale skin.

"Yes, please…" the smart boy begged, pushing his ass back and feeling his lover's hard cock slide along the back of his thigh.

James growled, knowing they were both done with waiting. He grabbed Logan roughly by the hips, pressing his throbbing erection against his prepared hole. They both sucked in a deep breath, the room going completely silent and still for a single moment, before James buried himself deep inside of his lover with one, swift motion.

"Ngh- Fuck!" the pretty boy groaned, wondering how Logan could still be so deliciously tight after having three fingers in him.

Logan crumpled a few stray papers left on the table beneath his hands and made a fist as James slid out of him slowly only to surge back in with a brutal force that could have sent the smart boy over the table if James wasn't gripping his hips so tightly.

Both boys moaned with abandon as James fucked Logan fast and hard, the actual experience making every fantasy they ever had seem like a kid's movie. Logan screamed way past the point of losing his voice, and James grunted and groaned as he buried himself repeatedly into the boy beneath him. The smart brunette whimpered and bucked into every touch the pretty boy gave him, being absolutely submissive and loving every second of it. He knew his legs would feel weak and there would be nasty bruises along is hips, and he couldn't wait for it; knowing that James was the cause of it all.

A familiar heat pooled in Logan's stomach, letting him know his second release wasn't too far off. He could tell James was in the same position because his thrusts were becoming erratic, and he was digging his fingers into Logan's skin just a bit harder, most likely causing slight scratches beneath his nails.

"Cum inside me, James…" Logan whispered between whines, and that was all it took.

The pretty boy groaned loudly, jamming his cock into Logan one last time. He was buried fully inside of his constricting heat as he came harshly; coating the boy's insides with cum. Logan moaned at the sensation of the warm liquid and arched his back as he came with absolutely no stimulation to his dick other than James' sinful sounds and the feeling of being perfectly filled by his lover.

"Oh my god…" James sighed in satisfaction as he pulled out and wrapped his arms around Logan's waist, both of them collapsing to the ground with the smart boy between his legs, his dark hair brushing over James' heaving chest as he nuzzled back into his embrace.

"I'm pretty sure that you got the point of all this…" Logan stopped to take a few, deep breaths, his heart still beating in an erratic rhythm in his ribcage as his entire body buzzed with aftershocks of pleasure, "…but, just to be clear… I love you, James," he smiled happily, but tiredly, lacing his fingers with the pretty boy's over his stomach. James laughed, the angelic sound vibrating through his chest against Logan's spine.

"I know, Logie… I love you too," he squeezed him gently and placed a series of chaste kisses into his dark, disheveled hair.

An hour later, after cleaning up and showering, together of course, James and Logan were attempting to do their homework once again. However, they were making as much progress as they had earlier.

James wore only a pair of sweat pants, and Logan had on pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. The smart boy sat in the tall brunette's lap at the table with his back pressed against James' bare chest. Logan held the previously abandoned pen tightly in his hand as James sucked and nibbled his neck with an expert tongue. The pretty boy's hand was shoved down the front of his lover's pants, stroking his aching erection.

Logan was moaning so loud that they never heard the door open.

"Whoa!" Kendall and Carlos strolled in from their dates, shocked into silence as they stood frozen once the door slammed shut behind them.

All four boys stared at each other with wide eyes, James too startled to even take his hand out of Logan's pants.

"Uh…" Carlos was, for once, speechless.

"What are you guys doing?" Kendall asked cautiously with a raised brow as if he already knew the answer but needed confirmation before he'd believe it.

James coughed awkwardly, and Logan cleared his throat before answering nervously.

"Um… homework?"

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