Monster Within

This fan fiction will contain lots of blood, violence, gore, and language (so don't read it if your not into that stuff). This is an original idea using the Bleach characters and cast. I claim no rights or anything associated with the Bleach series and its characters. A special thanks to raae for helping me come up with some of the characters to use and what kind of creatures they could be. Please feel free to leave me your comments and reviews at the end to tell me what you think. Thanks and enjoy!

Special symbols: some of these keys will be used together

"regular speech"

(author notes)

Italic - mental thoughts/telepathy

Bold - demonic speech

CAPS - attacks

One - the monster awakes

Ever since Ichigo Kurosaki was born, he knew that he was different from everyone else. What Ichigo didn't know was that he was a Shinma (this creature was taken from the the Vampire Princess Miyu series as Ichigo will be a guardian shinma much like Miyu is). A god-like demon whose soul purpose is to make sure that other creatures and monsters obey the laws that are set. This shimna existed with inside of Ichigo was dark, dangerous, and deadly and was a part of him. When this part of Ichigo surfaced, Ichigo would experience temporary black outs that he couldn't remember what happened or even how he got to where he was at. He could only remember what happened before the black out. The last time Ichigo had a black out was when he was five years old as he held his dead mother in his arms as he cried tears of blood. Ichigo could never understand why he always cried tears of blood and any injuries he ever got would instantly heal. His senses seemed more heightened than a normal human. Ichigo tried not to show that he was different from other people. Ichigo was walking to school as his I-Pod played 'Frontline by Pillar.' He could smiled as he couldn't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow was his sixteenth birthday. Ichigo attended Karakura High School as he was a freshmen. Ichigo ran his hand through his orange hair as somebody came up and yanked the ear buds out of Ichgio's ears.

"You seem to be in a good mood today. What on earth are you listening to?" asked a long dark red haired boy.

"Hey Renji, I should be tomorrow's my birthday. You are coming over right?" asked Ichigo. Renji Abarai was Ichigo's best friend as the two grew up together.

"I wouldn't be much of a best friend if I didn't. Speaking of which, your love interest is straight ahead." stated Renji poking Ichigo on the side with his elbow. Ichgio looked up to see a young girl with long orange hair and blue eyes. Orihime Inoue was a girl that Ichigo had a major crush on since the fifth grade but he never could bring himself to tell Orihime how he felt. Almost every boy that has asked Orihime out was turned down flat by the girl. This had discouraged Ichigo from telling Orihime how he felt. But this year he swore to himself that things would be different. "Are you planning to tell her how you feel?" asked Renji.

"Hell yes. I told myself that things are going to be different. If she turns me down, then I know that it wasn't meant to be. Wish me luck!" stated Ichigo as he walked faster to catch up with Orihime. Orihime was walking by herself as Ichigo easily caught up to the girl. "Good morning Orihime." stated Ichigo. Orihime slightly turned her head smiling at Ichigo.

"Good morning Ichigo." she replied.

"I hope that you don't think I am being to forward but for a long time now, I have loved you. I know that you have turned down everybody whom has told you that they wanted to go out with you. If you don't feel the same way that I do for you that's all right. I just wanted you to know how I felt." stated Ichigo before he took off. He cheered in the back of his mind happy that he had finally told Orihime how he felt. Sooner or later she would tell Ichigo what she felt towards Ichigo. Renji caught up with Ichigo wondering how it went. "Well I told her. Probably later on she will tell me to fuck off and that she only thinks of me as friend." Ichigo stated.

"Considering that's what she has told almost every guy whomever asked her out." added Renji.

"But I didn't ask her out. I just told her that I have loved her for a while now." stated Ichigo.

"Your terrible, you know that Ichigo." stated Renji as the teen just laughed.

It was during History class with his teacher Soi Fon as Ichigo mind began to wonder about what Orihime would say. For some strange reason, something felt wrong. It was like he was sensing something dangerous was close by. Ichigo's head began to as he massaged his pounding temples.

What the fucking hell? I never had a headache this bad before. Maybe after class, I will go to the nurses office. Ichigo thought to himself. Suddenly a loud sharp crack on his desk had brought him back around.

"Pay attention Kurosaki!" snapped Soi Fon. Ichigo turned beat red, embarrassed as he apologized allowing Soi Fon to continue teaching. By the end of class, Soi Fon had snapped at Ichigo at least four more times. As Ichigo left the classroom he told Renji to tell the next teacher that he went to the nurses office.

"Are you sure that your all right Ichigo, you don't look to well." stated Renji.

"I should be fine Renji, I just probably need to lay down for a little bit and to take something for this pounding jackhammer headache." replied Ichigo as he headed to the office he could feel something take him over. His brown eyes went lifeless changing to become a bright golden yellow color. His white cornea's became black as ink. Ichigo Kurosaki was no more as something else had emerged from within in Ichigo. The being moved Ichigo's body as he left the school.

The being in control of Ichigo's body took the teen to an alley within the city where he had found a dead human body with a large steal gray gargoyle standing over the body, eating it. The gargoyle turned snarling at Ichigo bearing its blood covered fangs and claws.

Shinma! it snarled at Ichigo. The being in control that this creature knowing that this creature was not a natural creature like him but something artificially created.

I don't care whom created you and where you come from. I only have one simply rule. Feeding and/or killing humans is strictly forbidden. Any caught not obeying this rule is killed. replied the being within of Ichigo. The gargoyle lept at Ichigo as the being whom was controlling Ichigo's body easily avoided the attack. Its far to soon for too soon for me to be awakened. It is not time for Ichigo to learn about this not at least until tomorrow when he comes of age. the being thought to himself as he picked up a long stick as the gargoyle laughed at him.

Come now Shinma. We both know that you can't defeat me by using that stick. You have been asleep for far too long. snapped the gargoyle.

That maybe but, I still should have enough power to kill you while still within my human half. replied the being within Ichigo as he held the stick like a sword. Ichigo's eyes began to glow along with the stick that he held in his hands. The gargoyle swung around leaping at Ichigo. With a single swift movement, Ichigo cut the gargoyle completely in half sending blood and guts flying everywhere as he got drenched in the creatures blood as the two parts of the body fell by his side.

How is this possible? Just whom in the world are you Shinma? asked the creature as it still slightly moved. Ichigo walked up to it grinning wickedly.

Darichi, (this is a combination of dark and Ichigo together) I am the dark part that exists within this human. replied the being within Ichigo as he cut off the heads of the gargoyle that laid by his side. The creature died as his body began to melt like fizz. Darichi's consciousness slipped back into Ichigo's mind as Ichigo slowly came back to. His eyes returned back to its normal coloring as he looked around finding himself within the alley covered in blood.

"Oh man, what in the fucking hell happened? Please don't tell me after ten year it fucking happened again! What in the hell is happening to me?" asked Ichigo out loud.

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